Select Home Warranty Review: Are The Online Reviews Fake?

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Tools: Select Home Warranty ReviewsWe think you’ll be interested to read our Select Home Warranty Review. We’ve discovered some information that we believe you’ll want to know before signing up for their service. We’ve read through their terms and conditions and found limitations that gave us pause. We also uncovered a number of negative customer reviews. Although at the end of this article you may or may not choose to go with Select Home Warranty, it may help you determine what things to look for when buying a new home warranty policy.

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Article Overview

Select Home Warranty

3.1 / 5
Select Home Warranty
Customer Service & Reputation 0.5
Pricing 4.0
Appliances Covered 2.0
Technicians' Work 4.0
Available In All 50 States 5.0


  • Make a claim 24/7
  • Takes care of your appliance/system in a timely fashion


  • Getting reimbursements and refunds can be a daunting task
  • Not the best customer service reviews
  • Not BBB accredited

Key Features: Terms & Conditions

We glanced over the Terms & Conditions for Select Warranty and came across a few things we liked and a few items we didn’t care for too much. We’ve posted them below in addition to our thoughts.

5.4. Non-Emergency Claims. To make a claim for repair you must contact Select within 3 days following discovery of the malfunctioning and/or inoperability of the system or appliance. The Independent Service Technician will be instructed to provide repair of the appliance or system within two (2) days during normal business hours and four(4) days on weekends and holidays following submission of the claim…

Even though 2-4 days may seem like a long time to go without a stove (or other appliance), we think it’s a reasonable amount of time for a repair to be scheduled and take place. However, during our research, we saw that they don’t always abide by this time limit. Check out these Select Home Warranty complaints below.

8. Select’s Option. Select shall have the sole and exclusive option to:
(iii) In lieu of replacing a system or appliance that is deemed irreparable or it is not cost effective to repair, said determination being made by Select, Select may choose to pay a cash settlement for the irreparable component of the system or appliance. Select is not responsible for installation. The cash settlement shall be in an amount not to exceed the depreciated value of the component/appliance being replaced;
(v) Obtain a second opinion with regard to the cost of replacement without any additional cost to You.

We like that they may give a cash settlement. That way you can choose the appliance you want specifically. However, they are not going to install it for you. We also like that they can get a second opinion without it costing you.

10.1 Dimensions, Brand and Color, Limits. Select will not be responsible for matching a system or appliance’s color, brand, or dimensions and only is responsible for repairing and/or replacing systems or appliances of similar capacity and efficiency…

It sounds like they may not get the right size of appliance you need to replace the old one. So if you have a spot on the wall between cabinets for your microwave, you could end up with one much smaller or larger than the hole allows. We recommend that you measure your appliance that requires replacement before you call, so you can provide this info as well as the make and model for completing your claim.

11.1. Change to Terms of Service. Select Home Warranty reserves the right to revise Terms of Service at any time and users are deemed to be apprised of and bound by any changes to these Terms of Service.

It sounds like they can change their contract at any time, even in the middle of a contract, and you’re still locked into their terms.

14.1. Automatic Renewal. In the event You select the monthly payment option and Select elects to renew your contract, Select will notify You of the rate and term for the renewal period during the tenth month of Your contract and You will be automatically renewed for an annual coverage period unless you notify Select in writing thirty (30) days prior to the Termination Date. Your first payment for the renewed term will be deemed as authorization for another twelve (12) month term.

We think this is a bit out of the ordinary for a company to move you from a month-to-month contract to a 12-month contract with no warning.

Plans & Pricing

There are three different packages from which to choose. Select Home Warranty has a base service fee of $60, but it can vary based on your location.

