TipRanks Review: The Best Stock And Trading Advice Site?

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TipRanks on computer screen in office (caption: TipRanks Review)TipRanks is an investment research platform that compiles public stock recommendations from thousands of financial analysts and bloggers and ranks them based on their accuracy and performance. It also collects insider trading information to tell you which stocks are ideal for medium and long-term trading.

While this site can save you a lot of time scouring through multiple websites to find the stock analysis you’re looking for, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to access most of the valuable information. Is TipRanks worth it when you can find the analysis for free elsewhere? And how reliable is TipRanks? We delve into everything this site offers investors and traders to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Article Overview


4.3 / 5
Reliability & Reputation 4.5
Variety Of Features 4.3
User Interface 4.9
Price 3.5
Customer Service 4.3


  • Good reputation for reliable content
  • Excellent performance data on experts
  • Superb user interface with robust filtering features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly iOS app


  • Expensive compared to other investment research sites
  • No information about mutual funds, ETFs, etc. (only stocks)
  • No Android app

Key Features

TipRanks has a lot of useful features, but here are some of the most noteworthy. Keep in mind, most of these features require a paid membership.

  • Top Smart Score Stocks – displays the best stocks according to the TipRanks Smart Score, which measures stocks on their potential to outperform the market based on several key factors
  • Analysts’ Top Stocks – view “Strong Buy” and “Strong Sell” ratings with the highest upside, which you can filter by market cap and by sector
  • Insiders’ Hot Stocks – view stocks that exhibit strong buy indicators based on insider trading, which you can filter by transactional, C-level, major-event, and top-ranked strategies
  • Top 25 Analysts – you can search through the 25 best-performing analysts in each sector (Wall Street analysts, financial bloggers, corporate insiders, hedge fund managers, and more)
  • Sign up to follow experts you like and get email notifications when they issue new stock ratings
  • Easy-to-use Stock Screener with over a dozen filters (best analyst consensus, price target upside, market cap, dividend yield, and more)
  • View daily stock ratings and price targets from over 5,500 analysts
  • Smart Portfolio – construct a portfolio to use as a watch list

TipRanks screenshot of GameStop stock analysis


TipRanks offers a basic membership for free, but the content is minimal. Its two paid subscriptions both have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you must sign up for an annual membership (no monthly subscriptions are available).


  • $359.40 per year 
  • Access to most of the site’s content and tools
  • Follow up to five experts with email notifications
  • Create a single portfolio


  • $599.40 per year
  • Full access, including the ability to follow stocks with significant insider trading activity (not offered in Premium)
  • Follow unlimited experts with email notifications
  • Create and manage multiple portfolios

What Do People Think Of TipRanks?

Positive Reviews

I have been subscribing to about 20 different web based investor services. TipRanks is among the top websites. I always check with them before buying or selling shares. I really like their grouping of information on one share on one page: Stock Analysis & Rating, Investor Analysis, Insider Trading Activity etc. Their Insider Trading is the best of all my services: Finally one service that checks the Form 4 for you to see if the sell is an automatic or an “informative sell”. I also like the way I can follow trades and change of opinions, with email notifications, of my chosen experts. But the best part so far is their client service. They have solved all my technical problems and questions on subscriptions etc. with a speed I have not seen with any other service. Their speed, technical competence and friendliness is beyond perfect!!! – Staffan O., Trustpilot 12/15/2020

TipRanks of one of the biggest secrets on Wallstreet providing real time data, research, insider trading picks. It also rates executive of firms based on their previous purchases of their stock and the accuracy of their timing. It provides more data than I had as a V.P of Investments at some of the post prestigious equity firms. I made my investment back in less than a week. – George R., Trustpilot 9/2/2020

Negative Reviews

Their helpline response is awful. twice I have contacted them and twice they said they would contact me and twice they haven’t.and this is a subscription service I have paid for.could not recommend them at all until such times as they treat their paid up clients better than they do. – Customer, Trustpilot 6/23/2020

I used to read and learn a lot but recently, they decided to change the policy and give nothing for free, you should pay for everything but if I can’t read anything….how can I purchase a membership? I hope they’ll change it back. – William T., Trustpilot 6/7/2020

View TipRanks’ Top 25 Research Tool In Action

Check out this two-minute video that shows everything you can do with TipRanks’ popular Top 25 Wall Street Analysts feature.

What About TipRanks’ Competitors?

Our experts have found that TipRanks is a well-respected and reliable source to get the most up-to-date stock analysis. The website is refreshing compared to many other investment research sites. It’s easy to navigate, and each tool has well-thought-out filters for whatever your stock interests may be, whether you’re into general stock advice or more advanced trading options.

The caveat here is that TipRanks is expensive compared to its major competitors. However, depending on your investment strategy, TipRanks may still be worth the extra money if you don’t have time to scour through thousands of analysts’ advice. Be sure to read our reviews of the best investment advice and research sites to see how TipRanks stacks up against its competition. You may find an alternative or another site that you can use in conjunction with TipRanks if your investment goals go beyond just stocks.

Do you think TipRanks is worth it to meet your investment strategies?

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