Melissa Osborne

Melissa has been working as copywriter and editor for over 10 years after discovering a passion for the written word and how great copy can help businesses reach a wider and more targeted audience. With a diverse background writing articles, blogs and marketing materials for lifestyle brands and tech start-ups, Melissa is naturally curious and enjoys researching and writing content on new subjects and trending topics. Melissa gained a BA Hons degree in English and Creative Writing at Portsmouth university in the UK and has lived and worked in London, Hong Kong and the USA.

Woman holding smart phone with key lock icon

Top 3 Smart Locks That Will Work With Your Ring Security System

Security systems like Ring have seen an incredible rise in popularity in the past few years, with people worldwide jumping on the bandwagon of video doorbells and alarm systems to improve their home security. The Amazon-owned brand is one of the most popular, so here we take a look at the perfect partner for the Ring security system – the smart lock.

Hnds with yellow sleeves using home security smartphone app

Schlage Vs Kwikset Smart Locks: Encode vs Plus vs Connect vs Halo & More!

Whether you’re letting your vacation home, require a simpler system for busy family life, or want more reliable home security, a smart lock could be just what you’re looking for. Smart locks allow property owners to grant one-time access codes to service providers or family and friends, as well as monitor who enters and leaves their property remotely via an app, and much more. Here we take a look at Schlage and Kwikset smart locks, comparing their various features to suit different needs.

Hemp-derived CBD oil dropping from a dropper into a vial, with the green leaves of a hemp plant in the background.

Does CBD Cause Brain Fog Or Help With It?

If you’re a natural remedies enthusiast you would have heard of cannabidiol oil or CBD as it’s commonly known. CBD products are typically used to alleviate health conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. Research has also shown that CBD can be an effective and powerful remedy to help reduce mental fatigue. So the question begs, does CBD help with brain fog or does it cause it?

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