 Bronze CareGold CarePlatinum CareOptional Add-Ons
Plumbing StoppageCheckmarkPool
Clothes WasherCheckmarkCheckmarkCentral Vacuum
Heating SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkSecond Refrigerator
Water HeaterCheckmarkCheckmarkSump Pump
Garbage DisposalCheckmarkCheckmarkWell Pump
Plumbing systemCheckmarkCheckmarkLimited Roof Leak
RefrigeratorCheckmarkCheckmarkStand Alone Freezer
Stove/OvenCheckmarkCheckmarkLawn Sprinkler System
Microwave Oven (Built In)CheckmarkCheckmarkSeptic System
CooktopCheckmarkCheckmarkIce Maker (In Refrigerator)
DishwasherCheckmarkCheckmarkPlumbing Fixtures/Lighting Fixtures
Clothes DryerCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional AC Unit
DuctworkCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional Heat/Furnace
Garage Door OpenerCheckmarkAdditional Water Heater
A/C, CoolingCheckmarkCheckmarkSpa
Electrical SystemCheckmarkCheckmark
Ceiling FanCheckmarkCheckmark


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Overview Of Select Home Warranty (Video)

Here’s an overview of what Select Home Warranty can give you.

Customer Reviews

Overall, we found more negative reviews than positive for Select Home Warranty. The exception was on Consumer Affairs. Select has nearly a 5-star rating out of more than 7,000 reviews. We can’t help but question the authenticity of these reviews since we’ve looked at other review sites that are filled with negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

the contractor came to me within 3 hours i filed the claim , fixed my furnace , very polite , quick response time Highly recommend – Isaac, BBB 5/18/2018

Thanks for the support and information provided by (name redacted). Very happy at the response received from him. Again ,thanks . – Eddie G., BBB 6/14/2018

Negative Reviews

Select Home Warranty is the worst! It’s practices are designed to discourage, defer and deny. A claim for repair or replace of a washing machine stretched more that five months to an unsatisfactory conclusion. IN the meantime, Select collet monthly premiums. That is, until I got my measly check and cancelled their service. – Laurie R., BBB 5/21/2019

I purchased a SELECT HOME WARRANTY. After 3 months, the drain in my dishwasher needed attention. Select Home Warranty sent their repairman out and I was told I needed to replace the garbage disposal, but Select home warranty would not cover it. He told me he would replace it for $175 if I would give him $100 cash deposit. I have never again seen the repairman nor my $100 so I canceled my policy with SELECT HOME WARRANTY. They said there is nothing they can do about it because I canceled my policy. I responded that I canceled the policy because they would do nothing. Scam company…Beware of SELECT HOME WARRANTY. – Joe, BBB 5/20/2019

Our Thoughts

Visit Select Home Warranty’s Website

We still think having a home warranty is important, especially if you’re trying to sell a house. But in the end, we recommend that you consider at least 1-2 other companies in addition to this one. There are too many red flags, and we would hate to see you spend your money on a service that may or may not pay off in the long run. We suggest that you also check out one of our top three picks for Best Home Warranty Companies.

Got any home warranty experiences to share?

