Ring vs Ring 2 vs Ring Pro: Are The Advanced Features Worth The Higher Cost?

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Ring Video Doorbell camera (caption: Ring Video Doorbell Comparison)See who is at your door no matter where you are so you can stop thieves or just check in on the kids when they get off the school bus. All three Ring doorbells offer two-way talk, on-demand video, infrared night vision and motion-activated alerts. But is it worth the extra cost to upgrade to the Ring 2 or Ring Pro?

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Ring vs Ring 2 vs Ring Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Cameras Side by Side to Compare

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The table below will help you see the similarities and differences among the three Ring doorbells. We’ll go more in-depth about what’s included in this table and explain the key differences.

 Ring DoorbellRing Doorbell 2Ring Doorbell Pro
Price Check Amazon for availability Check Amazon for availability $249.99
On-Demand VideoCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Two-Way TalkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Field of View180°160°160°
Average Installation Time5 Minutes5 Minutes15 Minutes
InstallationExisting Wiring or Rechargeable BatteryExisting Wiring or Rechargeable BatteryRequires Existing Doorbell Wiring
Infrared Night VisionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Motion-Activated AlertsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Advanced Motion DetectionCheckmark
Customizable Alerts*Checkmark
Human DetectionCheckmark
Solar Charger AvailableCheckmarkCheckmark
Quick-Release Rechargeable Battery PackCheckmark
Interchangeable FaceplatesCheckmarkCheckmark
WiFi Connectivity2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz
Operating Temperature-5°F to 120°F-5°F to 120°F-5°F to 120°F
Dimensions4.98″H x 2.43″W x 0.87″D5.05"H x 2.50"W x 1.08"D4.50"H x 1.85"W x 0.80"D
Theft ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year

*Customizable alerts allow you to adjust the sound or phrase produced from the camera, so you know which is triggered. Sounds/phrases available include tones, a dog barking, a siren, song choices, phrases like “someone is at your door,” etc. This can be helpful if you have multiple Ring cameras.

Ring Video Doorbell Features

Video Quality

 Ring DoorbellRing Doorbell 2Ring Doorbell Pro
Field Of View180°160°160°
Advanced Motion DetectionCheckmark
Human DetectionCheckmark

The difference between 720p and 1080p can be pretty major in capturing a license plate or seeing someone’s face more clearly, so we’d recommend opting for Ring 2 or Ring Pro if the 20° isn’t going to make a big impact on what the doorbell camera can capture for your home. The Ring Pro also has more advanced features that can give you more precise alerts to help you know the threat level of a notification, but you may not consider these to be “must-have” features.

Personal Experience With Ring vs Ring Pro

Jeff B., Safe Smart Living, had to choose between the two. Here is his experience.

When I decided to purchase a Ring Doorbell I looked closely at both the original Ring and the Ring Pro. I decided that I really just wanted a video doorbell to monitor my front door when I wasn’t home. So while the advanced motion, human detection and custom alerts are really cool features that the Ring Pro offers, I determined that for the price difference the original Ring was a better fit for my needs and I’ve been very happy with it.

Ease Of Use & Installation

The Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 have the option to use existing wiring or a rechargeable battery for installation setup. There is also a quick-release rechargeable battery pack on the Ring Doorbell 2. With the Ring Doorbell Pro, existing doorbell wiring is required, and there is no rechargeable battery option.

Typical installation takes about 5 minutes for the Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 and the Ring Doorbell Pro takes a little longer at 15 minutes. But overall, the installation is fairly simple for all three of the doorbells, with the Pro being a little more intensive. There is no need to hire a professional to install any of these doorbells, and Ring sends thorough instructions to help you with the installation.

Personal Experience With Ring Doorbell 2 Installation

Kimberly A., Safe Smart Living, has the Ring Doorbell 2 and this is her experience.

I was a little wary with how the installation would go for my doorbell. Using a power drill on the exterior of my home was a little concerning for me because I didn’t want to mess up the siding or drill the holes incorrectly. However, my husband took one look at the instructions and had it done within 20 minutes. While it didn’t take the 5 minutes Ring states it takes, it was still a fairly quick installation.

See the video below of how simple it can be to install (even the Ring Doorbell Pro).

Ring Protect Subscription Plans

 Included FreeBasicPlus
PriceFree$3/month or $30/year$10/month or $100/year
Number Of Devices11All Ring Devices
Motion-Activated NotificationsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Real-Time Video With Live ViewCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Two-Way TalkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Lifetime Theft ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Video History For 60 DaysCheckmarkCheckmark
Video Saving & SharingCheckmarkCheckmark
Snapshot CaptureCheckmarkCheckmark
24/7 Professional Monitoring For Ring AlarmCheckmark
Extended Warranties For All DevicesCheckmark
10% Off Select Products At Ring.comCheckmark


  1. Do I have to purchase a Ring Protect plan? 
    No, you do not. If you’d like some additional features, you may be interested in purchasing a subscription plan.
  2. Is there a free trial?
    Yes, there is a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plus when you first set up your ring device.
  3. Does Ring Protect Plus cover multiple addresses?
    No, you’ll need to subscribe to each address you want to be covered.
  4. How long does the Ring doorbell battery last?
    Six to twelve months, depending on how often your doorbell is activated.

Ring Can Secure Your Entire Home

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Ring doorbells are excellent choices for homeowners and renters alike. There is even a Ring Peephole Cam that requires no doorbell, so it works great for apartments. You can compare it against the doorbell cameras mentioned in our overall Ring doorbell comparison.

Ring also has a home security system, Ring Alarm, with an extremely affordable professional monitoring fee that we are very impressed with. Ring Alarm can integrate with your Ring doorbell, so you can control everything from one app and check in on your home from your office, in another state or in another time zone.

Unsure which Ring doorbell you should get? Ask questions below and we’ll help you decide.

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