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Ring Security System Review 2024: See What Our Test Showed

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Ring keypad on door (Caption: Ring Alarm Review)

Ring is known for its video doorbells, and now it offers a self-monitored security system that you can install yourself. You can even sync the system with a doorbell or one of its security cameras.

One app accesses everything, and all of the equipment has a modern look, unlike some of its competitors. You can opt for professional monitoring for a small monthly fee, but does it have the reputation you want from a monitoring company?

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Product Name: Ring Security System

Product Description: Ring offers a DIY alarm system that comes with the option to have 24/7 professional monitoring. It is known for its extensive array of video cameras and corresponding features.


Ring is known for its doorbell camera and being owned by Amazon. But does that mean it’s got what it takes to be a top-notch security system? Now that they’ve added a cellular monitoring option (to prevent system interruption when your WiFi goes offline), I feel it does. You may opt for Ring Security due to its DIY installation, inexpensive monitoring fees and no contract requirements.

Overall Score

  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • Ease Of Use
  • Overall Value


  • Has two monitoring stations
  • Attractive equipment design
  • If your equipment is stolen, Ring will replace it for free
  • Professional monitoring is optional
  • No contracts
  • Self-installation
  • 30-day returns
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Option to add emergency contacts


  • Limited equipment reduces system’s capabilities
  • Your system will go down if your WiFi is disabled unless you opt for the cellular option

Ring Security System on Amazon | Ring Website

Consumer Reviews

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Reader Rating

This is the aggregate score of reader reviews we’ve received. Have a good or bad experience with Ring? Feel free to leave your own Ring system review in the comments. Please note that only ratings with valid review content will be published and counted.

Key Features

  • The two monitoring stations are interconnected, so if one goes down (e.g., due to a natural disaster), another is there as a backup
  • Broadband (internet) monitoring
  • Customer service options: live chat, phone, FAQs
  • BBB rating: A+ (and accredited)
  • Advanced motion sensitivity doesn’t detect pets weighing less than 50 pounds when mounted seven feet or higher
  • Z-Wave and Zigbee connectivity
  • One-year warranty
  • Range extender adds 250-feet
  • Approximately three-year battery life for contact sensors and motion detectors
  • Siren: 104dB
  • Owned by Amazon
  • Ring’s monitoring station, Rapid Response, averages a 15-30 second response time
  • The only company in our home security system comparison to offer solar-powered equipment (available for outdoor cameras and yard signs)

Battery Backup

If the power goes out in your home, battery backup will keep your Ring home security system on and your home protected. The Ring base station has 24-hour battery backup, which is the standard in home security.

Ring sends notifications on the status of your system, depending on your notification settings. After it’s used battery backup for 15 minutes, the base goes to sleep to conserve the battery. This somewhat limits the device and app functionality. The base will also go dark, but it’s still working during this time.

You’re still able to arm/disarm via the app, but you can’t check specific device statuses during battery backup use. The base also transitions to cellular monitoring to help keep you protected. The backup battery is rechargeable, so once power is restored, the battery will recharge back to 24 hours, so it’s ready for any future needs.

The entire system will continue to work during a power outage unless the equipment requires a high-speed internet connection (e.g., cameras). Door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, etc., don’t require a high-speed internet connection, so they’ll work with battery backup, and you’ll be informed of any triggers to these devices.


Ring security system with base station, keypad, and a few sensors

Your initial cost depends on the equipment you purchase. Here are 5 and 8-piece systems available at a discount on Amazon. Ring alarm system monthly costs (monitoring prices) are noted below.

  • 5 Piece (includes a base station, keypad, one contact sensor, a motion detector and a range extender) – $199.99
  • 8 Piece (includes a base station, keypad, four contact sensors, a motion detector and a range extender) – $249.99

Additional Equipment

Below is a list of additional equipment Ring offers.

Security Cameras

Ring home security white indoor camera on a white background

Ring Security Camera Reviews

Video Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell camera (caption: Ring Video Doorbell Comparison)

Ring Video Doorbell Reviews

Home Security

A Ring home security contact sensor on a white background

Smart Home

A Ring Bridge is required to enable smart features for products in this category (enables you to integrate with your Ring home security system, other Ring devices, and for mobile notifications and customizable settings). You’ll notice that for most of them you have the option of purchasing the product with the Bridge as a bundle.

A bridge device for the Ring home security system

Life Safety

Monitoring Plans

PriceFree$3.99/mo or $39.99/yr$10/mo or $100/yr$20/mo or $200/yr
Coverage One home security camera or doorbellAll home security cameras and doorbells per homeRing Alarm, all home security cameras and doorbells per home
Ring & Motion AlertsGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Live Video On DemandGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
WarrantyOne yearOne yearExtendedExtended
Video Recording Green checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Review, Share & Save Videos Green checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Professional Monitoring  Green checkmarkGreen checkmark

Who Does Central Monitoring For Ring?