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Travis Culliton
I am going on two and 1/2 years now, and have paid for “extra” service in my home warranty package. In the 2+ years that I have been a customer, they have denied nearly EVERY claim we’ve submitted. The current issue they are denying is a leaking pipe under the house that is pooling sewage. The sewage is releasing toxic gases into our home with three young children. It is the original plumbing work, and has not been modified. Their “reasoning” for this denial is that we are supposed to “maintain” all appliances and bits and pieces(plumbing and electric) of our house and we haven’t been doing that. The house was built in 1973. I have owned for LESS THAN 3 years…they knew this when I registered and became a customer. Now that they have set this precedent of denying because we can’t “show maintenance records for the house”, they can literally deny EVERY claim. My wife and I have called in plumbing issues, electric issues, and appliance problems, and they have denied ALL. I added our pool to the policy, because I was told they will fix anything other than “cosmetic” issues if I add it to my plan. Nope. Every request for service DENIED. They refuse to let you talk to a supervisor, the one time we got one, the supervisor refused to give their name to us. These people will not provide the product they are selling. Their only good reviews are from people with brand new houses that have small appliance issues. They also send the wrong types of vendors to the house to “assess” the problem, and if you reach out (after they tell you to do it and they will reimburse you), they claim that since you reached out to “your own” vendor, they will not cover the service. People, we have heard every excuse from this business, and never been approved for work to be covered. WORST WARRANT SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD. I spoke with a sales representative prior to purchasing the home warranty, and I was very clear about how long we have owned the house (less than a year at the time).
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
We’re sorry to hear about your experience with them. Thanks for sharing!
This company is a scam! The reviews are fake. I’ll explain; they I asked Customer to write a review within 30 days of getting the service however we are not allowed to use any service until 30 days afterwards, by which time everyone has seen a great review and signed on when it comes time to getting services it’s a true nightmare I’m out $445 and I still have no cooling or heating. I’m working with my lawyer but it’s trickier than you think. When I asked for a full refund they only gave me $75 back. I am very very sick with COPD and asthma,I have children who are sick ,it’s cold and I wish somebody would please help us this is a nightmare
I would NEVER suggest my worse enemy use this company. Total scam. Find anyway possible to deny claim. No heat in house. Covered only 10% of repair cost. They are HORRIBLE
M Lewis
We’ve been a customer for a year and they are absolutely horrible. They do no pay claims timely, we had to wait nearly 2 months for a reimbursement for a service they pre-approved. They kept referring us to local technicians that did not work on our service issue and when I called one of those companies for a an emergency call, the company we were referred said they told SHW that they don’t provide that service as soon as they got the order. We ended up going days without running water until we found our own local technician. Their reps always apologize for the inconveniences and say they will follow up but they never do. Each time you email them you get a ticket number back in an auto-reply email but they often can’t pull up the ticket number when you call to follow up on it. It becomes a circular waste of time. There is almost no communication between their different departments, within departments. Their low rates are not worth the time and hassle and sometimes even higher out of pocket expenses. Each time we’ve had to deal with them we follow all their instructions and each time there is an issue on their end. We are looking for a new company and the only reason we haven’t left yet is because we’re still waiting for them to email a questionnaire that they say we need to fill out to get our reimbursement for a claim they approved prior to the work being done, even though they said we’d receive it in 24-48 hours and it’s been almost two weeks now, and this is after we submitted the required invoice for the service, as required. We’ll be making a third call today but again, to follow up, so maybe in another 2 months we’ll actually get our reimbursement?
Angel Porras
I have this home warranty for 3 years and by far this is the worst home warranty I have over 20 years. 1st. It takes more than 48 hours to give you a resolution and send a repair person. 2nd. Most of the time they will try as hard as they can to dispute your claim and tell you that “you are welcome to hire your own technician and you can send the receipt and dispute with them” and the new one I got today. I asked to repair a switch that is cover under my contract. But they are so dishonest that instead of sending a repair technician to do the job and pay the technician, SHW decided that my fan (where the switch is) can’t be repair and they will pay $45 dollars so I can buy and install it myself.
Robert Hill
I called Select Home Warranty about my dishwasher. My dishwasher cost 600.00.
SHW sent out a company called TMT for the repair. The technician diagnosed the problem bad pump, heater and wand. Then for some reason TMT fired him. We called TMT asking why it was taking two weeks to get back to us. They said that they fired the technician. Then we waited another week. I called TMT back and she said they had the parts and were ready to come and finish the job. Well a young boy showed up without all the parts. My wife had to find and play a youtube video so the guy could replace the wand in the dishwasher. He tried to get us to sign off on the job saying the repair was finished. So then when we called TMT back she said she was not aware of the parts list because the technician that they fired never turned in the parts list. This went on for 2 months. After that I cancelled TMT and SHW let me know that I was entitled to a $185 for the repair and to send me a check. I decided to go back to my old company American Home Shield – WHY? My dishwasher was 4-5 years old SHW pro-rated the dishwasher so if I wanted it fixed I would have had to pay the difference between what they said it was worth and what the technician was going to charge. I sent them 1000.00 for a 3yr contract, never turned in a claim and I had their service for about 6 months. So they took back the 185.00 they said I deserved to get for the dishwasher repair and they said all that was left from my 3 year contract was 400.00. Needless to say I would never recommend SHW for any property owner. I explained the same scenario to my old company American Home shield and they said that if the repair was more expensive than the appliance they would have replaced the dishwasher. I am glad I learned about SHW now, instead of when my two heat pumps went out, then I would really be stuck. SHW offers NO benefits to the home owner. They hire inexperienced labor, they prorate the repair and make the customer pay the rest.
