Abode Security Review: No Monitoring Fee & Lots Of Equipment Options

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Abode security system on counter (Caption: Abode Security Review)Abode (not to be confused with the Adobe line of creative software) is a solid home security system for those of you who want no contracts and the option to monitor it yourself without a monthly fee. It’s easy to install, and there’s a wide range of equipment to choose from. So why isn’t Abode as widely talked about as its competitors?

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Article Overview


4.1 / 5
Security Performance 4.3
Customer Service & Reputation 3.0
Equipment Quality 4.0
Equipment Warranty 4.0
Ability To Relocate 5.0
Home Automation 3.5
Self-Monitoring Fee 5.0


  • Battery backup (cellular backup available for additional fee)
  • IFTTT capabilities
  • Compatible with Alexa and other home automation devices
  • Easy to use


  • Little customer feedback online
  • Limited customer support
  • Complaints of camera footage being low resolution
  • No outdoor camera

Key Features

  • Abode EssentialsSelf-monitoring via app (free and low-fee versions)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Z-Wave and Zigbee compatible, typically systems are compatible with one or the other
  • Phone and email support for paid monitoring users only
  • Entry and exit delays (see the video below)


  • Starter Kit (1 Gateway, 1 mini door/window sensor, 1 keyfob and 1 motion sensor): $159.00
  • Door/window sensor: $27.00
  • Mini door/window sensor: $30.00
  • Recessed door sensor: $40.00
  • Glass break sensor: Out of stock
  • Acoustic glass break sensor: $59.00
  • Indoor siren: Out of stock
  • Outdoor siren w/ strobe: $74.00
  • Water leak sensor: $59.00
  • Occupancy sensor: $59.00
  • Temperature, humidity, light sensor: $49.00
  • Smoke alarm monitor: $54.00
  • Wireless keypad: $79.00
  • Yard sign w/ solar light: $24.00

Abode offers more equipment on its website that you can view. We suggest checking Amazon prices before purchasing on the website because there are often lower than MSRP pricing.

Monitoring Plans

  • Basic: Free self-monitoring and 3-days of media storage
  • Connect: $10/month for cellular backup and 14-days of media storage

Z-Wave & Zigbee Compatability

Z-Wave and Zigbee are wireless communication protocols used for home automation equipment. The two protocols broadcast at different frequencies and send data at different rates, so they are not equivalent to one another. You can connect Z-Wave and Zigbee compatible equipment to your Abode system, so you can sync it all together.

Below is a list of some brands that can sync with your Abode system. You can view a full list of equipment here. Please note that not all equipment from the brands listed below can sync with Abode.

What Are Entry & Exit Delays?

How To Increase My Home’s Security

View Abode on Amazon | Visit Abode’s Website

Abode is a decent security system, but there are others with less expensive equipment and more customer feedback. Overall, its competitors are just more well-known, which is why we think it may not be as popular of an option. You can read how Abode compares in our Best Self-Monitored Security System article.

If you go with Abode and want outdoor cameras as part of your home’s security system, you could add some of these to monitor the exterior of your home. That way you can capture any activity going on outside your home too.

Do you think Abode is worthy of being your security system?

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