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Best Key Lock Box: Outdoor, Combination, Portable, Wall Mount, Fake Rock, And More Reviewed

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There are lots of situations where an extra key could be helpful. A reliable lock box can store your key, so you have it when you need it. Whether you have a vacation rental or need a place for an extra key, you’ve got safe and secure options.

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4 Reasons You Might Need A Lock Box

Here are four reasons a lock box can be useful:

  1. Realtors use lock boxes so potential buyers can get into a home for a tour.
  2. Homeowners can use a lock box to leave a key for contractors, housekeepers, and other workers.
  3. Vacation rental owners can leave the key in a lock box for when renters arrive.
  4. Lock boxes are a safe space for a spare key in case you get locked out of your home.

Best Key Lock Boxes

Our experts considered features, materials, reviews, and more to choose the best lock boxes in these categories:

Portable Lock Box | Combination Lock Box | Wall Mount Lock Box

Best Portable Key Lock Box: Igloohome Smart Keybox 3 Review

Igloohome Smart LockView on Amazon

Our top pick for the best portable key lock box is the Igloohome Smart Lock Box 3. This smart lock box can work for realtors and contractors who need to move their lock box from location to location. It can also be ideal if you need a lock box for occasional use.

Some unique features of this lock box are the ability to use either a PIN code or Bluetooth to access the box, and it can be portable, shackled to a doorknob, or mounted on a wall. There’s plenty of storage space in the box for keys, key fobs, and access cards. The weatherproof, durable metal body should hold up well to the elements, and the PIN pad lights up for easy nighttime use.

You’ll need batteries to operate this product, and there are mixed reviews about the technology. Some users say the locking mechanism is glitchy while others rave about it.



  • Can store keys, key fob, and access cards
  • Lights up
  • Remote access and encrypted PIN code sharing with app for Android and iOS
  • Can schedule PIN codes to expire within a certain time frame
  • Goes into security lockout mode if an invalid PIN is entered five times
  • Metal body
  • Weatherproof
  • One-year warranty
  • Batteries required
  • Mixed reviews about technology


Best Combination Key Lock Box: Kidde AccessPoint 001014 KeySafe Review

Kidde AccessPointView on Amazon

If you’re looking for a combination lock box to meet your needs, we recommend the Kidde AccessPoint 001014 KeySafe. The key lock box is available in both portable and permanent (wall mount) options.

This combination lock uses an alphabet spin lock that allows for 10,000 code options. The metal body is sturdy, and you won’t need batteries for it to work. This lock box is one to consider for spare home keys and realtor, vacation home rental, and contactor use.

There’s no light on this key box, making it hard to see in a dark area. Also, you can’t open the key box remotely, and the weatherproof cover, which will protect it from the elements, is sold separately.



  • Can store keys, key fob, and access cards
  • No batteries
  • Metal body
  • One-year warranty
  • Doesn’t light up
  • No remote access
  • Weatherproof cover sold separately


Best Wall Mount Lock Box: Master Lock 5401D Wall Mount Lock Box Review

Master Lock 5401DView on Amazon

If you know you want to wall-mount your key lock box, our choice is the Master Lock 5401D Wall Mount Lock Box. This large capacity lock box is ideal when you need a key lock box placed permanently indoors our out.

The combination lock is set up for a four-digit PIN and allows for thousands of combinations, and there’s a bit more storage space in this lock box, allowing you to store up to 5 keys. You can also fit key fobs and access cards. You won’t have to mess with batteries, and with the durable metal body and weatherproof cover, it can last through all types of weather.

There isn’t a light-up feature on this lock box, and it doesn’t use smart technology to allow remote access.



  • Can store keys, key fob, and access cards
  • No batteries
  • Metal body
  • Weatherproof cover included
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t light up
  • No remote access


More Options: Fake Rock, Fake Sprinkler, Car Key Lock Box, And Lockable Key Lockers

RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake RockThere’s more than one reason you may find yourself in need of a lock box. If you have children in your house and also have medications, a pill lock box can keep them from getting into them.

Want to have a spare key to your car handy? A car key lock box can go under your car for an emergency.

Maybe you need to hide a key around your house. There are hide-a-key boxes that look like sprinklers you’d use to water your lawn, or that look like a rock. If you need to lock up more than just a few keys, there are even lockable key lockers.

Are Lock Boxes Better Than Hiding A Key?

This two-minute video from WCNC News talks about how criminals can find your hidden key and how lock boxes are safer alternatives.

An Easier Way To Access Your Home

Key lock boxes can give you a safe option to store an extra key for when you need it. Another opportunity to make your home more accessible while at the same time controlling access is with a smart lock. Our experts review the best smart locks and give you a better understanding of what they are and how they work.

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