Danielle Skinner
Select Home warranty is a joke. On their website it states that they take care of things for example AC to protect your wallet.
However, on their policy they have every out. The company they sent out even said they were awful and probably wouldn’t do business for them again when the term came up. Basically my AC is old which is why I had a home warranty so when it went out along with the furnace they ran me around for a week and half and then told me they would cover nothing. So two weeks without AC in the dead of summer and they didn’t help but wasted time.
Now I’ve been trying to cancel with them and they are saying that the months I was with them I have to pay for even though service was not preformed during them and I have to pay more cause it’s month to month which is $42.00 cost not $33.50 like it would work out to dived over the 36 months, the best part though is the service call that cost apparently $85.00 for the AC quote they did nothing on well they want to take that $85.00 out of my refund back. So they just want to take your money and do nothing to help. If I have to pay for the services even when it’s not being used and at a higher rate why is the $85.00 service fee having to be paid out of my refund? I should be getting back $524.50 with their $75.00 cancelation fee and instead the guy told me $326.00 then it was $284.00 then $386.00 they are all over the place and they do not have any supervisors you can speak with.
They act like robots saying the same things over and over again and say they don’t have the power to do anything. They can’t get you to someone who does either apparently there’s no management team. If you call for an update expect to get a you will get a resolution in 24-48 hrs. which means every time you call cause you haven’t received an update they give themselves more time.
They have no signed contract by me yet they took my money and won’t refund it back. I would never wish select home warranty on anyone.
I’m sorry if you signed up for this. The website is very misleading by saying they will protect you when you have AC issues.
none of their business
This company is a complete scam. There should be a class action lawsuit against them because they have zero intention of ever helping homeowner’s fix anything! They should be shut down!
Keith Bambei’s
Select Home Warranty, is perhaps, the worst experience I have ever had dealing with any business, let alone a “so called” Warranty Company! Do yourself a major favor and run from this pitiful excuse for an ethical company immediately. PROBLEM: We had a simple shower drain clog. Select Home Warranty’s first contractor, didn’t arrived 6 DAYS LATER, was paid the $60 Service Fee but didn’t have the proper equipment (basic drain snake) to unclog the drain. After repeated attempts to get another contractor, they could not locate anyone and after 3 weeks of back and forth phone calls, the finally instructed us to get a plumber on our own. After doing so, our plumber fixed the clog in 10 minutes for $267.75. When we requested reimbursement for our costs, Select Home Warranty, only agreed to reimburse us 40% of our total cost incurred. We have since cancelled! A 6-week nightmare and miserable experience! Will be contacting an Atty and BBB!
John Pozzi
Select Home Warranty is a JOKE !! HORRIBLE COMPANY. I have the Platinum Plan and called because my garage door opener was malfunctioning. They send THEIR approved contractor out. He says it CANNOT be fixed and told Select. The cost would be $375. Select said they’d only pay $150 !! They advertise to replaced covered items if it can’t be fixed. RIP OFF ! I called numerous times and they hang up or put me on hold forever. STAY AWAY FROM SELECT !!!!
Jerry Lawrence
I read the positive reviews on Consumer Affairs website and almost had a stroke from laughing so hard. I honestly cannot believe this is a legit company. I certainly hope people read these complaints before signing on with Select. I paid $75 for a “service call” fee through Select Home Warranty regarding repair to my garage door opener. After stating numerous times he would be out to repair the door, he never showed. I was able to repair the door myself. I simply requested a refund from Select Home Warranty, who stated flatly they never refund service call fees. This is truly a terrible company to do business with, please avoid them at all costs!!
I have read all of the complaints and mine is no different. I was wondering, is there a way we can file a class action sue against this company? I’ve been fighting with a plumbing issue for over 3 weeks. Just like everyone else, they promise to send someone out and the contractors are not honoring Select Home Warranty because they do not honor the contractor or the customer. Their main goal is to get you sucked in with false promise of peace of mind for your home. Since dealing with SHW, my pressure is up and I still do not have a working bathroom. There has been enough of us damaged by this company that we should ban together so they will not take advantage of anyone else. If you are interested in coming together to bring this company down, email me at
Diane Trotter
Select Home Warranty is cheaper for a reason. They won’t pay when you have a real problem. I called because of a leak under the sink. The assigned plumber was supposed to contact me in two days but never did. I called the plumber and no one answered. I complained to SHW and they called and got no answer. I was TOLDa plumber for an estimate. By the time I submitted the estimate, with leak continuing, SHW needed to “review” the request. A week later I called and they were STILL reviewing. After I had the problem fixed SHW called and said the service was not covered by the contract. I guess they will pay for a stoppage but not a real problem. After I contacted BBB, they reluctantly refunded $807 of my $1150. Before I contacted BBB, they wanted to refund only $500. DO NOT get a contract with them if you think you might have a real problem. Here is their response to the BBB complaint:


