The Home Service Club Review: Can They Fix Your Problems?

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Screwdriver: The Home Service Club ReviewsDoes a home warranty seem like a scam to you? Many people associate a home warranty with paying a monthly premium, then when an appliance breaks, the technician comes and “fixes” it. Then, a week later it’s broken again and the cycle repeats.

Not all home warranty companies are like this, however. Some actually do what they say they’ll do. Find out if you can count on The Home Service Club (HSC) as your home warranty company.

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Article Overview

The Home Service Club

3.9 / 5
The Home Service Club
Customer Service & Reputation 2.3
Pricing 4.0
Appliances Covered 5.0
Technicians' Work 3.5
Available In All 50 States 4.9


  • Repairs and replacements occur quickly
  • Covers the appliance/system regardless of age, make or model
  • Offers service in 49 out of 50 states


  • Does not offer service in California and limited service in Alaska
  • BBB rating: C
  • Many customer service complaints

Key Features

  • No home inspection is needed prior to purchase
  • Work guarantee: 30 days for labor and 90 days for parts
  • Covers repairs and replacements of covered items regardless of age, make or model
  • 1 year service contracts that can be renewed annually

Plans & Pricing

The Home Service Club has three service call fee options available for you to choose from: $65, $95 and $125. Service call fees are similar to deductibles so it’s the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket for a service call. (Please know that fees may change or there may be additional fees, so be sure to read your contract carefully.)

A higher service call fee means a lower monthly premium. The monthly premium varies depending on where you live and other considerations. In summary, you have two choices to make 1) choose a service call fee amount and 2) choose between the Standard and Comprehensive plans.

 Standard CoverageComprehensive Coverage
Ovens, Ranges, CooktopsCheckmarkCheckmark
Clothes WasherCheckmarkCheckmark
Clothes DryerCheckmarkCheckmark
Freestanding IcemakersCheckmarkCheckmark
Microwave Oven Built-InCheckmarkCheckmark
Trash CompactorCheckmarkCheckmark
Food Centers Built-InCheckmarkCheckmark
Air ConditioningCheckmarkCheckmark
Heating SystemsCheckmarkCheckmark
Electrical SystemsCheckmarkCheckmark
Water HeaterCheckmarkCheckmark
Plumbing SystemsCheckmarkCheckmark
Garbage DisposalCheckmarkCheckmark
Garage Door OpenerCheckmarkCheckmark
Ceiling FansCheckmarkCheckmark
Central VacuumCheckmarkCheckmark
Plumbing StoppageCheckmark
Pest ControlCheckmark
Gas LeaksCheckmark
Whirlpool CoverageCheckmark
Alarm WiringCheckmark
Telephone WiringCheckmark
Smoke DetectorsCheckmark
Exhaust/Attic FansCheckmark
Sump PumpCheckmark
Hot Water PumpCheckmark
Hot/Cold Water DispenserCheckmark
Pool CoverageOptionalOptional
Sprinkler SystemOptionalOptional
Roof CoverageOptionalOptional
Freestanding FreezerOptionalOptional
Refrigerators Built-In Units with Dual CompressorsOptionalOptional
Sewage Ejector PumpOptionalOptional
Water SoftenerOptionalOptional
Well PumpOptionalOptional
Jetted BathtubOptionalOptional
Utility Line Coverage Package*OptionalOptional

*Utility Line Coverage includes:

  • Outside Water Line
  • Outside Gas Line
  • OutsideElectric Line
  • Outside Sewer Line
  • Grinder Pump
  • Sprinkler System


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Home Service Club.

Customer Reviews

Finding customer reviews for HSC was fairly easy – both positive and negative. The abundance of negative reviews (including a very low BBB rating) is new.

