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Geek Squad Reviews: Quality Service or Total Ripoff?

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Geek Squad logoYou grab your laptop to browse the web and realize it won’t boot up. You’ve got it hooked to the charger, and yet nothing happens. Great, something’s broken. Now you need to find someone to fix it. Should you go to Geek Squad at Best Buy or should you go elsewhere? Let’s dissect Geek Squad and see if they’ll fix your device, set up your equipment, or cause you more pain.

View Geek Squad’s Plans

Geek Squad Prices

Geek Squad prices vary based on the service you request, so you’ll have to contact them directly to get an exact idea of cost. We were able to get a little information about Geek Squad rates, which we included below.

Geek Squad Protection Plan

GeekSquad Protection covers computers, tablets, eReaders, TVs, DVD players and more. Manufacturer’s warranties only last a limited length of time. Geek Squad’s Protection Plan is meant to offer you coverage after that period ends. So, you can extend that warranty for up to 5 years on items purchased at Best Buy. It also covers accidental damage for up to 5 years. Below are the details of the two plans available.

 Accidental Damage from Handling PlanStandard
Protection Plan
Accidental Damage from HandlingCheckmark green
Hard Drive Failure CoverageCheckmark greenCheckmark green
Normal Wear and TearCheckmark greenCheckmark green
Power Surge RepairCheckmark greenCheckmark green
One-Time Battery ReplacementCheckmark greenCheckmark green
Normal Wear & Tear Plus DefectsCheckmark greenCheckmark green
Pixel Repair and Burn-In CoverageCheckmark greenCheckmark green
Full Parts and LaborCheckmark greenCheckmark green

Geek Squad 24/7 Support

You can purchase a Best Buy Geek Squad 24/7 support membership to cover up to three devices.  Membership features include the following Geek Squad services:

  • Agents available around the clock
  • Premium Internet Security Software at no extra charge
  • Unlimited virus removals
  • Unlimited computer tune-ups
  • Device set-up and connection to existing home network
  • Operating system, software and hardware installation

Geek Squad 24/7 Support Pricing

  • One years: $199.00
  • Two years: $279.00
  • Three years: $349.99

Geek Squad Customer Service Reviews

GeekSquad is an interesting service to review. 5-star reviews flood the Trust Pilot page. However, it’s the complete opposite on Consumer Affairs and Yelp, where finding anything from the past year with 5-star ratings is like finding a needle in a haystack. Trust Pilot includes responses from Geek Squad all over the site while Consumer Affairs and Yelp show no GeekSquad responses to consumer reviews. This inconsistency in business practices makes us a little suspicious of Trust Pilot and makes us wonder if those reviews might be fake, especially since many of the reviews have similar titles (e.g. Excellent Service, 5 Stars, etc.) and sound super salesy. While we cannot prove this, we suggest you take the testimonials on TrustPilot with a grain of salt. Either way, here are some reviews we came across for Geek Squad Best Buy.

Positive Geek Squad Reviews

Had to make a claim due to losing I-Phone only a few weeks after purchase. There was no quibbling about the claim, we went instore to Carphone Warehouse to make the claim, where it was dealt with very swiftly. We left the shop with replacement accessories, and the phone was delivered early next morning. An excellent service that I have never experienced before. Would rate 10 if it was possible. – Jan B., Trust Pilot UK 6/6/2016

Best thing I ever did was to sign up to the Geek Squad for the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month. They have helped with my phone, computer, laptop, and tablet both remotely over the phone and in-store. They have never failed to fix something for me in over 3 years. I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t use them! – Penny T., Trust Pilot UK 6/9/2016

Negative Geek Squad Reviews

Unprofessional, unethical and manipulative. I’ve sent my phone for a repair which is under warranty. After a month the phone was returned to me as ‘damaged beyond economic repair’ by manufacturer, as allegedly it’s been tampered with. Of course after Geek Squad first, second and third lines or repairers have tried to repair the phone unsuccessfully, it will appear as if ‘it’s been tampered with’ when they send it to the manufacturer. Initially one of their team senior staff confirmed that their first, second and third lines or repairers have tried to repair the phone unsuccessfully, hence the phone has been forwarded to the manufacturer. Now they changed their tactic saying that their repairers did not touch the phone and that the phone has been sent directly to the manufacturer. Is it logical and reasonable to believe that somebody with a warranty on the device will send it to a third party for a repair to incur additional cost of £70-150 extra? I don’t trust them to deal with my devices under free manufacturer warranty and I’m not about to purchase any of their insurances/warranties. – Jane M., Trust Pilot UK 5/27/2016

Do not bother to purchase anything through geek squad. Waste of money. Incredibly poor customer service. I have had to cancel all of my orders for renewal on my software. I will be using Apple store directly going forward. Apple has by far the best customer service and IT help available. Don’t waste time dealing with the reps at geek squad, even if it seems a cheaper alternative. It will cost you more in energy, time and money in the long run. – Sarah L., Yelp 2/1/2016

Geek Squad Scam

In this news segment, Geek Squad tech support is given kudos at one location while the next gets a big thumbs down. Find out what Geek Squad did to scam this consumer.

Is Geek Squad Worth It?