The consumer filed a plumbing claim on 2/21/19. The consumer hired their own technician for diagnosis. Diagnosis was received from Ray Lusk Plumbing on 2/27/19. Diagnosis revealed that they need to install and run a new drain for lavatory in hall bath, plus remove and install 4” spread lav faucet and two new angle stops. The total estimated cost of repairs is $836.90. The consumers claim was denied as they did not have plumbing fixtures coverage on their agreement. Enclosed is a copy of the consumers warranty agreement. On the bottom of the first page it lists all items covered under their agreement. Plumbing/Lighting Fixtures coverage is not an included coverage.

The consumer was contacted on 3/5/19 and informed that to run a new drain for lavatory in the hall bath and to install a new faucet is not covered. The consumer was however offered a $150 courtesy as a show of good will towards their claim. The consumer denied the good will and requested a refund on their warranty.

A claims manager reached out to the consumer on 3/5/19 and informed the consumer that they are not eligible for a full refund and their warranty will be cancelled per section 13.2. The consumer requested that the $75 cancellation fee be waived. The claim’s manager reviewed the consumers account and was able to approve the waived $75 cancellation fee which was accepted by the consumer. In addition, the consumer requested that the refund be processed back to their credit card, which was approved as well.

The consumers warranty was cancelled per section 13.2 of their warranty agreement with the waived cancellation fee.

13.2. Cancellation by You. You may cancel this Agreement within thirty (30) days from the Order Date of this Agreement, as set forth on the schedule page accompanying this Agreement. In the event you cancel within the thirty (30) day period, the You shall be entitled to a full refund if and only if, no service has been provided under the contract. After the thirtieth day, you may receive a refund pro-rated at the non-discounted annual plan cost. A $75 cancellation fee will be charged and any service costs incurred by Select Home service contract.

Below is a breakdown of the consumers refund calculation:

Coverage for 177 Days Used @ $1.37 per Day = $242.46; Add Cancellation Fee of $0.00 = $242.46; Less Claims Incurred by Us of $0.00; Subtracted from original payment of $1050.00 Totals a Refund of $807.54.

The consumer was refunded $807.54 back to their credit card today. Attached is a copy of the receipt for their records.

All items on this complaint have been addressed.

