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Let’s be honest; we cover some serious topics here at Safe Smart Living. But life doesn’t have to be all serious – balancing your day with fun and relaxation will improve your overall quality of life. So this category is dedicated to the fun stuff – from the best way to get tickets to Wimbledon to finding the best wine and beer clubs; we’ve got you covered so you can feel “alive after 5.”

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Top 5 Cigars For Beginners

Whether you’ve dabbled in the age-old ritual of cigar smoking before or you’re a complete novice, there are several factors to consider when selecting a good cigar, such as color, flavors, and of course, the price. Here, we have selected the best cigars for beginners for an overall enjoyable experience.

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Cigar Of The Month Club Review: Premium vs Rare Club vs The Competition

Do you feel like the cigars you choose are very hit or miss? Cigars vary widely in quality, tobacco blends, aroma, etc., making it hard to know what to look for. If you’d rather leave it to experts to choose your cigars, you may want to consider joining The Cigar of the Month Club. Is this club worth the money? And what does it deliver? We’ll give you the lowdown to help you decide.

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Best Cigar Subscription: Monthly Cigar Club Reviews

From cigar manufacturers based in Cuba and the Dominican Republic to Jamaica and the good old USA, there are so many truly excellent cigars and tobacco blends to discover. For a small cost, you can receive several premium cigars every month that are selected by experts. But with all the subscription services to choose from, who delivers the best smokes at the best price?

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Best Humidor For Cigars: Small, Electric, Cabinet, Desktop, Large, For Beginners, And More

I returned home from a trip to Cuba in early 2017 with a bag full of Cuban cigars. Since I only smoke them on special occasions, I wouldn’t use them right away. So I put them in the pantry in a zip lock bag. That is, until I found out that was a big mistake. Why? Cigars need to be kept at a certain humidity level or they lose their flavor. So, how do you keep them at a proper, consistent level of humidity? Learn all about humidors, how they work, what to look for, and our top picks.

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A Cut Above The Rest: Top 5 Cigar Cutters In 2023

Cigar smokers will tell you that there is nothing more enjoyable than a cigar at the end of a long day or with friends on special occasions. Cutting the cap and lighting a good quality cigar is all part of the ritual, and achieving the perfect draw can all depend on the cigar cutter. But which one should you pick? We have tried and tested various types of cutters, so you don’t have to.

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How To Get Wimbledon Tickets: A Step By Step Guide

So you are a tennis fan and have always dreamed of going to Wimbledon but are not sure where to start? Well, rightly so! It is the hardest Grand Slam tennis tournament to gain access to. But, who better to learn from than someone who has successfully attended the Grand Slam in the English countryside. I figured I’d pass along some tips to find your way into Wimbledon.

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