Select Home Warranty Review: Are The Online Reviews Fake?

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Tools: Select Home Warranty ReviewsWe’ve read through Select Home Warranty’s terms and conditions and found limitations that gave us pause. We also uncovered a number of negative customer reviews.

Although at the end of this article you may or may not choose to go with Select Home Warranty, it may help you determine what things to look for when buying a new home warranty policy.

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Article Overview

Select Home Warranty

3.1 / 5
Select Home Warranty
Customer Service & Reputation 0.5
Pricing 4.0
Appliances Covered 2.0
Technicians' Work 4.0
Available In All 50 States 5.0


  • Make a claim 24/7
  • Takes care of your appliance/system in a timely fashion
  • BBB rating: B


  • Getting reimbursements and refunds can be a daunting task
  • Not the best customer service reviews

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Key Features: Terms & Conditions

We glanced over the Terms & Conditions for Select Warranty and came across a few things we liked and a few items we didn’t care for too much. We’ve posted them below in addition to our thoughts.

5.4. Non-Emergency Claims. To make a claim for repair you must contact Select within 3 days following discovery of the malfunctioning and/or inoperability of the system or appliance. The Independent Service Technician will be instructed to provide repair of the appliance or system within two (2) days during normal business hours and four(4) days on weekends and holidays following submission of the claim…

Even though 2-4 days may seem like a long time to go without a stove (or other appliance), we think it’s a reasonable amount of time for a repair to be scheduled and take place. However, during our research, we saw that they don’t always abide by this time limit. Check out these Select Home Warranty complaints below.

8. Select’s Option. Select shall have the sole and exclusive option to:
(iii) In lieu of replacing a system or appliance that is deemed irreparable or it is not cost effective to repair, said determination being made by Select, Select may choose to pay a cash settlement for the irreparable component of the system or appliance. Select is not responsible for installation. The cash settlement shall be in an amount not to exceed the depreciated value of the component/appliance being replaced;
(v) Obtain a second opinion with regard to the cost of replacement without any additional cost to You.

We like that they may give a cash settlement. That way you can choose the appliance you want specifically. However, they are not going to install it for you. We also like that they can get a second opinion without it costing you.

10.1 Dimensions, Brand and Color, Limits. Select will not be responsible for matching a system or appliance’s color, brand, or dimensions and only is responsible for repairing and/or replacing systems or appliances of similar capacity and efficiency…

It sounds like they may not get the right size of appliance you need to replace the old one. So if you have a spot on the wall between cabinets for your microwave, you could end up with one much smaller or larger than the hole allows. We recommend that you measure your appliance that requires replacement before you call, so you can provide this info as well as the make and model for completing your claim.

11.1. Change to Terms of Service. Select Home Warranty reserves the right to revise Terms of Service at any time and users are deemed to be apprised of and bound by any changes to these Terms of Service.

It sounds like they can change their contract at any time, even in the middle of a contract, and you’re still locked into their terms.

14.1. Automatic Renewal. In the event You select the monthly payment option and Select elects to renew your contract, Select will notify You of the rate and term for the renewal period during the tenth month of Your contract and You will be automatically renewed for an annual coverage period unless you notify Select in writing thirty (30) days prior to the Termination Date. Your first payment for the renewed term will be deemed as authorization for another twelve (12) month term.

We think this is a bit out of the ordinary for a company to move you from a month-to-month contract to a 12-month contract with no warning.

Plans & Pricing

There are three different packages from which to choose. Select Home Warranty has a base service fee of $60, but it can vary based on your location.

 Bronze CareGold CarePlatinum CareOptional Add-Ons
Clothes WasherCheckmarkCheckmarkCentral Vacuum
Garbage Disposal CheckmarkCheckmarkWell Pump
RefrigeratorCheckmarkCheckmarkStand Alone Freezer
Stove/OvenCheckmarkCheckmarkLawn Sprinkler System
Microwave Oven (Built In)CheckmarkCheckmarkSeptic System
CooktopCheckmarkCheckmarkIce Maker (In Refrigerator)
DishwasherCheckmarkCheckmarkPlumbing Fixtures/Lighting Fixtures
Clothes DryerCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional AC Unit
A/C, CoolingCheckmarkCheckmarkSpa
Heating SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkSecond Refrigerator
Plumbing SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkLimited Roof Leak
Electrical SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional Water Heater
Water HeaterCheckmarkCheckmarkSump Pump
DuctworkCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional Heat/Furnace
Plumbing StoppageCheckmarkPool
Garage Door OpenerCheckmark
Ceiling FanCheckmark


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Select Home Warranty.

