Julie Fritz

Julie has been writing professionally since 2012. She is an active volunteer for a local arm of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country. Everytown does comprehensive research on gun violence and makes recommendations on how we can all make our communities safer. Her involvement with this organization has given her invaluable information about how to keep our kids safe.

She enjoys writing not only about gun safety, but from family-related content to informative articles about technology, events and healthcare. In her free time, you might find her hiking, trail running, biking or swimming. You might also find her in the kitchen where she loves to cook and bake.

Signal App Review: The Best Option For Encrypted Messaging?

Signal app on phones (caption: Signal App Review)

Signal App is an encrypted messaging app that’s considered the gold standard in private messaging. Recently, thanks in part to a promotional tweet from Elon Musk, the Signal App became a top contender in the encrypted messaging game. This app can help you communicate privately on your phone or desktop without fear of your messages getting to anyone but the intended receiver. Our experts give you the lowdown on this app, its features, and how private it is.

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Ring Car Alarm Reviews: The Future Of Car Security?

Man driving car (caption: Ring Car Alarm)

In September of 2020, Ring announced a new line of security products: Ring Security For Cars. One of the most anticipated developments in the announcement is the Ring Car Alarm. Ring describes this new product as “a new way to guard your car.” Our experts keep a close eye on what this product offers and give you all the details available before its release.

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Security System Backup Battery: How They Work, How Long They Last, And Which Systems Support Them

Battery backup on desk (caption: Security System Battery Backup)

Home security systems help keep our families safe and feeling secure. But what happens when you lose power? Does your system keep working? It’s important not to leave yourself in a vulnerable situation. You may need a battery backup to ensure your security system stays active when your family needs it most. Do you know if your security system has a battery backup?

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Security System False Alarms: What Causes Them And How To Prevent Them

Home front door open with keys in lock (caption: False Alarm Prevention and Causes)

A false alarm occurs when your security system alarm goes off without a proper reason. These alarms can also happen with security cameras and motion sensors that send alerts through an app or email. Anytime you receive a warning and there’s no valid reason for it, it’s a false alarm. Unfortunately, if you can’t stop a false alarm, your security system may send emergency responders to your home. That situation can be a waste of time for the responders and costly and embarrassing for you.

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