Julie Fritz

Julie has been writing professionally since 2012. She is an active volunteer for a local arm of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country. Everytown does comprehensive research on gun violence and makes recommendations on how we can all make our communities safer. Her involvement with this organization has given her invaluable information about how to keep our kids safe.

She enjoys writing not only about gun safety, but from family-related content to informative articles about technology, events and healthcare. In her free time, you might find her hiking, trail running, biking or swimming. You might also find her in the kitchen where she loves to cook and bake.

Best Home Security Systems That Work With Google Home

Nest secure + Google Home (caption: Best Home Security Systems That Work With Google Home)

Google Home is an excellent tool for automating your home. When you combine that with a compatible home security system, you take that automation to the next level. Google Home compatible home security systems integrate with Google Home to activate voice commands to increase the ease of use…

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Best RFID Wallets To Protect Your Information

RFID wallet on table with phone and watch (caption: Best RFID Wallets)

Contactless credit cards are very convenient. Who doesn’t love the ease of a quick tap to pay for goods and services? However, having that technology puts you at risk. Electronic pickpockets are out there just waiting to get their hands on your information, and they can get it without even touching your credit card. RFID wallets are the best protection to keep your info safe…

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6 Tips For Securing Your Shed

Shed in backyard (caption: Tips For Securing Your Shed)

Sheds are an excellent place for storage, but they’re also an easy target for burglars. People tend to store expensive lawn tools and equipment as well as large toys like bikes and motorized vehicles in a shed without securing it. Easy access to an unsecured shed is what makes them very tempting to an intruder. The unique configuration of your shed will help you decide what you need to secure it. Here are 6 tips to help you evaluate your shed security…

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Vivint Smart Home App Review: Is It Reliable?

Man holding iPhone with Vivint App on screen (caption: Vivint Smart Home App Review)

The Vivint Smart Home app lets you connect all of your Vivint smart home and security devices directly to your smartphone or tablet so you can remotely monitor and manage your entire system. This is Vivint’s latest app and works with the SkyControl Panel and their latest panel model, the Smart Hub Panel. The original app, Vivint Classic, is still available for users who have the Go!Control Panel….

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Can Home Security Cameras Be Hacked?

Person hacking into security camera on laptop (Can Home Security Cameras Be Hacked?)

Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you? In our technology-driven world, we use security cameras in our homes and businesses to help us maintain a proper level of security and keep an eye on what’s happening around the clock. At home, these cameras don’t just play an integral role in security; they also keep us connected to our family members and pets when we’re away. While security cameras make us feel connected and safe, what happens when we’re not the ones watching? What happens if a hacker gets into your system? It’s essential to understand how hackers can breach your cameras and how to protect yourself…

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How To Keep Your Family Safe And Happy During A Pandemic

Woman reading book to child (caption: How To Keep Your Family Safe And Happy During A Pandemic)

Social distancing due to the Coronavirus has us all doing things differently at home. The need for distance learning and working from home adds an interesting element to the family dynamic. There are a lot of opportunities for families to grow closer and take advantage of a slower pace, but it can also be overwhelming. Knowing how to keep your family happy and safe will go a long way in this uncertain time…

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