Overview Of Select Home Warranty (Video)

Here’s an overview of what Select Home Warranty can give you.

Customer Reviews

Overall, we found more negative reviews than positive for Select Home Warranty. The exception was on Consumer Affairs. Select has nearly a 5-star rating out of more than 7,000 reviews. We can’t help but question the authenticity of these reviews since we’ve looked at other review sites that are filled with negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

the contractor came to me within 3 hours i filed the claim , fixed my furnace , very polite , quick response time Highly recommend – Isaac, BBB 5/18/2018

Thanks for the support and information provided by (name redacted). Very happy at the response received from him. Again ,thanks . – Eddie G., BBB 6/14/2018

Negative Reviews

Select Home Warranty is the worst! It’s practices are designed to discourage, defer and deny. A claim for repair or replace of a washing machine stretched more that five months to an unsatisfactory conclusion. IN the meantime, Select collet monthly premiums. That is, until I got my measly check and cancelled their service. – Laurie R., BBB 5/21/2019

I purchased a SELECT HOME WARRANTY. After 3 months, the drain in my dishwasher needed attention. Select Home Warranty sent their repairman out and I was told I needed to replace the garbage disposal, but Select home warranty would not cover it. He told me he would replace it for $175 if I would give him $100 cash deposit. I have never again seen the repairman nor my $100 so I canceled my policy with SELECT HOME WARRANTY. They said there is nothing they can do about it because I canceled my policy. I responded that I canceled the policy because they would do nothing. Scam company…Beware of SELECT HOME WARRANTY. – Joe, BBB 5/20/2019

Our Thoughts

Visit Select Home Warranty’s Website

We still think having a home warranty is important, especially if you’re trying to sell a house. But in the end, we recommend that you consider at least 1-2 other companies in addition to this one. There are too many red flags, and we would hate to see you spend your money on a service that may or may not pay off in the long run. We suggest that you also check out one of our top three picks for Best Home Warranty Companies.

Got any home warranty experiences to share?

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Rolston Williams
September 10, 2020 5:07 pm

I called in July to get the company to get a plumber to come and look at a leak that I had that came thru the ceiling, I was told they didn’t have a selected plumber in my area, and was told to find one and have them call and email them the invoice of what had to be done and the cost which I got done in a few days and the plumber sent it to select home warranty ant to me. After a few days I called and they never received it so I sent it an got a reply saying they received the invoice, here it is September and all the back and forth which I couldn’t take anymore so I canceled Select Home warranty. If that’s the way you treat your Customers I hope you find a better way to treat them.
SFC Retired
Williams R

Floyd DeFord
September 9, 2020 3:41 pm

I’m warning anyone considering Select Home Warranty: do not do it they are the worst home warranty company I have ever dealt with.

Bilal Syed
September 3, 2020 1:31 pm

Worst experience and company ever to get service from, In other words, it’s a Scam.
I used AHS for over 8 years and this year just for a change and cheap package I signed up with Select Home warranty, paid a whole year in advance. Filled 2 claims and canceled my account within 34 days.
Both claims were my worst experience in fact a nightmare. For the first claim, even after getting approval from the authorization department I still end up paying $160
For 2nd Claim, that was the main nightmare which convinces my mind to just get rid of this company. Going back and forth with over 30 calls and dealing with 20 different customer service reps, no one knew what is my case about, their record with my case history changes every time, on hold over 3 hrs some time, transfer from one rep to other, my claim never even started, in the end, they told me they don’t have any local vendor and I can call someone locally and they will pay for the charges, I have this in an email but never got any fee I paid to the local vendor.
Anyway, I got a lot to talk about and mention here but don’t want to spend more time anymore.
Bottom line, please stay away from this Scam.

Stephen Botschon
September 2, 2020 8:01 am

This is a warning to anyone considering Select Home Warranty. Unless you have all the maintenance records from the previous owners, going back 4 years, they will deny your claim. That’s after they take over a week to finally get an answer from their “resolution ” team. Their customer service is great at giving the same “scripted” answer everytime you call for an update. Don’t even ask to speak to a manager, as there are none according to what we were told. We have had both claims denied, one for a plumbing leak, in a wall, and an a/c compressor that went out. We had only been in our house just over a year when these claims were made. Their excuse was no maintenance records, even though I could produce a certified mechanical inspection report stating the air-conditioning system was in perfect working order. The salesman, who sold us our policy never mentioned this when questioned about it and it took them over 4 months to actually send us our policy. Buyer beware! Do NOT believe the reviews that are written with all of the great reviews. There are too many out there that have been denied coverage and do not write reviews stating their experiences. If you are considering purchasing a Warranty, please do your homework and check ALL reviews from many different sources, not just the ones paid for by the companies. They can mislead you.

