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American Home Shield Reviews: Protection Under One Roof

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Window in attic: American Home Shield ReviewsAmerican Home Shield (AHS) has a well-known reputation. Depending on where you live you may receive good or bad service. However, this is true for most home warranties since the service can vary based on location and technicians sent to your home. As always, we recommend calling AHS and ask to speak with an existing customer to hear about their experience with AHS. To learn more about what we discovered, read our AHS Warranty Review.

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American Home Shield Review

American Home Shield Review
Customer Service & Reputation 4.0
Pricing 4.3
Appliances Covered 5.0
Technicians' Work 4.0
Available In All 50 States 5.0


  • More than 1 million homeowners covered
  • Receive discounts on appliance and air filters
  • Make a custom plan
  • Covers all appliances and systems regardless of age or make/model
  • Make a service request online
  • Over 40 years experience
  • BBB rating: B


  • AHS may choose to repair an appliance/system over and over instead of paying for anew one. So it may be a hassle for you if your item continues to break.
  • Some customers say they spend too much time on the phone trying to get a claim approved

Key Features

  • #2 pick for Best Home Warranty Company
  • Customizable plans
  • Three service call fee options: $75, $100 and $125. This is the amount you pay per incident to have a technician come out and make the repair (similar to an insurance copay).

Plans & Pricing

There are four plans for you to choose from as well: Appliance, Systems, Build Your Own and Combo. Pricing for these plans can vary so you must enter your information online and request a quote in order to receive pricing. Optional add-ons for any of these plans include: pool/spa, water softener, well pump and septic plumbing. All of these add-ons cost extra.

Appliance PlanSystems Plan
RefrigeratorAir conditioning (including ductwork)
DishwasherHeating (including ductwork)
Clothes WasherElectrical
Clothes DryerPlumbing
Range/Oven/CooktopWater Heater
Built-In Microwave OvenGarbage Disposal
Free-Standing Ice MakerInstant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser
Trash CompactorCentral Vacuum
Garage Door OpenerSmoke Detector
Built-In Food ProcessorDoorbell
Ceiling Fan

Build Your Own Plan

The Build Your Own Plan lets you choose 10 or more items from the Appliance and/or Systems Plans to be covered. That way you aren’t paying for coverage on appliances you don’t have.

Combo Plan

All of the items in the Appliance and Systems plan make up the Combo Plan. This is a total of 21 items.


American Home Shield occasionally has seasonal discounts, visit our dedicated AHS coupon page to discuss current offers.

Customer Reviews

So does AHS Warranty cover what they say they’ll cover? See what customers have to say about their experience with American Home Shield.

Positive American Home Shield Reviews

My wife called American Home Shield and told Customer Service what the problem was. We received an email very shortly afterward with the name of the Vendor that would be doing the repair work on our Hot Water Heater. The Vendor called the next day and scheduled an appointment and on the day of the repair, the Repairman called and asked if was possible to come earlier since they had finished a job sooner than expected. They showed up at the changed time and had the job fixed as needed. They were not only professional, they were very courteous and made sure that we had all the phone numbers needed if for some reason the repair malfunctioned. From our perspective, American Home Shield rocks! – Stephen, ConsumerAffairs 8/5/2015

Recently bought a house with an older oven in it. AHS warranty came with the house for the first year. After a few months, our old oven died. Called AHS and a repairman came out the next day and said they don’t make the part I need anymore. It took a week or so, but AHS sent us a check for $550 for a new oven. Not too bad of an experience, really. But, the wait times for customer service is awful. My quickest time to talk to someone was 28 minutes. Longest: hung up after 67 minutes. – Jonathan, BBB 8/12/2015

Negative American Home Shield Reviews

This company never was able to fix my Miele cooktop and took 6-7 weeks. We suffered. I later just hired a Miele tech to come and repair it. AHS tried to use a local company that had a 1 star yelp rating and lost our information and never fixed our problem. After this first incident, I called and cancelled their membership. I also takes 30 mins+ to get a customer service agent on the phone line. Not worth all the headaches they cause. – Sanjay, ConsumerAffairs 8/28/2015

AMERICAN HOME SHIELD. Please go after them. There is no sense of urgency. I have been waiting three weeks for them to fix my A/C. (middle of hot Oklahoma summer) Excuse after excuse parts we not ordered, then “Oh the parts were ordered and 3-5 business days.” Then after the first 3-5 days. We can’t find the parts need to re-order them. They have told me twice 3-5 days and now we are in week #3. and there is no end in sight. They need to tell truth. If you like waiting 30-45 minutes every time you call. and if you like being lied to and manipulated then they are the best company to offer you a most crappy service/experience. – Marco, BBB 8/17/2015

Helpful YouTube Channel

American Home Shield’s YouTube channel has tons of homeowner tips to reference when you have a question about one of your appliances. You can also check out this article for more tips on how to get the most out of your home warranty.

AHS Service May Vary Based on Location

The best explanation we can offer is that your experience with American Home Shield may vary from others based on your location. We know that may be frustrating to read, but we’re always honest about what we find in our research. If you’ve had experience with AHS let us know the geographic area you live in and how the service is there. You may just help out another homeowner!

What’s your opinion of American Home Shield?

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allison yearby
I’ve been with America Home Shield for 2 years now. When I first got the warranty I was told for the first year it would have to be in full, which I did, and after that I could do monthly. Well I was making an online payment today for my Dec 18th payment only to find out I had been set up on auto payment. I never authorized auto payments because my funds may not be avail on the 18th every month, especially this month. I called Customer Service and was that apparently when I renewed in Oct of this year that it had to be set up and that I agreed to it. I advised the rep that this must be new because all of 2015 I was getting a statement and calling in payments or making my payments online. The Rep stated that is a policy of American Home Shield and that they never send statements unless the account is past due. I advised the Rep that I’ve always gotten statements and then I would call in to pay. Needless to say, it let my asking for her Supervisor. I then spoke Pam (id #: 5085311) in the Georgia Service Support that advised that being with the company for 12 years that they never send out statements. I advised I have statements like I get my renewal notices reminding me of my payments. I then asked Pam to review my payment history and that she can see I’ve been on auto pay and that I’m sure considering this is a company that they have copies of the statements that have been sent to me. She stated that she didn’t have the capabilities to pull those statements because they never send statements. Pam refused to give me her manager’s name and number as well as refused to give her direct number. I’m upset and outraged because I feel I’m being viewed as a liar and I’ve been a loyal customer with this company. True enough this month’s payment wasn’t paid before or on the due date but you can’t just set my account on auto draft and pull something out of your ass and tell me this is policy and this is how it’s always been. I’ve no ill feelings toward American Home Shield as a company but the Reps and Management groups need better training in Customer Service.
I cancelled after they refused to repair or replace my leaking boiler. Now, after trying to get them to stop emailing me. After telling me that the emails would take up to 30 days to stop, they continue to send emails at least weekly, sometimes twice in the same day. It has been 85 days. Stay away from this scam company.