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Frontpoint Security Mobile App (By Review (Android & iPhone): How To Use, Scenes, Not Working Fixes, And More

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Person holding iPhone with Frontpoint App on screen (Caption: Frontpoint Security App)The Frontpoint app allows you to control and monitor your Frontpoint security system from anywhere, and it’s included at no additional cost. What can you do with it? Just about everything – from arming and disarming remotely to scheduling lights, watching video camera feeds and more. If a sensor triggers, you and your network of contacts will receive an instant alert.

But is the Frontpoint app as dependable as the hype suggests? And is it up to date with the latest industry features and technology? Find out in our comprehensive review.

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Article Overview

See The App In Action (Video)

We recorded a video of us using the Frontpoint app so you can view the interface in action.


Scenes is a Frointpoint app feature that allows you to adjust multiple devices with the press of one button. For example, if you’re leaving the house, tap “away,” and your security system arms, your doors lock, your thermostat adjusts and your garage door closes.


Below are functions you can control within the Frontpoint app. Please know that to use some of the features, you must have certain equipment. For example, you cannot lock/unlock doors unless you have smart locks in place that are compatible with your security system.

Frontpoint App Screenshots


  • Arm/disarm entire system or individual sensors
  • Use geo-services to set a geofence that can act as a trigger for security or automation events. For example, if your kids’ smartphone leaves the perimeter of your house, turn off the lights in their room.
  • View detailed event history and alerts
  • Updated weather forecast

Smart/Remote Controls

  • Lock/unlock doors (including opening/closing garage door)
  • Control thermostat
  • Control and schedule lights


  • View live stream
  • Remote control cameras, including pan/tilt/zoom (if supported by camera)
  • View recorded video
  • View doorbell camera


  • Move system to new home (guided setup)
  • Contact support



  • More advanced than the majority of its competitors
  • Easy to use
  • Dependable
  • Powered by with a slick interface – learn more about
  • Free
  • Not as advanced as ADT’s and Vivint’s apps
  • Unable to change the volume or time of display
  • Complaints from Android users that there are delays
  • Can’t schedule lights through the app (must go to the website)

What Do Users Think Of The Frontpoint App?

The app averages 4.1/5.0 stars with more than 100,000 installs on devices, so users are generally pleased with its performance.

Positive Reviews

With only a month with front point I’m very impressed with how easy it was to set everything up and they didn’t try to over sell they just start you with what you need. The app is very easy too use as well everything is self explanatory – ira2357975522113568, App Store 3/20/2020

Just got this and put it in (with their help). So far, only have one complaint. Was trying to name all of the particular locations, and only got just one named, and it just disappeared; the screen I was working on. Now, can’t find a way to get back to finish listing what they are! We’ll see, but for now, very satisfied!! – Gilbert P., Google Play 2/28/2020

Negative Reviews

App only shows the weather doesn’t show status of home or even the icon anymore. Terrible equipment not user friendly and overall get a real security company. After my tenant moves out I’m cancelling this crap service. Waste of money. Sensors are always malfunctioning for some reason, errors since day one. I’m not sure where they are getting their near perfect reviews from. Definitely not from me. Don’t skim on money like this for security. This app confirms the reviews about jacking up the price per month after trial period is over, the option to remote control and see status of your home disappears. No wonder I can’t see the icon anymore. Garbage unethical company. Sales guy did not mention this upfront. Terrible and greedy. I am not looking foreword to the cancellation process. Sounds like from reviewers they will continue to bill you when you try to cancel. Very garbage company. – Naylomo12345, App Store 2/9/2020

The app sucks and the service, when the equipment actually wants to work, is mediocre at best. Do not buy this system, you’re wasting your money. Customer service is a whole different level of garbage as well. – DuWayne H., Google Play 4/8/2020

Compatible Devices

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android smartphones and tablets

Screenshots of Frontpoint app showing how you can bypass individual sensors when armingFrequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions about the Frontpoint app we get from our readers. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

Can I Bypass Sensors?

Yes, there’s a couple ways to do this. You can permanently set a sensor to be bypassed, or you can bypass sensors individually when arming the system, and add them back whenever you like.

This App Keeps Getting Smarter

The system will suggest bypassing sensors that are in a trouble state – such as when your smoke detector batteries are low (it even gives you the option to silence the trouble beep until you’ve had time to replace the batteries).

Final Verdict

Frontpoint’s app gives you an easy way to know the status of your home’s security and automation without being a nuisance. The app is easy to use and reliable, which explains the majority of 5-star reviews from users. As you can see, you can do much more than just arm and disarm your system.

Read our Frontpoint home security system review to learn more about its security system, the company, the website portal and more.

What’s your favorite Frontpoint app feature?

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