Rick G
September 2, 2020 7:31 am

This company is the worst
This company is the worst! Denied claim for replacing 15 year old water heater due to it not being normal wear and tear. What’s not normal about being 15 years old???? Our well pump went out costing $2800 and they paid us $400 even though we bought the additional insurance covering the well pump (took 3 months for the reimbursement check). Then our AC went out in June and the tech never came out to fix it. I cancelled the policy but they are shorting us our refund by $635 as they claim they already paid the technician for fixing our AC. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are a scam and the technicians they refer are horrible!!

Stephen Berry
August 20, 2020 11:22 am

Submitted claim for pool filter on July 27th. Select Home Warranty technician came out 5 days later on 08/01. Technician submitted the diagnosis to SHW on 08/06. After 27 phone calls to customer service, I decided to have the filter changed myself at a cost of $1,235.00 at the suggestion of several “customer service” agents and 3 supervisors. After 4 weeks of nothing but aggravation, they offered me $100.00 and said have a nice day. I cancelled the contract on the spot. Nothing but a scam company

August 18, 2020 12:39 pm

Select home warranty denies claims, they are a big scam!!!, they rejects claim without sending an expert out , and when you ask for a refund they take ridiculous fees out..STAY AWAY FROM Select

maja bezdrom
August 14, 2020 1:58 pm

Select Home Warranty is the worst HW I ever had, they are SCAM, do not cover half of the items on the list they stated they will when you are buying HW. When you have a question or concern they simply suggesting you to CANCEL .Do not forget they will charge you $75 for cancelation….OMG they pushing you to cancel…I think they are in business of collecting cancelation fees…Do not choose SELECT HW , is others there better HW trust me

August 13, 2020 4:41 pm

To the point-AC unit went out Aug 1,I called them Aug 4th-Tech came to check the unit on the 6th-they denied me on the 10th , saying “they don’t cover electrical failures” called another tech said it was compressor due to mechanical failure, they still denied me. told them I want my money back and to terminate their sneaky and unreliable service they said we’ll charge you. Their service center was a complete circle of time-wasting and run around. Stay as far away from this company as you can!!

Meredith Posey
August 12, 2020 1:48 pm

This company is a SCAM. They make up any reason to deny the claim by saying its Freon related which is not covered. I realize that they will not cover freon but a compressor is covered and it was not leaking Freon. It failed due to normal wear and tear. They are deceitful and lie to deny the claim.

Inger Woodfolk
August 6, 2020 6:27 pm

I am disgusted with this company. Is it really a company? First they exclude most components of an air conditioning system. Second Select and their contractors have had md waiting for a toilet repair for two weeks.

I have asked for my money back and to speak to supervisors multiple times to no avail.

Peg kearns
August 4, 2020 11:30 am

Don’t buy. Worst plan you can get. Poor service. And if you cancel they do not give the refund you should get. They have their own way of calculating.
I canceled a three year policy. Paid $1050.00 after a year an a half canceled because service was poor
My refund was $223.99 Scam artists

Roy Rossini
August 2, 2020 10:12 pm

This place is a scam. Yes, they cover items like a fan but they will only cover a part of the item if any. I have lost a lot of money with these rip off places. For example, pluming is only covered up to 150.00 and after 60.00 deductible you’re paying the deductible and the cost of the repair. You are far better off working with your repair shop on any issue.

Laurie Nadeau
July 31, 2020 2:12 pm

BUYER BEWARE! I bought this warranty in good faith from the sales rep with the promise that all things I needed covered were fully covered with this warranty. And with a co-pay of $45 per claim. They only cover certain amounts. They are truly just a discount plan that discounts the cost of repairs when they go over a low $ amount. You are on the hook for the remainder. When I spoke to customer service they said that was the cap and they have caps on all things based on the life of the plan so they basically don’t lose money with what I have paid. When I told him the rep mispresented the plan to me and I wanted all my money back he said they cannot do that. They will pro-rate, take out the costs of anything they have paid and then take a $75 fee. This is a BAD plan BUYER BEWARE!!! 

