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Security Cameras With Bulletproof Glass

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Bulletproof security camera mounted to pole
There are varying degrees of bulletproof security cameras on the market. The better they are, the more expensive they get. Our experts help you find a solution for your needs.

There are more than 1 million reported burglaries in the United States every year. Overwhelmingly, statistics point to one commonality when it comes to burglars choosing properties to enter: accessibility. Buildings that are easy to enter and lack security measures become low-hanging fruit. 

If you live in a high-crime area, a security camera is essential. But they are not a foolproof deterrent to crime. This is where security cameras with bulletproof glass come in. They provide protection against almost any kind of aggression. 

What Is Bulletproof Glass?

“Bulletproof glass” is a term often used to describe material that has a certain level of resistance to ballistic threats. Bulletproof glass can stop many types of bullets, but it also can be a deterrent against damage from other objects, like crowbars, rocks, or other projectiles. 

Where Is Bulletproof Glass Typically Used?

Bulletproof glass is used in windows of buildings that require a high level of security, such as jewelry stores and embassies, and of military and private vehicles. It can be between 3/4 and 3.5 inches in thickness.

What Is Bulletproof Glass Made Of?

Bulletproof glass comprises several layers of glass interwoven with sheets of polycarbonate or another type of tough plastic. Ordinary glass lacks this plastic layer. It shatters because there is no “give”––when struck; it is unable to absorb the energy. 

The layers in bulletproof glass absorb the energy of objects that impact it, keeping it intact. While the glass layers may shatter upon impact, it is very difficult to penetrate this sandwich of layers, also known as the laminate. The thickness of the laminate and the type caliber of materials used determines the level of impact it can absorb. 

Think of catching a baseball. Ordinary glass is analogous to you putting your hand and glove out there without moving them. Bulletproof glass functions much like you might naturally react, to move the hand and glove back slightly to dissipate the ball’s force. 

The “softer” the glass the better it can “catch” projectiles. So, durability has less to do with sheer strength as it does the ability to absorb and deflect the force of the impact. 

Benefits Of Security Cameras

recent survey showed that surveillance was the number-one deterrent to theft. It showed that security cameras were more effective than alarms, and were most effective in combination with the unavailability of an escape route, the presence of dogs, employees, and passersby. Almost 60 percent of burglars said they would forego or stop a break-in if they saw the presence of security cameras

Security cameras also have been shown to significantly deter internal crime as well. If you have employees that otherwise have unguarded access to cash, expensive equipment, or merchandise, security cameras can be more than enough to dissuade potential theft.

Security cameras are most useful in areas that lack other natural crime deterrents. These include parking garages, back alleys, or storefronts on streets that die down at night. They also are extremely useful in areas where deliveries are made, whether that be a front porch or loading dock. 

However, you can use security cameras anywhere. In fact, some research indicates that many offenders believe it may be easier to get away with certain crimes in very busy areas. That is because there is plenty of activity to distract from the crime taking place.

Security cameras cut across all these obstacles. They serve as a constant presence to both deter theft and capture criminal activity if it should happen. 

Why Use Bulletproof Glass Cameras?

Security cameras are only useful if they are functioning properly. Bulletproof glass ensures this by protecting the camera from damage. There are several advantages to this. 

  1. Bulletproof glass can help secure the integrity of the camera’s components that transmit images. This can make it more likely that footage of a crime will be retained, which is useful for any subsequent investigation.
  2. Another reason this is useful is that it can keep you from having to replace your camera. While you may have to replace the glass itself, bulletproof glass makes it much harder for criminals to cause serious damage to the camera itself. 

It’s easy to see how this can save you money and the hassle of replacing entire camera systems. With almost constant updates to security technologies, it may be difficult to find cameras that are compatible with your existing system. This can leave you without a functioning camera and even more vulnerable to future break-ins. 

Recommended Bulletproof Security Cameras

There are a variety of bulletproof security cameras available. Here are a few that we recommend.

Mobotix V16

The Mobotix v16 bulletproof security camera on a white background
Constructed from 0.2-inch stainless steel, the Mobotix V16 is a bulletproof, corner-mounted IP dual-lens camera made for high-security environments like military bases and sites, prisons, embassies, and other facilities with potentially dangerous environmental conditions. 

The Mototix V16 bulletproof security camera is one of the most robust cameras available. The body is constructed of 0.2-inch stainless steel, which is bulletproof as well.

It has two corner-mounted lenses with 6-megapixel sensor modules. it is designed for military bases, prisons, and other high-security environments, so you can be certain that this camera will hold up against any abuse. 

View Mobotix Cameras On Amazon


  • Two-way audio with an integrated microphone and speaker
  • Bullet-proof armor plating
  • Versatile installation
  • MxManagementCenter video management software
  • Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4 GB standard)
  • Day or night 6MP sensor modules available
  • Weatherproof and bulletproof camera housing (IP66, IK10+)

SureVision SV-VD4

SureVision SV-VD4-B-S vandal proof security camera
The SureVision SV-VD4-B-S is a weather and “vandal-proof” dome enclosed 4MP IP camera with up to 100 feet of infrared night vision.

For a more economical option, the SureVision SV-VD4 is a good choice. It offers a virtually indestructible vandal-proof dome enclosed a 4-megapixel IP camera. The camera gives you a wide dynamic range and up to 100 feet of infrared night vision.


  • 4 Megapixel IP Camera (2688×1520)
  • 2.8mm Lens (110° Wide Angle View)
  • Up to 100ft Infrared Night Vision
  • H.265 Video Compression
  • Weatherproof, Vandalproof (IP67, IK10)
  • Wide Dynamic Range (120dB)
  • Power Over Ethernet – PoE
  • Measurement: 3.2″ H x 4.3″ D

Find The Best Home Security System

If you’re only thinking about security cameras, don’t stop there. A whole-home security solution involves door and window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, and more. Our experts have hand-picked the best home security systems for residential and business scenarios.

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