Central monitoring stations are important, and we think you should know how many stations a company has, the average response time and the company’s reputation before buying a security system. Ring refuses to share this information with anyone who isn’t a customer. I posed as a potential customer in 2019 and spoke with four different people, and they all stayed tight-lipped.

The first person I spoke to via live chat told me it was a third-party monitoring station with years of experience, but she couldn’t share more information. The second person I spoke to over the phone told me that Ring monitors the system itself with a trained staff. I spoke to a third person over the phone, and he told me that Ring uses a company called Central Monitoring Station. I tried to verify, asking, “Each security company has a central monitoring station monitor its security system, and Ring’s is called Central Monitoring Station?” He responded with “Yes.” I knew he didn’t know what he was talking about when I asked how many stations the company had, and he responded with, “Ummm, I’m not sure, I think it’s just one.” I then asked to speak with a supervisor, who was the fourth person I spoke to.

The supervisor explained that Ring does not openly share this information due to security reasons. I asked her what security risks there were with sharing this type of information since other companies like Frontpoint (who uses Rapid Response) and SimpliSafe (who uses C.O.P.S.) openly share this information when asked? She couldn’t answer that question. What she could share was that it is a reputable company that she uses herself and asked that I trust her.

This brought me to the Amazon listing for Ring Alarm. A search through the 1,000+ questions led me to the answer: Rapid Response monitors Ring Alarm. I found this mentioned twice in the question section and wanted to verify it another way. This brought me to this page, which also states that Ring uses Rapid Response for its professional monitoring.

So why does Ring keep this so hush-hush? No clue; but we’re glad that we can share the information with you. Rapid Response is an excellent monitoring company with two monitoring stations at its disposal.

My Experience

Safe Smart Living purchased a Ring home security system for me in 2020 to test out so I could give you more details on how this system performs. Included in my system was: a base station, keypad, motion sensor, six door/window sensors, a range extender, smoke/CO listener and a video doorbell 2.

The installation process was fairly simple. I ran into one hiccup in which one of the door/window sensors wouldn’t pair with my base station, but fortunately, I was able to reach customer service through the app, and they were able to help me quickly.

I haven’t experienced any false alarms, knock on wood. The only “flaw” I’ve experienced with the system is that sometimes the notifications for my doorbell alarm can be slightly delayed or the app can take a little time to load.

Overall, I feel it’s a fairly good value considering the equipment is reasonably priced and professional monitoring is only $10 per month. It’s been easy to use, and it helps give me and my husband extra peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for us and our children.

Installing the Ring Alarm System

The installation was very straightforwards. After downloading the app, it took me through all the steps, allowing me to install the sensors one-by-one by scanning a QR code and receiving corresponding video instructions in the app.

How To Set It Up?

You shouldn’t have to spend much time setting up your Ring alarm system. Here’s a video I put together of my experience with the installation process.

My experience installing the Ring security system.

Prior to adding each sensor, make sure to clean the wall or door jamb thoroughly (alcohol and cotton ball worked great for me) – this will create a better seal and ensure that your sensor stays attached. You’ll notice that screws and wall anchors are included as an option, but for me one of the great advantages of a DIY system is that I don’t have to drill holes in my walls – so I used the attached adhesives instead. This will also come in handy should I move to a new home one day, as it will be easier to remove the sensors.

Ring Alarm Equipment
Ring offers a wide array of security sensors including doorbell cameras, motion sensors, flood lights, and more.

Pro Tip

Each of the contact sensors has a tab on the back that you pull to release the battery. Be sure to do this one at a time so you don’t confuse them with one another (like I almost did!).

Motion Sensor Installation

As I demonstrate in my video, you’ll want to place the motion sensor at least 7 feet off the ground so it can monitor a larger area.

Ring Video Doorbell Installation

My Ring video doorbell was wireless, so the first thing I did was remove the faceplate and insert the rechargeable battery, making sure it was fully charged first.

Testing The Equipment

To test my equipment, I adjusted the mode of the Ring alarm system, which you can do in the app or via the keypad. The mode options are disarm, away, and home. You can choose which sensors belong in each group, but by default, selecting the away option will let you test all the sensors, including the motion sensors and indoor cameras.

With app in hand, open and close doors, walk in front of cameras (and wave!), and stroll through areas covered by motion sensors. You should see each sensor activate or record your actions in the app. For me the tests were successful. The only mishap was a door sensor that didn’t register each time I opened the door, so I adjusted the sensor pieces to be closer to each other.

Is The App Easy To Use?

Android App | iOS App

I demo the Ring app and take you through its capabilities. You’ll find a video of the interface, features compared to other home security apps, pros/cons by users, testimonials from members of Safe Smart Living, and more in our Ring app review.