July 22, 2020 1:10 pm

I agree it has been the worst experience I have ever had working with a service company. They Absolutely do not care. I had a water heater issue. I kept getting told 24-48 hrs they would get back to me. I called multiple times. It was 216 hrs. I gave up. I finally had to hire my own contractor who was out the next day. Can’t find another place to write a review. The worst.

Roy Rossini
August 2, 2020 10:13 pm
Reply to  Janice

So true. I’ve had the same exact experiences. Also, try to get someone in their claims department who speaks English.

Peter Eramo
July 21, 2020 9:47 am

I’m not sure how this company received so many positive reviews; perhaps they are from those working for the company. Not sure. But check the BBB website and you’ll see just how many complaints they receive and how poor their service is.
I lasted 2 months with them before cancelling my membership. This was an overall terrible experience. I found them to be uncommunicative and unreliable. The website is not very good – there is no way to check your account at all. Calling to speak with someone is a hassle and very frustrating. You may be hung up on. You may have to keep getting transferred. It takes a while to get anything done. 

I submitted my first (and only) claim with them to repair my AC unit. An outside company came and I paid $75, but this was only a diagnostic. I was told that AC repair was covered under my “Premium” contract. The AC company reported that the condenser coils needed to be cleaned in order for the AC system to perform better. Select Home Warranty did not accept this and would not cover the job. I had to cancel right away because it took days to get to this decision and I found it incredulous to not have this covered. This is the very reason to have SHW and they failed miserably. The previous company I used did cover this so perhaps I will go back to them. If you are looking for a company to insure household appliances – I would implore you to shop around and look elsewhere…avoid the problems I had. 

Roy Rossini
August 2, 2020 10:14 pm
Reply to  Peter Eramo

So so true. Same experiences.

July 13, 2020 4:15 pm

STAY AWAY from this Company. They are the WORST. They say they will resolve your issue within 48 business day hours but that is a bald faced lie. 

We had our kitchen sink start leaking July 3, ok so the business days don’t start until July 6 but still no contact number from them for a plumber July 6 or 7th. By end of day July 8, I have to call them and see why they haven’t delivered this contact info as promised. Only after I call them do I get someone to actually send me this information, 5 days after my initial claim was submitted.  

THEN after the plumber actually comes over and assesses that we need a new garbage disposal, we are told that it will take another 2 days to get approval for this part. I mean, it’s cut and dry. We purchased a home warranty, this part is covered and therefore the part should be approved. How long does it take to simply get an approval? After 48 business day hours, once again, they don’t call me. So by end of day on the 10th, they tell me that, not to worry, they will get me the approval by end of day. Again, another bald faced lie. No information, no approval, no nothing. 

By the 13th, my kitchen sink has been leaking for 10 days now. I have to put towels and buckets down to catch the water. I called them and was put on hold for a half an hour just to then get an answering machine. I called them back, was transferred to 3 different people in customer service who would do nothing other than pass me to another service agent who, once again did nothing to help me and pass me along to yet another person in circles and circles with no help. I had to call this company and be on the phone with them for 2 hours and still, the best they can do is tell me to wait longer for a manager to call me. 
I have no idea if anyone actually even will and they are already late at this point. This company is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced. DON’T get a policy from them unless you are ok waiting indefinitely for an issue to be resolved. I don’t know what is wrong with them. They clearly can’t or won’t do their jobs. I’m cancelling this policy as soon as this issue is resolved. They can pay for this one at least

June 21, 2020 8:11 am

I signed a 5 year warranty contract with Select Home Warranty, paid in full and even added additional nail coverage onto my plan. I have had to make 2 claims in 4 years…
In 2018 my air conditioning quit working late July in Kansas. Not only did they not respond within the 24 hours the contract & emails and claim receipt states they will, but they didn’t have an answer when I called every single day for 8 days besides “we are waiting on the resolution team”. On the 8th day… I got an email. An EMAIL. It said they needed pictures of my air conditioning to prove it wasn’t working. Are you serious? Think about that. I sent them the photos. It’s not been over 90 degrees in my home for 11 days when they sent out a service contractor to look at it on a Sunday. He said it needed a part he couldn’t get on a Sunday. I called and called and called SHW and got nowhere. The contractor never showed back up to fix it. By that following Wednesday I had more than enough and called an AC company out to fix it myself and found out it was a common $15 part available at any hardware store. I never got reimbursed or even an apology.
Fast forward…. same problem… I now have an infant in my home, in the middle of a pandemic and I cannot leave the house where it’s currently a roasting 86 degrees inside. I’m on day 4 of getting nowhere again. I just got an email I need to call to check on my claim status. Again, are you serious? I was told my claim was escalated due to the situation 5 different times on their recorded lines.
This company rips people off, takes their money and NEVER helps them. This is the most horrific customer service I have ever encountered and I hope this fraudulent company gets shut down after taking thousands of dollars from me for NOTHING.