Positive Reviews

Because of their amazing and unique service, I have decided to renew my plan with them. I definitely love Home Service Club. They saved my water heater during this pandemic. Sure, it took a while for the tech to come in, but I am impressed they still pulled through with their contract no matter what the global crisis there is! – Paul, BBB 4/30/2020

They have not failed me so far and odds are, they probably won’t no matter what! My washing machine was spewing water all over the place when I came back home from a 2-week trip. I just didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with that yet so I called up HSC and the repairman even helped me clean up the mess. All part of the job he said! – Alex, Consumer Affairs 3/24/2020

Negative Reviews

this company is absolutely horrible to deal with.. this is the second time I’ve had an issue with one of my home appliances, and they have not been there to help.. this last time I came home to a smoke filled house with water on the floor from the water heater.. I called them numerous times. Was on hold for hours, and the only thing I received was a promise of a call back.. it’s been 4 days now.. I just went out and purchased a new water heater and had my neighbor ( the plumber ) install it. This company is supposed to be a home warranty company! What they actually are is CROOKS! – William L., BBB 4/16/2020

Had outside electrical boxes crash. GFI was not the issue. Called The Home Service Club and was told that there’s a wait due to COVID-19. Did not have a problem with that and let them know. A week later they called and said they were still not able to fulfill. If I knew an electrician, have them call THSC. I understood. Today they call and tell me anything outside is not covered. Why not tell me to begin with? I’m annoyed and frustrated. – Carl, Consumer Affairs 5/6/2020

Home Warranty vs Home Insurance

A home warranty and homeowners insurance policy are not the same thing. Watch this short video below to learn the difference.

Appliances Aren’t Cheap

Purchasing a new central air conditioner from Lowe’s can cost more than $4,000 and that does not even include delivery or installation! Summers and winters are getting more intense putting added stress on your heating and cooling systems. By purchasing a home warranty plan you are protecting yourself from those huge purchases or repairs that come at the most inconvenient times.

Not Sold On HSC?

Visit HSC Website

If you still have doubts about The Home Service Club, we suggest comparing it to its competitors in our Best Home Warranty Comparison article. We’ve chosen a top 3 and reviewed more than a dozen home warranty companies total.

Are you leaning towards a home warranty or thinking you’ll cover the repairs and expenses yourself?

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Tamille Barrett
August 18, 2020 5:13 pm

This company is a scam. I’ve been a customer for 7 years. I’ve only filed 2 claims. The first was for my AC unit that went out. They said they don’t cover it because the system wasn’t all by the same company. That’s the system that was in the house when I purchased it. Was I supposed to replace a working system to ensure that it had matching components? Fast forward 5 years and our refrigerator dies in the middle of the COVID pandemic. I was given the run around for 3 weeks before being told by Gabrielle Holman that it wasn’t covered because it was a leak of the Evaporator Coil, which isn’t “wear and tear”. I’ve had the fridge for 15 years and never had an issue. Wear and tear on the evaporator coil is what probably caused the leak.. When I filed a BBB report, they tried to bribe me saying they’d give me a “courtesy” $300 if I closed out my BBB case. They’ve been taking my monthly payment for 7 years and have never covered anything. Stay away from this company. I ended up paying them $700 per year and still had to shell out the money for a AC unit and refrigerator. Don’t believe the false positive reviews. They are scam artists!!!!!

Steven Patton
June 20, 2020 11:20 am

Do NOT do business with these people. They are complete crooks and do not abide by their contracts!

Our air conditioner condensor coil had some leaks which developed and they dispatched their contractor who advised in fact the unit was leaking and should be replaced. He said it was normal wear and tear (which is covered in their contract) and that we should proceed with our claim.

When they received the claim, they claimed it was “physical damage” which is NOT covered under their warranty.

When pressed for an example of what might cause physical damage to the coil, they could not give any explanation. In speaking with the supervisor, Sofia, she advised she had no technical training and could not give us any answers, but that the case was closed and they would not be honoring our claim despite their contract covering the EXACT problem that we were having.

We asked to speak to the person who makes the decisions and were denied as Sofia is apparently the highest supervisor they have and she does not have a boss that she can disclose to us.

Complete and total fraud.

DO NOT spend ANY money with this company. NONE. Not a cent!

Further, if you have, please call to cancel your contract and get reimbursed on a pro rated basis. The money you get back will be better off spent elsewhere.

