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Netgear Arlo Camera Review: A Dependable Security Camera System

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Netgear Arlo Camera on the wallI get a notification on my phone that someone is at my front door. So, I open my Arlo app to see it’s the USPS woman delivering my latest Amazon splurge. With my Arlo camera and app, I am able to monitor my package the rest of the day and keep tabs on my front door in case anyone tries to snatch my delivery. This is one of the biggest perks to my Arlo security system. I’ll discuss other perks and shortcomings of Arlo and cover some of the different camera options that are available.

Netgear Arlo vs Arlo Pro

Arlo Netgear sent me two Arlo Pro cameras so we would cover them on Safe Smart Living. As you know, our review process is strict and there’s no favors being handed out here. I’ve had an Arlo camera since May 2016 and received the Arlo Pro cameras in March 2017. There are some things that apply to both cameras that I’ll mention in this section.

  • Weatherproof: Can be used inside and outside. However, if you have colder winters, you’ll want to purchase the Arlo Pro.
  • Easy Installation: Arlo and Arlo Pro are both simple to install and probably took less than 15 minutes total.
  • Base Station: The downside with the base station is that since I have the Arlo and the Arlo Pro, that means I also have two base stations since they don’t use the same station. I would’ve liked the Arlo Pro base station to be compatible with Arlo as well so I could have less equipment cluttering up my router.
  • Magnetic Mount: Comes with each camera for mounting inside but isn’t the easiest to install. It says it requires one screw, but it wasn’t sturdy, so we ended up using two screws to secure it to the wall and that seemed to do the job.
  • Great Connectivity: Arlo Pro and Arlo stay connected to the base station and WiFi network 100% percent of the time. I have had no issues with connectivity from Netgear. I’ve tested other security cameras and systems and have had signals drop and reconnect for no clear reason.
  • Turn Cameras On/Off: I can choose when the cameras are on and off. We workout in the room where we have the Arlo installed, so on days I forget to turn the camera off my phone has tons of notifications about motion being detected. It’s nice to have the option to turn the camera off for an hour instead of always having those notifications.
  • Schedule: I can schedule when I want the cameras to be alarmed and set rules for when a camera is triggered.
  • No Opt Out: There is no way to opt out of email notifications. My husband and I set up a filter for our email accounts to have all Netgear notifications go to our trash folders because we like the app notifications better and the email notifications can fill up our inboxes fast. Plus it means we’re getting double the notifications to our phones since our emails are connected to them.
  • No Mandatory Recurring Fee: We aren’t forced into a cloud recording subscription. We automatically get 7 days of cloud recordings for up to 5 cameras.
  • Battery Life: The Arlo camera battery life is great. The only issues we’ve had were when we had the Arlo in colder temperatures than the operating temperature allowed.

Netgear Arlo Review

Netgear ArloView on Amazon

We have our Arlo wireless camera installed inside our house. Initially, we installed the Arlo security camera outside our front door. However, when winter came and temperatures were close to 0°F, we noticed the batteries were draining quickly due to the operating temperature of the camera being 14° to 122°F. We had to bring the camera inside for the remainder of winter.



  • Wire-free
  • Weatherproof (can be used outside)
  • Motion activated recording
  • Store footage from up to 7 days in the cloud for free
  • Great, clear footage
  • Netgear (manufacturer) responds to 1-star reviews on Amazon
  • Battery level is displayed on the app
  • Sturdy equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Must have the base station
  • Operating temperature is 14° to 122° F so you may need to place the camera inside during cold winters or extremely hot days, depending where you live
  • Does not record sound



There are no Arlo Coupon Codes available at this time.

Arlo Pro Review

Arlo ProView on Amazon

I have both of my Arlo Pro cameras installed outside and they’re mounted with the outdoor security mounts. We expect these cameras to perform better than the Arlo camera in Iowa winters because the operating temperature allows -4° to 113° F. However, since we got this in March the temperatures haven’t been too low, so the true test will be when winter comes.

There are three key features the Arlo Pro has that the Arlo does not have: two-way audio, a siren and rechargeable batteries.

  • The two-way audio can be tricky because to use it you have to hold a button and speak (which is fine), but it can be delayed. So, if the person you are speaking to replies as they would in a normal conversation, you may miss part of what they are saying.
  • The siren is a huge bonus in my eyes. If an intruder were to break into my home, I could sound the siren from the app to potentially scare them off. The Arlo doesn’t have a siren, so the only way to scare off an intruder is to barge in on them.
  • There are literally no recurring costs with the Arlo Pro since the batteries are rechargeable.



