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DIRECTV Genie Reviews (2024): Genie 2, Mini, Wireless, 4K, And More

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DIRECTV Genie and logo (Caption: DIRECTV Genie Review)We all run into this problem. There are so many late night TV shows on at the same time that we can’t watch them all at once. Then during the day, there’s nothing to watch. What if you could record 5 shows at once and watch them when there’s nothing else for you to watch? DIRECTV gives you this capability with Genie.

Visit DIRECTV’s Website | Call: 855-692-6985

What Is DIRECTV Genie?

The Genie is available only from DIRECTV. You only need one of these HD DVRs in your home for you to enjoy the features. The rest of your TVs will need Genie Minis or DIRECTV Wireless Genies. Schedule shows and movies to record on your Genie and watch them on any TV in your house.



  • Record 5 shows at once
  • Full HD DVR functionality (with 4K capability for applicable channels) on every TV in your home (if you connect a Genie Mini)
  • Can record up to 200 hours of entertainment
  • Picture In Picture lets you watch two shows at once
  • Connect up to 8 Genie Minis
  • Genie Go allows you to watch recorded shows on your laptop, tablet or phone
  • No warranty
  • Must pay an extra monthly fee for DIRECTV protection plan that upgrades equipment


Pricing for the Genie varies based on location and the package you choose from DIRECTV.

How To Program Your DIRECTV Genie Remote (Video)

The video below shows how simple it is to program your Genie remote:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote
  • Go to Settings & Help -> Settings -> Remote Control -> Program Remote -> TV
  • Select your TV’s brand
  • Then go through the step by step instructions

Cloud DVRs Are On The Rise

Probably no surprise, but cable-tv and satellite-tv companies continue to lose subscribers, while Internet-delivered services (From Netflix and Amazon Prime to Slingbox and DIRECTV NOW, are gaining subscribers).


How do the two compare? Our experts find out in this head-to-head showdown.

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