View Geek Squad’s Plans

A previous Geek Squad employee confessed the following: “Employees are taught situational tactics to extract as much money as possible from a potential customer. If an individual had a small software issue that could simply be resolved, then we were taught to charge $200.” This doesn’t give us the most positive impression of Geek Squad’s service, but it’s only one former employee’s story.

Ultimately it’s up to you whether you want to use Geek Squad or another computer repair service. You could check in with local friends (maybe ask on Facebook) to see if they’ve had any experiences you could learn from since the service will be from local providers. If you hear good reviews for your local branch and you need help, then go for it!

Have you had an experience with Geek Squad?

Kimberly researches everything before she buys. She wants to make sure she is getting the best bang for her buck by purchasing the best product/service, which is why she loves her work. She has a degree in Multimedia Journalism and has been researching and writing professionally since 2013 to help consumers make more educated decisions.

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Like any large entity, the quality you will receive will vary, i will say that if you need PC support skip going into the store the in-home PC Agents are at a entirely higher skillset than the in-store precient agents and highly recommend you go that route.

If you use in-home services make sure you are getting a Geek Squad agent and not a contracted 3rd party, their 3rd party partners are a disaster.


Geek Squad/ Best Buy?/ Dell – I had to send a 6-month-old Dell XPS 8900 to the repair facility twice after 4 Geek Squad sessions could not fix blue screen issues. The machine spent a grand total of 2 hrs at the repair facility and is now being shipped back to the Best Buy store.This makes no sense as the Geek Squad agent I spoke with just told me there were parts that had to be ordered.


Geek Squad at Laurel, MD – a bunch of liars who have no clue what they are doing.

DON’T BUY IT, IS A RIPOFF!. I bought an HP laptop from Best Buy in 2015 and bought the extended warranty from Geek Squad for 2 years. The laptop suddenly overheated a few days ago for no reason and it is now unable to start, it only displays an error message when starting. From a test I could perform on the laptop it looks like the hard drive is damaged, I called the Geek Squad phone number and they said that I’m still covered for 3 more months and that I can bring in the laptop for repair. I brought… Read more »
J Rich
J Rich
Total ripoff! After they “tuned up” my PC my email didn’t work and they could not fix it. I told them to do a system restore because it was taking hours for them to try to set it up again. They wouldn’t do it as I would lose data? I disconnected, did a system restore and email functioned as expected. Took 10 minutes. My PC was worse off than before. To top it off they could not even provide a receipt even though they could “see” the receipt and could not print it at a store or email it? Huge… Read more »
T Engelke
T Engelke
We had an out of warranty repair and approcahed the Geek Squad at the local Car Phone Warehouse in Warrington. We asked for the expensive ‘all inclusive’ repair and was talked out of it by the Rep. The phone took nearly a month to come back from repair and it was still faulty with one of the faults we highlighted at the first. Store sent it back for second repair. When the phone returned to the store it was lacking the Sim and SD Card holders. Back for third repair. What amazes me are the following: 1) Each repair was… Read more »
My wife’s Asus laptop screen started flickering 4 days before the warranty was up. This was the only stroke of luck in the whole scenario that follows. Checked the device in on December 12, 2016. The squad sent it to their crack facility in Kentucky where they repaired the screen then prior to packaging obviously dropped the unit on its corner from a considerable height given the damage that the unit had (I have detailed pictures showing the damage). We took it back to the squad and they apologized for the damage and tried to pawn it off on shipping.… Read more »
Alex Schenker
Alex Schenker

Hi Steve,

Wow, that sounds like a nightmare! So sorry you had to go through this. Hopefully others can learn from your experience. If you don’t mind, please do keep us posted as to how this finishes, and let us know when you’re up and running again with a computer. We’re curious to learn whom you decided to go with as far as computer brand and customer support company. Thanks and good luck!

First had new asus laptop harddrive fail after only 3 months. Had the geezsqad install a new SSD drive after which none of the function buttons worked. Had a new issue come up so I purchased a new HP laptop. Ask geezsqad to transfer my information to the new laptop so the function keys would work instead of just transferring the operating systems and having function key issues again. They did what they wanted and transferred the OS and now the mouse has driver conflicts and works off and on. Great job NOT geez those idiots don’t listen and here… Read more »
Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith

What a disaster! We have been used Geek squad for at least 5 years. We just moved to Apollo Beach, Florida. Had a Saturday appointment for out internet and then two days later for the tv set ups. Well they totally messed this up and had me on hold for over 1 hour. Now that is not exactly what I call customer service. We have paid for the service and it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to spend my Saturday!! Lets hope they show on Tuesday!!

I ordered a computer through geek squad on October 29th. They said I’d have it by November 17th I did not receive a tracking number or confirmation number. I called them back he told me I had his word that I’d have it the next day. Never happened I went around and around with him and I finally cancelled my order and he hung up on me. I went to my bank and filed a dispute against them. After me telling them I didn’t want the computer and to cancel it . They went ahead and billed my bank account… Read more »
anonymous user
anonymous user

I didn’t realize they had plans that cover your hardware too, I figured GeekSquad was just for technical support! I need this for my family!


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