Consumer Ring Alarm Reviews

In addition to my personal experience, here’s a balanced sampling of what other Ring customers feel about the system.

Personal Experience

Erika has the Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Spotlight Cam, sensors throughout her house and a siren setup. She uses the self-monitoring plan, and below are her thoughts on the system.

Ring Security System has changed the way I feel when I leave my home now. Since getting broken into, I’m very nervous to leave my home unattended for long periods of time. With Ring, I feel secure knowing that when I leave I can still keep an eye on what’s going on at my home. It even allows me to talk to delivery men if they’re dropping off something that needs my attention.

Erika J., of Greensboro, NC

Positive Reviews

Contacted Ring customer service at 800-656-1918 about our changed home network not connecting to the Ring doorbell.  (Name redacted) at their customer service was professional, walked us through the process and was just so pleasant to deal with, great experience.  The process took about 10-15 minutes as the email account had changed as well.

William M., Yelp 5/11/2020

As of yet I haven’t had any problems. It sends an alarm to my phone and records whenever anyone is on my porch or in my yard. And it saves all recordings and I can also share any suspicious information with my neighbors.

Jackie, Consumer Affairs 7/16/2019


Ring has got to be the worst security camera system and worse customer service EVER! Do not waste your money! I cancelled my service after starting with the RING way before the owner sold it to Amazon. This company is not the company of old. And I have no regrets cutting ties once I realized there is no integrity in this business. And robotic read from script stepford customer services people. Good Riddance.

Runny G., Yelp 5/4/2020

Today I called Ring Customer Service, to request information regarding the warranty of a refurbished Ring product they were selling on their website. The CS rep asked for my name (no problem), then he asked for my email address, and my phone number as he needed to send me an authorization code?? When I stated that I simply wanted to know what the warranty was, he said he would place me on hold and said “stay there”. I simply wanted to know what the warranty was on a refurbished product, nothing else. After about a minute he came back on the line and said he could not provide any information. I shared my deep disappointment, thanked him and terminated the call. Made no sense! I attempted to obtain an email address for Ring, to send the feedback directly, but could not find one. This will serve as feedback for Ring leadership!

Kevin, BBB 4/19/2020

Ring Vs The Competition

See the key differences between Ring Alarm and other leading home security companies in our Ring Alarm comparison.

Ring Vs Nest Secure

  • Ring is compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices; Nest is not.
  • Nest only has a single monitoring station, while Ring has two.
  • Ring’s control panel has 24-hour battery backup, while Nest’s is only 12 hours.

Compare Ring And Nest Secure

Ring Vs SimpliSafe

  • SimpliSafe has a three-year warranty, while Ring’s is only one year.
  • Ring is compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices; SimpliSafe is not.
  • All of SimpliSafe’s plans use cellular monitoring, while Ring’s is broadband.

Compare Ring And SimpliSafe

Ring Vs Frontpoint

  • Neither company has long-term contracts, and Frontpoint has a three-year warranty, while Ring’s is only one year.
  • Ring’s professional monitoring plan is only $10 per month, while Frontpoint’s starts at $44.99 per month.
  • All of Frontpoint’s plans have cellular monitoring; Ring’s are broadband.
  • Both companies use the same monitoring company, Rapid Response, which has two monitoring stations.

Compare Ring And Frontpoint

Ring Vs Abode

  • Abode offers two cameras, meanwhile, Ring has multiple cameras for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ring has 24 hour battery backup; Abode’s is only six to seven hours.
  • Ring’s professional monitoring and equipment prices are more affordable than Abode’s.

Compare Ring And Abode

About Ring (The Company) & Its History

Jamie Sminoff invented what is known today as the Ring Video Doorbell in 2013. Back then, the company was known as Doorbot and was later renamed to Ring Inc. Amazon purchased Ring in 2018 and sells home security equipment for inside and outside the home.

Is Ring A Good Security System?

Ring Alarm on Amazon | Ring Alarm Website

Ring is known for its doorbell camera and being owned by Amazon. But does that mean it’s got what it takes to be a top-notch security system? You may opt for Ring Alarm due to its DIY installation, inexpensive monitoring fees and no contract requirements.

However, if you want a better customer service experience and higher quality equipment, you may want to consider other providers. Our experts review the competition in-depth in our home security systems comparison.

Kimberly Alt

Kimberly is our home security expert and has been writing about security and safety since 2013, covering everything from security systems and home automation to identity theft protection, home warranties, medical alert systems, and more. She has personally tested hundreds of system components and interfaced with dozens of home security companies to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Her work has appeared in many notable brands, including The New York Times' Wirecutter, Reader's Digest, Forbes, People, Woman's World, and Huffington Post. In 2018, she had her first child, which opened up a whole new avenue of security experience with baby gear. She wanted to purchase the safest items for her family. Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. Her natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing, and personally testing products and services.

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