Syed A
February 11, 2020 6:53 pm

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Shady business. Poor customer service. Bought my service from Aron and even spoke to claim supervisor Lori R multiple times. That too for a Faulty garage door opener. They initially told me to go ahead and have it fixed and they will reimburse it. 3 months later I find out that they will not.

Derek P
November 17, 2019 10:50 am

This is the MOST CORRUPT, ILLEGAL AND DESPICABLE company I have EVER dealt with. Before I start, I will say that the majority of positive reviews here are COMPLETELY, AND BLATANTLY FAKE, phony, and shill! BEWARE, I mean BEWARE of this scam company. I have a FULL ON INVESTIGATION of this company in the works as I am typing this. They also have FAKE AWARDS they claim to of received. Again, this company is PHONY. I have a FULL OUT INVESTIGATION on them right now as I am typing this. I purchased a warranty 3 months ago from someone named AARON Wilson who NEVER sent me my paperwork or receipt, the same as other reviewers have said. I had to hunt him down to get my receipt and confirmation of my home warranty which was an immediate red flag but I chalked it up to him being busy.

Move on, not even 3 months later our heat goes out with a newborn at home and nobody is there after 5 pm to take calls after 5 pm EST so you are forced to try to submit a claim online. I won’t even go into the details of how difficult it was to get a claim submitted online but I got the claim submitted, got confirmation of the claim and was told I’d get an email or call back “shortly”. FOUR DAYS LATER, no call, no email, no NOTHING!

I can write a book on how disgusting this company is but to make it concise, it took me nearly a week to get them to send THEIR COMPANY “I.M AIR CONDITIONING” out to our home and THEIR COMPANY THEY SENT said we need a new circuit board and heater ignition control. Total cost was just over $700 and my contract showed these were included, not EXCLUDED PARTS so I expected a quick fix. That is where it went from terrible to horrendous!

HSC WARRANTY then sends my claim to someone named JAY SANTIAGO AT 1-800-601-1009 x5027 who CLAIMS is an HVAC supervisor. After a week of hunting him down, leaving messages and getting no response, he finally calls me back and tells me he disagrees with the technician SCV warranty sent and that he is deeming my issue pre-existing and denying the claim!!! We used our heat for nearly 2 years without issue, including two consecutive months before the heat went out this year and HSC warranty sent out their own technician who deemed the issue not pre-existing and which I have written confirmation of! I also have written confirmation of the parts needed to get our heat working and which Jay Santiago at declined illegally!

Something else to mention and in which I have proof of as I set them up on video recording. When you leave a message for ANYONE, nobody and I mean NOBODY will call you back. However, if you request a call, they must have some legal reason to call you back because each time I requested a callback to my phone number, someone eventually called back and IMMEDIATELY HUNG UP. This was no coincidence as I have VIDEO PROOF of attempting to answer the calls over a three day period and over 20 DIFFERENT CALL BACKS! This company is COMPLETELY PHONY in EVERY WAY.

If this isn’t atrocious enough, this scumbag, Jay Santiago then says he will sell me an entirely new heating unit for 11 thousand dollars! I don’t think I have ever written a negative review in my life but this is the worst company on the planet! HSC Warranty should be immediately shut down. I am contacting the attorney general and in the process of filing a law suit against this company. I have never filed a lawsuit in my life either, but this company should be immediately, and I mean immediately shut down. 2 weeks without heat with a newborn and negating their own technician for a measly $700 for warranted parts and service by their own contract!!!! And on top, to negate the claim from someone who has never seen my heating unit and deem it pre-existing when this Jay Santiago lives across country in another state!!!