Tell us why here…

Evelyn Wilkins
First time I filed a claim with Select was for a broken ice maker. They provided me with the name of a service company that could fix the problem. They told me that my refrigerator was not covered under my current policy, but I could purchase additional coverage for a one time charge of $30. I paid for the coverage. When the technician came he said his company did not deal with Select because they don’t pay in a timely fashion. I had to pay the entire amount before he would fix it. All said and done, it costs $126 to fix the ice maker. I had to pay the tech $60 for a trip charge, $30 for the additional coverage, so I basically got reimbursed for $36 dollars. The reimbursement process took approximately 3 months, with several calls placed to Select to find out the status of my claim. In December my furnace stopped working. Needless to say, I was not going to wait on Select to give me approval; I live in the mid-west, it’s cold. I got the furnace fixed and it costs $1200. I submitted my claim to Select, they asked for pictures of the furnace and all service records, which I did submit. A few days later, they wanted to see the paid invoice, a few days later, they agreed to pay $150 on a $1200 claim. I have called several times to find out the status only to be told that the claim will be escalated for payment, and if I don’t hear from them in 2 to 3 days to call back! I am not happy with this service and don’t feel it’s worth the money. The constant runaround is a ridiculous way to do business.
Jeffery Keith Martin
Select home warranty has been the worst company ever. My Hot Water Heater went down. I placed a claim. The contractor that they assign never called and when I finally got him he said he would call me the next day to schedule an appointment, haven’t heard from him yet. Called SHW to get a new contractor assigned and he told me that they wouldn’t fix what my problem is but he would have to come out just to see. He wanted me to pay him the copay for telling me he couldn’t fix my problem. I am not paying him. I made the mistake of going with this company. I was with American Home Shield for 6 years not sure why I changed, but it was the worst mistake I ever made. Select Home Warranty is a scam. The government should step in. Worst company ever.
It seems to me a BIG fraud company. I am very surprised that the Govt Agency is not doing anything against the owner of this company. I think It is a crime to deceive the customers, and get the money and not providing any service.
tina m harris
select home warranty is the worst company ever.. my fridge went down on thanksgiving day. friday i placed a claim. guess what no one has fixed my fridge yet. do not sign up for this here company. scam
I was looking too and did my first free quote over the internet at Select website.At first I am happy to see Select Home Warranty offered the least amount of annual fee.
But then I am getting irritated as more than one person at Select responded to that quote. I got several emails and phone calls from all over US (GA, IL and NJ). I found it weird why more than one personnel respond back to me and the way they pushed their service (with “special” discount + addtl 2 mths + plus others) is like a used car salesman – no pun intended.
Good that I decided to check them out and this article definitely support my initial suspicion.
Bought the best package for 400/-, covering everything. They had TONS of promise. Its been 8 months and everytime we try to file a claim, they force us to buy additional service, even without sending anyone once to at least see the problem. Over the email and phone they already know the problem and the additional package which MIGHT fix it. Helplessly we bought few thinking at least now they will fix it, but NO. They would give a name of a contracted to be contacted by us to which the contracted says that either he does not serve the area or he will not come so far, or he has no time to schedule and finish the product. Then we call back over a week, where they keep transferring. In 8 months, and after 4 claims, not a single one is taken care of and only once a technician came after almost 2 months of fighting with Select Warranty to send someone. We had Choice Warranty before this and that was almost no hassle. SELECT HOME WARRANTY SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WANT YOUR MONEY, AND ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SERVICE. JUST PAY THEM AND KEEP PAYING THEM…………..JUST DON’T EXPECT ANY SERVICE AT ALL……….EVER !!!!!!!!! GOING BACK TO CHOICE WARRANTY.
3 days after contacting them initially for my septic and still can not get a repairman out here. I have emailed them, talked on the phone several times and nothing but excuses and run around. It is now leaking all over my lawn. I signed up because of great reviews, now I think they are a complete scam. Will change companies asap.
Sara Brown
Very bad with Select Home Warranty.. I am considering Better business bureau & small claim court on VA. .
May Ng
Real Scam. They do not have intention to fix anything.

My AC unit is not working properly. submitted a claim thru Select Home Warranty. They dispatched a technician to come out. The technician said it was freon over-charged which is covered with co-pay $60 and need some maintenance that is not covered and charged me additional $60.
So, their technician took 1.5lb of my freon and $120 and left me with the AC not repaired.

I called back SHW and told them the AC system still blowing warm air. They said the freon issue is not covered. and one of the representative told us, if you paid our technician and still not working it is between you and him. But, the technician is sent by YOU ?! They said not their problem.

So I told them, i already paid for the “FREON” issue that is NOT COVERED. I am not asking SHW to cover it. I am only asking SHW to dispatch another technician again to find the actual issue of my AC system. They refuse to dispatch again and said freon not covered.

It is clear by this morning, that they are going in circle on purpuse to avoid covering the AC unit. The” Freon” issue never existed. The sent out a technician, took my freon, took my $120, left me with AC system not working. And just mention the word ” FREON” on the claim, and SHW trying to run away from this issue eternity. And pocket the money i paid for the warranty package.

