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What Are The Best Home Warranty Companies In Texas?

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Texas Flag: Best Home Warranty Companies in TexasPerhaps you’re buying a house in Texas and your realtor told you about home warranties. Or maybe you’re selling a house in the Lone Star State and it was suggested that offering a home warranty will make it easier to market the home and could potentially increase the final sale price. Whether you’re buying or selling, a home warranty can make life easier and add value along the way. But with so many companies to choose from, picking the right home warranty company can be overwhelming. This article takes a look at the top rated companies in Texas (both national and local players) so you can choose the best home warranty to fit your needs.

Do I Need A Home Warranty In Texas?

It’s hot in Texas, everyone knows that. What happens on a hot July day when your AC suddenly stops working? It can cost upwards of $10,000 to get a new central air conditioning unit, depending on the size of your home. Few of us have this kind of money just sitting around. That’s where a home warranty comes into play. By paying a monthly fee for the warranty and a fee for the service call visit, you could spend much less than $10,000. Could you imagine getting a new, working AC unit that retails for $10,000 for less than a couple hundred dollars?

Home warranties can cover other appliances and systems as well, including pools, dish washer, washing and drying machines, ovens, refrigerators and more. So, if any of these go out, you’d be covered (as long as it’s included in your plan).

Best National Companies

American Home Shield is our #1 pick in our home warranty reviews in the nation. This makes it the best home warranty in Texas as well, based on our research. You can learn more about the company in ourl American Home Shield review.

Cinch is another one good choice for your home warranty companies in Texas. Read our full review of Cinch here.

Best Regional Companies

Want to support someone more local that may know more about your state and city? No problem. Below are some local home warranty companies in Texas for you to choose from.

A Better Home Warranty Company – If you’re in the Dallas Fort Worth area, A Better Home Warranty Company is a good option. They pledge to be at your home and to have the repair completed within 24 hours. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been accredited since 2013.

P.O. Box 1668
Roanoke, TX 76262

Home of Texas – With over 40 years of experience, Home of Texas has issued more than 3.7 million warranties. They’ve had plenty of experience to give you the service you need. We were unable to find a BBB rating for them.

12651 Briar Forest
Suite 195
Houston, TX 77077

Landmark Home Warranty – Landmark is a regional company. Their warranties are available in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. They have an B- BBB rating and are not accredited. They have a non-profit foundation that helps low-income homeowners with costly repairs.

P.O. BOX 570
Riverton UT, 84065

There is a government action alert on Landmark Home Warranty’s Arizona office: BBB reports on known government actions involving business’ marketplace conduct: Arizona Attorney General v Landmark Home Warranty, LLC.

Read Your Contract!

There are some home warranty companies out there with terrible reputations and horrible customer experiences. So make sure you read your contract before signing. We’ve analyzed the terms and conditions of one company that stands out in particular, Select Home Warranty.

Are Home Warranties Even Worth It?

If you choose the right one, we feel the answer is yes. If you’re selling a home, you may find that it helps your house sell much quicker. If you’re buying a new home or living in an older home, a warranty can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be taken care of financially should an appliance or system experience an unexpected breakdown. Checkout our comparison of the best home warranty companies for our winners.

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