June 16, 2020 5:58 pm

Please do not waist your money, this company is terrible! Not only that all customer service is out in Patagonia somewhere, but you have to wait 30 minutes to as long as an hour for them to answer a simple call. When they answer, your problem is not solved and you ask to talk to a supervisor they say “we have no supervisors available, they are on other calls”. When you state that you have time to wait until a supervisor is available, they say” we cannot wait with you on hold because we need to serve other customers”. This is awful customer service! We had American Home Shield and they were amazing. Select not only that does not take care of your claim ( we have been for 7 days without air conditioning in Florida summer and spent numerous hours with Select on the phone), but they cannot even do a preauthorization appropriately for a contractor that we were forced to find on our own because Select had no contractors that want to work with them. [Name retracted for privacy] employee # [retracted for privacy] ( I am sure this is not his name or employee number) just shared with us that upon the contractor diagnosis being completed, the contractor needs to call them and get preapproval for the service otherwise we would not get reimbursed. So basically not only that they do not have a contractor to serve us, but they think that a contractor that is usually charging by the hour will have time to wait for the customer service to answer a call with an average hold time of 30 minutes. WOW! We lost money, time and please save yourself aggravation most of all!

June 16, 2020 12:31 pm

Select Home Warranty is a total scam!!! $450 up front plus $60 per visit, and the most they will cover for any repair is $150. Our A/C stopped working. It took 6 months, many calls, emails and even faxes to finally recover $150. The repair and replacement was $5000. It is almost impossible to simply recover the $450 they take up front. No home warranty service is really great, but this one is a sham. I was in Mahway NJ and dropped in to their “corporate offices” to…say hello. It’s an empty room in a hotel. I gave the security guard $20 to let me walk down to the space and find it empty an unused. Don’t be fooled by any other post or comment. The people who own and run SHW are vile, liars and thieves.

C Davidson
June 12, 2020 5:05 pm

To be fair, they approved a claim for a garbage disposal up to $75 and luckily I found one on sale at Costco–the $75 wouldn’t have covered any of the labor so I did it myself. Annoying, but okay, they covered the replacement…

But over a thousand dollars for the refrigerator and hundreds of dollars for the A/C in our house were not covered. The lesson learned is to READ THE FINE PRINT–the policies are not worth it AT ALL because the items they will actually pay to fix are miniscule. They ALWAYS found a reason. They lure you in with heavy discounts, and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised you get what you pay for.

The refrigerator issues were somewhat understandable, they don’t cover freon leaks and I missed that in the exclusions–but then keep in mind that most refrigerator repairs will not be covered because most refrigerator issues are related to freon, and in our experience they’ll find a way to make that connection regardless.

But the worst experience was with our A/C… it was over 100 degrees outside and our A/C was down. They couldn’t send one of their approved technicians for a couple of days so we had to call one of our own. The motor blower was determined to be out, it was replaced, we paid the invoice, and submitted the invoice to be reimbursed. They claimed that while motor blowers are specifically listed as being covered (Section 6.3.6), in their “general exclusions” paragraph any electrical issue is not and the claim was denied. Read that again–ANY electrical issue will not be covered. On an A/C unit. That runs heavily off of electricity. So good luck getting anything approved with them.

And to top everything off, 3 weeks after the latest claim our policy expired–there was no way we were re-upping with them, and in the process of trying to dispute the rejection they eventually just said “since your policy is no longer active there’s nothing we can do anyways”. So they’ll take their time until time conveniently runs out. Classy organization! Stay away!

C Hernandez
June 10, 2020 2:03 pm

The service and coverage of these policies is HORRENDOUS. I submitted a claim for a water heater leak- DENIED because of fine print. Toilet leak- DENIED because of fine print. A/C not cooling- Max $150 dollar coverage approved, which was pennies compared to the cost of the repair after they charged me a $70 contract fee and a $60 service call fee, so their coverage barely covered the cost of just getting a technician to come see it!
They take FOREVER to review the claims (1 month+), drag you through endless additional requirements like pictures, service records, dragging the process further. I was without A/C for 1 month begging them to process a claim that they limited to $150.
You know those companies that weaponize the fine print of contracts to get out of covering anything? Select Home Warranty is one of them! They take weeks looking for any reason to deny or limit your claim.
Their policy was the biggest waste of money and time I have had, I did business with them to try to find peace of mind for the maintenance of my home, but they cause more pain, stress and cost. What a horrible experience.