I reached out to my attorney just now, she said we hane a case. When the company is not using reasonable practice, there is a judge. There are few way we can resolve this. Depends on what level of damage i am seeking for. Well, at the same time I am trying to resolve this on

They charge you $300 – $400 a year. Never have any intention to fix anything. each item broke under their warranty, will only pay you $100 – $125 to get you out of the way. Average household do not have more than 4 items broke in a year, some has none. So they always win.
Other warranty company, will either fix the issue or replace the item.

Select home warranty is a extremely horrible company. They do not provide proper service and when I cancelled the policy, it took 31 days to have an email that reimbursement check has been sent, but it’s now nearly 2 weeks, haven’t received the check. This company sucks. Please don’t waste even a penny using that company. Choose other home warranty companies. Customer service is very very bad
ed s.
HORRIBLE SERVICE–I purchased two policies from them this year, one for my house and one for my daughter’s house in Missouri. In May of this year, my daughter’s AC stopped working. She called the company and did not receive a call back for 5 days. At that time, she was told that they did not have any service agents that could see the unit for weeks, and that she should find a repairman herself which she did. The repair estimate was about $900. The company has done everything to get out of fixing the unit, asking for three years of maintenance records, even though they had only been in the house for about 2 1/2 years, and using every bit of fine print in the contract to say that they would only pay $150 toward the repair. My daughter provided maintenance records for the year before the unit quit working and the home inspection report from when they moved in. One of the family members is a disabled child and they have had to borrow window air conditioners to keep the children cool. The unit is STILL NOT FIXED. If you still think you might want to buy this policy, read EVERYTHING in the policy before you but it to find out all the ways the company will use to try to get out of honoring their commitment.
Buyers beware! This home warranty was a huge waste of money! Our dishwasher stopped cleaning our dishes and they have been a nightmare to work with. I have had to continually follow up on my claim. They have failed to respond to my emails and return my calls even when they have promised to do so. (They apparently only seem to return calls if they are denying your claim). They are denying to cover items that needed to be replace and have cited a contract that differs from the one that was sent to me to sign when I first signed up for the home warranty to justify it. They also do not cover labor cost to repair the broken parts even though their contract only mentions not covering installation in regards to new appliances. After tens of hours trying to resolve the matter, I still have nothing to show for it.
We bought a warranty late last year. Our dishwasher stopped working in March. We made a service request. It took 1 month (and multiple calls to Select Home and the service company before someone stopped by. We paid the service fee. The person left and said control panel had to be replaced. He left. We got an email from Select Home asking for pictures of the dishwasher and model. We submitted pictures. We got an mail from Select Home saying they would send us $125 for us to get dishwasher repaired on our own.

After subtracting the service fee, not much is left of the $125! We had previously used Fidelity — which handled the repairs without us being involved / doing anything (iwth our rentals).

DO NOT USE SELECT HOME! Read reviews!!