  • Wire-free
  • Weatherproof, better for colder climates (can be used outside)
  • Motion activated recording
  • Store footage from up to 7 days in the cloud for free
  • Great, clear footage
  • Netgear (manufacturer) responds to 1 star reviews on Amazon
  • Battery level is displayed on the app and batteries are rechargeable
  • Sturdy equipment
  • Base station has a siren
  • Two-way audio and records sound
  • Easy to install
  • Must purchase a base station
  • Two-way audio can be delayed


  • $198.97 for 1 camera and base station
  • $419.99 for 2 cameras and base station
  • $499.93 for 3 cameras and base station

Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus

I have not personally tested either of these cameras, but below are their key features.

Arlo Q Review

Arlo QView on Amazon

The Arlo Q is very similar to the Arlo Pro except for a few things. The Arlo Q is not wireless; it requires AC-power, and can only be used inside because it is not weatherproof. Lastly, the Arlo Q has better video quality at 1080p than the Arlo Pro’s 720p. This Arlo HD security camera is great for those of you who want to video monitor the inside of your home and don’t mind the cord.


Arlo Q Plus Review

Arlo Q PlusView on Amazon

The Arlo Q Plus is designed for business and has all the features of the Arlo Q in addition to power over ethernet connectivity. So you can power the camera and connect it to your network with one cable. This is great because depending on where you want the camera, it could be placed a ways away from the router. Having the ability to connect the camera via Ethernet can ensure a strong connection.


Arlo Subscription Plans

As we mentioned above, Arlo doesn’t require a cloud subscription plan unless you have more than five cameras or you want your recordings stored longer than 7 days. Below are the cloud recording subscription options for home and business.

For Home

  • Basic
    • $0
    • 7 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 5 cameras
  • Premier
    • $8.25/month billed annually or $9.99/month
    • 30 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 10 cameras
  • Elite
    • $12.41/month billed annually or $14.99/month
    • 60 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 15 cameras

For Business

  • Basic
    • $0
    • 7 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 5 cameras
  • Advanced
    • $10.75/month billed annually or $12.99/month
    • 14 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 16 cameras
  • Professional
    • $20.75/month billed annually or $24.99/month
    • 30 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 24 cameras
  • Enterprise
    • $41.58/month billed annually or $49.99/month
    • 60 days of cloud recordings
    • Up to 40 cameras

Customer Experiences With Arlo Cameras

Positive Reviews

This system provides excellent picture quality and broad viewing area coverage. The audio quality is great as well. I would definitely recommend! – CardinalFan, Best Buy 4/3/2017 (in regards to Arlo Pro)

Bought this online from Home Depot. Set up was easy and quick. Now I can watch my house whenever and wherever I want. You can have up to 5 cameras on your system and it’s all free. You even download videos and picture straight to your phone. You can set up notifications when the motion detection goes off. I was gonna get the simplysafe security system but now I have this. This is a great system!!!! – Mullighanistan, Home Depot 2/3/2017 (in regards to Arlo)

Negative Reviews

90 support is only for setup only nothing else. I call customer service because I had a message saying software update needed. When i tried ,message came up unable to update. Customer service told me it would cost $66.00 for assistance even through I was within my 90 day support. They said it was not related to setup so therefore it wasn’t covered. – campnjohnny, Best Buy 11/30/2016 (in regards to Arlo Pro)

I find the cameras neat, smart. The pixel quality is ok. This only has a one target zoom, which can be off when the subject is off center who you are recording. The batteries run out way too soon. I am soon to be on the market for new rechargeables, hoping I can get rechargeables for this set. Also the weather seems to wear out the batteries faster if the camera is in the elements rather than under a cover. I like the set, am keeping it. But only will use it sparingly which is because to save on batteries. Other than that I like it. – mamas, Home Depot 10/6/2016 (in regards to Arlo)

Which Arlo Camera Should You Get?

This video explains the key differences between the Arlo cameras to help you decide which cameras would be best for different areas of your home or business.

Should You Get Arlo?

Is Arlo home security enough to protect your home? If you simply want to video monitor your entry points and some areas of your home, we think Arlo is a great option, which is why it’s our #1 pick for Best WiFi Security Camera. However, if you want to know when doors are opened and closed or when motion is detected throughout your home, you may want a more traditional style security system with door/window sensors and motion detectors. The choice is yours.

Which Arlo camera is your favorite?

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