June 17, 2020 7:31 am
Reply to  C Hernandez

I couldn’t agree more. I called yesterday to get an electrician to my house because the garage outlet lost power and it’s not gfi related. They denied my claim because they said they only cover electrical that is within the living space…what!?!? I then asked, what if I had my water heater in the garage, to which the person on the phone said, that would be covered. This company is really sad if they take your money and you call for something pretty straight forward and they pull out an obscure passage from some section of the contract. They say it’s “bumper to bumper” when they sell you. Very dishonest, I wouldn’t buy.

June 5, 2020 6:42 pm

This company is a scam. When I was sold my warranty, I was assured that with the Platinum package, ALL PLUMBING was covered. Sure enough, after experiencing a plumbing issue, I was dispatched a technician to the tune of $60.00. The technician didn’t remove a single tool from their truck, nor did they look down the pipe, run a snake – nothing. However, they reported a diagnoses to Select Home Warranty (which they denied coverage for). Clearly I explained to them that the tech never checked anything out – so how could they provide them with a resolution? Unfortunately, because their claims division declined it, I’m now unable to dispute or open a new ticket to address it with a different plumbing company. They back their sub-contracted technicians stating “He provided a resolution, and the required method is not covered”.
I’ve cancelled my service with SHW at a loss of over $340.00 and no service. For the record, I’m not cancelling because of the results, I’ve cancelled because its clear that they don’t care about their client base, I was just profit to them. If we could have simply found another plumber to send – I’d still be a customer.

D.T Wood
May 31, 2020 1:59 pm

Select Home Warranty never had a repair person available, they told me to find my own and they would pay. That never happened, either the repair wasn’t covered or authorized. They always had an excuse. So I asked them to find someone since when I joined I was told they had 100 plus contracts with different service outlets(except when you needed one). I mentioned my disappointment and said they I was going to contact the BBB to verify their standing with the company. I was told if I called the BBB and complained it would delay my service call. To me that sounds like a threat. I called about a heater problem and it took them nine days to find someone. They said how busy it was, now we all know how mild last winter was. So in the interim I did call an outside company did exactly what they said and after the $1200 repair was done I was told that they would cover $150 of it. That I have yet to receive. Do you self a favor try anyone but select, you’re wonderful while you’re signing up and will give you full attention until you’ve made payment and then you’re on your own. My purpose for signing up with select was being a single mom and a new homeowner. I was told that they would could give me the peace of mind I needed in the case of an emergency. That sounded great, if something was broken I could call my warranty company and they would find someone. It was supposed to take All the stress and worry of who to call, what their credentials are. Select warranty he told me that they had already done that, they have experience contractors that have worked for them. Problem is once you paid for the year is contractors are always busy.

Elise Cantrell
May 21, 2020 7:45 pm

Horrible experience! Our family of 5 was left without hot water for one month! Their assigned technician told me I needed to pay the $60 service fee before he would come. I paid via credit card and he never showed. After a week I was given permission to call my own plumber. The plumber found the flow sensor and the heating rod in our tankless hot water heater had gone bad and he called their authorizations department on my own phone right in front of me and my husband and told them this was the problem, and our 18 year old water heater was at the end of its life. We were told we would have an authorization on 24-48 hours. After daily phone calls to their customer service department and being given the run around, we finally got an email saying that “leaks” were excluded from their policy, so our water heater wouldn’t be covered. Our water heater never had a leak!!! I then called and emailed them stating that there was never a leak in our water heater and we were standing right there when the plumber was on the phone with their representative and heard exactly what his diagnosis was. They said it would be another 24-48 hours for them to reconsider. After another week, we were told once again that because our water heater had a leak, it wasn’t covered. I repeated again that we never had a leak, and then they said this is the final decision! After 1 month without hot water, we are now out the cost of the warranty, the $60 dollars that we paid to their technician who never showed, and were denied coverage based on something they completely made up to be wrong with our water heater just so they could avoid covering it! Now we waited a month with only cold water for them to create a fake reason to deny it and we are having to pay out of pocket when we could have done that a mont ago! This is a total scam!!!