In addition, I made sure to get sent the original technician’s diagnosis of what I need (and what my contract legally covers) and in where NOWHERE was denied by the actual TECHNICAN who viewed my heating unit in person and who also, in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM deemed the issue even REMOTELY pre-existing! I am attaching the diagnosis report here. I am currently in contact with the attorney general, I am filing an individual lawsuit as well as working with other people who were completely ripped off by this SHAM company and I will make sure this company gets what is coming to them. If you read my review and continue to purchase a home warranty plan, you get what you fully deserve. Last but not least, Aaron Wilson the guy that sold me the warranty is a complete scumbag as well. He answered every single call while working out the details of the home warranty contract I was about to sign, but when I needed help, crickets, he was nowhere to be found, didn’t return calls, had to be hunted down as well. Pathetic, disgusting company overall, and they need to be shut down IMMEDIATELY

Anthony Cramer
June 2, 2019 10:27 pm

When I would shower, the hot water was only lasting 5 minutes. I need more time than that! Thankfully I have a policy with the Home Service Club. I made the call and explained the problem. They sent out a contractor and he discovered an issue with the hot water heater. He fixed it right then and there!

Daniela Gordon
May 21, 2019 11:37 am

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I called them last week to find out about their services and signed up. I was told how much my credit card would be charged as “twenty two fifty”. A normal person would interpret that as $22.50, the guy never told me “two THOUSAND fifty dollars”, because these people are scammers and I would never have agreed to that. What warranty company doesn’t charge per month?? My credit card was charged THREE times $2250.00, $1999.00, and $999.00 just to see how much would go through.

kevin blakely
May 2, 2019 12:29 pm

One of my tenants called to complain about the built in microwave. After going to the property to take a look at it myself, I went ahead and made the call to the Home Service Club. They sent out a contractor who assured me that he would have it fixed with the replacement parts he had in his truck. It was a quick fix!

Morgan Lowry
April 1, 2019 4:35 pm

Okay, so, we bought their standard coverage package a couple of years ago. It paid for itself very quickly. They have always helped us when we have needed to use the coverage. This year we upgraded to their comprehensive package as we have a whole family to think about. Everything gets wear and tear twice as fast when your home is busy so their comprehensive package is perfect.

February 7, 2019 1:59 am

Home Service Club has stellar customer service and responsive techs who get the job done. I’m a property manager and I always suggest my customers get a warranty to cover their household appliances. As a manager of 50+ properties, it sure makes it easy for me to work with a single vendor, rather than having to call around each time there’s a problem in one of my units. I like the ease and the great service.

Albert M.
January 31, 2019 12:13 am

We spend so much money every year insuring our home, but nobody thinks about all the valuables we depend on inside our home. So we got a policy with Home Service Club for every single appliance in our house. We feel we have the backing of a great company if we ever need to use it. So far, so good, but it’s nice to know we have protection in case we need it.

Dave Tay
January 28, 2019 1:51 am

You never know when your appliances are going to stop working and it’s so hard these days to get a repair company to come fix it. We end up spending so much time calling around trying to get on “the schedule” and having to wait 2 weeks. That’s why we decided to try Home Service Club as insurance for our major appliances – washer, dryer, furnace, fridge. We’ve only had to call once in the few years we had it but we were pleasantly surprised that a tech was able to make it out in just a few days. That’s a big difference from the old repair places we were trying. I recommend this company to friends whenever they have something that breaks!

January 9, 2019 11:25 am

I am so glad that I have a warranty with the Home Service Club. My gagrage door would not respond to the remote and open up. I called HSC and spoke to Steven. He arranged for service the next afternoon. Luckily, I was not parked in the garage. The repair man fixed and it works great. I will be renewing in Febuary.

Brian Slafter
December 2, 2018 1:34 am

I wasn’t sure I needed a warranty, but I was quickly proven wrong when the washer broke after we started a load. With a toddler in the house, this was devastating, but I had purchased a HSC warranty and they took care of it.

Shibli Nomani
November 2, 2018 7:55 am

My kitchen faucet was not working and I called HSC toll free number and placed a service request with in no time I received a call from their service contractor for scheduling the time to fix my faucet. He said my faucet hose need to be replaced. I was assuming it will take some more days and will be fixed in his next visit. But Thank God Contractor came with hose and fixed it right away. I am impressed with their service and highly recommend to my friends & relatives. They are quick, advanced and smart Save their time, money and customer’s too. Good job.Keep it up!