Lori Hansen
I was having a/c problems, I called SHW for a tech to come out, got a service number. The a/c company said it was a condenser & coil that went out and I see that that is covered. SHW said that is was not covered because it went out because of a freon leak and Freon and anything it touches is not covered. I called SHW and told them I got a second opinion to look at the second opinion’s bill, there was no freon leak it was a condenser that went out not any freon leak. He said the condenser leaked out the freon, so no payment. Then I was told I needed to have 3 years of service records on the unit, we have only had the house for 2 years. If we did have the records they would only send us $150.00 since that was all they were obligated to do. We have never had a claim or even used the SHW since we purchased a 3 1/2 year plan. I asked for a refund of my purchase price of the warranty, it would be pro rated I was told, minus $75 cancellation fee. I bought the warranty for large item problems with the house. If it’s not 1 loop hole it’s 3 others. After complaining to the BBB, SHW called and offered me $500 to go away.
same issue. The tech first said its freon low , freon leak. We decided to pay for freon. Next day the tech said there is 3 pounds of freon in there but its the compressor that broke. The warranty company said the freon leak resulted in breaking compressor. Wont pay anything.
Kay B.
SELECT HOME WARRANTY IS A COMPLETE SCAM! I purchased a 3-year warranty for $1050.00 (I got the “Veteran’s Discount”) on June 13, 2018. On July 30. I filed a claim for my AC. Guy came out, charged me $45 deductible. And told me it was a Freon leak. He called SHW who sais Freon wasnt covered, but they would issue a $200 credit towards the cost as a “courtesy”. The repairman said another tech would come the next day to put the Freon in. With the $200 from SHW, it would cost me $600 out of pocket. I decided to go with it because I was in a tough spot – my grandson was coming for the summer and we were right in the middle of a 100+ degree heat wave. So next day, tech doesn’t show up at appointed time. I call to ask when he was coming, he says hes about an hour behind schedule. Two hours later, he calls and asks to reschedule. I reschedule for the next day. Next day, he doesn’t show up. I call and ask his ETA. He tells me hes working on another job and will call me back…he doesn’t. I call him again and ask ETA and he says he doesnt know. Then tells me he can “skip over me and go to the next client” if I have a problem. I call SHW immediately and tell the to cancel the claim…i dont trust that person in my home after being so disrespectful to me. So no work was done on the AC. I Google the company later and they had 1 star reviews. 2) I filed a claim on my washer and dryer (I had to do two separate claims). After the last experience, I Google the company SHW was going to send ouy and saw they had 1 star. I called SHW and told the to assign it to another company..which they did. The second company had 2 1/2 stars, but I decided to at least call. It took several days to get an appointment, and the tech never showed up. Called SHW with the intent of cancelling the policy and getting a refund. Spoke to (name redacted) who said “I’m going to get you someone good to fix your appliances.” The third comapny was actually a really good company. Tech came out on time, looked at machines and told me he wod send diagnosticw report on both to SHW. One wéek later, I call SHW for status and they say they dont have the report. I call tech who said he would send again. another week later, SHW still doent have the report. I call tech again, he says he sent to the wrong department, so he sends it again. Another week later (2 weeks passed now), call SHW and they still dont have rwport. I told them he hadnt even sent me a copy of the report, and the rep said ita SHW policy that the report comes to them first (that was a red flag for me, but I had already invested a lot of energy trying to get the dryer fixed, so I just decided to power through the BS because I still need the repair.) Call tech again. He gets on phone with SHW himself to find out what the problem is. They said the report he sent it in the wrong format. He sends again. One week later, SWH asks me for photos and serial numbers of the washer/dryer. Two days later I call SHW to find out what the status is on approval. They say the washer rwpair (door latch) isnt covered. They ask me for photos serial no. of dryer by itself. I send them and then theres no response. They tech calls SHW and asks status. SHW supervisor named (name redacted) calls me. He says I should’nt have to go through this to get my repair done (by this time I’ve spoke to 30 different people). He asks me to give him a couple of days and that he will work on the situation for me and promised to call me with the approval. He also says that from this point forward I could conyact him directly for all of my claim needs. Two days later, I get email from SHW saying they will give $185 toward the repair for the dryer. Keep in mind I don’t what the required repairs were – but I suspected they were low-balling and I’d end up 3x that out of pocket. I try to call Bob back, no answer. I call (name redacted), the person that originally sold me the policy, and asked for a refund. He was so nice and accommodating when he was selling, but now he was a complete opposite. He says he would put me through to (name redacted), and then disconnected me. I call back and ask for cancellation department. I speak to (name redacted) or (name redacted) and I tell him I want a refund. He tells me that they will only refund $500 of the $1050.00 I paid because they deduct $385 for the $200 and $185 “pay outs” they gave me (which is BS because the money was never paid ok because no repairs were ever done); plus the $75.00 cancellation fee, and the 5 months of “coverage”. Said it would take 30 days to be issued that refund, but I dont believe it. They got my money for nothing. SELECT HOME WARRANTY IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF…THEY ARE CON ARTISTS. If you are considering Select for a home Warranty, RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!
Nan Kearney
How can I possibly cancel my policy with SHW? I have tried numerous times and I keep getting a run around. I have recently submitted a letter to NJ Attorney General/Consumer Affairs. They stole $2,199.99 from me, I never signed a contract. I need any help to settle this. I’m still paying for home repairs out of pocket.
Can you help?
Thank you, Nancy
Steve R
I appreciate the honesty as most reviews I came about seemed fake, but this confirms they are in fact a bit scammy! Will definitely go with one of the other home warranty companies you recommend, thanks again!