Karen Levin
October 22, 2018 6:06 pm

I am very pleased with my HSC policy. When my AC was not cooling anymore, I called for help. HSC set up a service visit from a local contractor. They were able to add Freon and my AC was fine. HSC’s customer service was great. They handled my claim professionally and quickly.

Nadine Servus
October 18, 2018 9:53 pm

I’ve been under contract with other home service companies and I felt they were just out to get my moeny. Their service wasn’t that good, it took repeated phone calls to get help. This was not the case with Home Service Club. I think i have called them only twice in 4 years since i started with them. Never a problem getting through and the reps are alwasy friendly. I am very satisified with their customer service and their responsiveness.

August 12, 2018 7:59 am

I am so happy I chose this company. Fortunately, I haven’t needed them often but on the one or two occasions where I needed help, they were there. Very professional, very knowledgeable and got the job done. I highly recommend.

June 21, 2018 11:34 am

On 5/14/18 I contacted this company to place a home service request as my dryer had stopped working. After a week of no contact from HSC, I made numerous follow-up calls regarding this matter. I was continuously informed that they were unable to locate a vendor in my area. I was given the alternative to pay for the services on my own, to which I would be reimbursed for 50% of my cost (a concept that made me wonder what it is that I’m paying for as my contract calls for a $125 service fee and 100% coverage thereafter). From 5/14/18-6/6/18, I had received one return call fromHSC on 5/23/18, and that was to provide me the name and number of the contractor who would work on my machine (which only occurred after I had informed them that paying for 50% of my repair was an unacceptable solution). When I reached out to that vendor, they promptly informed that they had informed HSC they were not willing to work with them the day that it was requested. As such, I don’t understand why I was informed they would be completing the service.
On 6/6/18 I sent an email to HSC letting them know that I was fed up with their lack of customer service, the numerous breaches of our service contract, and that I wanted to cancel my services (as I no longer wished to pay for a service that I was not receiving). On 6/14/18 I was contacted by an S. Meadows from HSC in regards to my email. During that conversation she apologized for the lack of service that I had received and offered to submit a reimbursement request of $529 for the dryer that I had purchased after waiting three weeks for repair assistance. During that call we also discussed my decision regarding cancelling my plan, to which she was informed (on phone and in writing) that I will make that determination upon the resolution of the current matter.
On 6/21/18 I was contacted by phone again by S. Meadows. During that call she informed me that my reimbursement was approved for $125, as they could only reimburse my trade service fee since they had not approved the dryer purchase. However, in order to receive my reimbursement, I would need to remain a current customer and complete my contract. I informed her that this was an unsatisfactory solution. My monthly cost for their service is approximately $45, meaning it would cost me $270 over the remainder of my contract to receive the $125 reimbursement. That call ended with her apologizing and stating it was the best she could do, and that she would put in a request for a supervisor to give me a call.

I do not expect a return call or any resolution of this matter. Having come to this company (due to their amazing sales force that convinced me they were better than where I was at), I would now literally recommend any company but this one.

March 30, 2017 10:49 am

I left another warranty company and joined HSC based on positive review but my experience has been only negative. I placed 2 service requests and it took three weeks before the repairman showed up because HSC messed up the service requests. I had to call multiple times to get this straightened out. When the repairmen finally showed up, they did zero repairs, and said they would need to replace everything (including simple leaky faucets) which they would report to HSC. Six weeks later after multiple calls asking on the status of the repair/replace and requests for callbacks which they wouldn’t do, I finally got a call from their customer service rep saying that my “contract” was not correct and they wanted more money from me in order to process the claim. When I signed up, I got the platinum coverage, so their demand for more money was very unprofessional. I cancelled at that point and plan to rejoin with the other warranty company. They had issues, but were a lot more professional and responsive than Home Service Club. Stay away from Home Service Club as these guys are unprofessional.

October 30, 2016 3:17 pm

There’s a mistake in the article – the comparison between plans is actually comparing an AppleTV and a Roku, not Home Warranty plans.

Kimberly Alt
October 31, 2016 9:11 am
Reply to  mbourgon

Oh my goodness! Thank you for pointing this out to us. We will be sure to correct it.