SimpliSafe Smart Lock Installation: Installation, Troubleshooting, Calibration, And More

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Simplisafe smart lock inside of door in home (Caption: SimpliSafe Smart Lock Installation)SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock syncs with their home security system. But unlike most home security components that you can easily install via a peel-and-stick adhesive, the smart lock takes some extra work. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think! Our experts take you through the installation process step-by-step, with a video for our visual learners.

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How Easy Is Installation?

From our experience, installation takes about 10 minutes and is not all too difficult. If you’re experiencing trouble with a particular step, don’t hesitate to ask our experts and readers for help in the comments. And of course, SimpliSafe is always a phone call away (phone support hours are 9am – midnight, ET).

Step-By-Step Visual Guide

We take you through the installation process step-by-step.

  1. Prepare Existing Deadbolt
  2. Remove Existing Thumbturn
  3. Remove Mounting Plate From Lock
  4. Install Mounting Plate
  5. Choose Adapter
  6. Prepare Thumbturn
  7. Install Lock
  8. Secure Lock
  9. Test Lock
  10. Install PIN Pad
  11. Activate Lock

Image of deadbolt with tape over it

1) Prepare Existing Deadbolt

On the outside of your door, secure the deadbolt in place with the included tape. DO NOT remove the outdoor portion of your deadbolt.

Image of deadbolt thumbturn being unscrewed2) Remove Your Existing Thumbturn

On the inside of your door, unscrew your deadbolt’s thumbturn. Hold the screws for step 4.

Image of mounting plate behind lock3) Remove Mounting Plate From Lock

You must remove the mounting plate (which comes pre-installed on your Smart Lock) before proceeding. To remove, slide out the wing latches located on the back of the lock. Then remove the mounting plate.

Image of SimpliSafe Smart Lock mounting plate4) Install Lock Mounting Plate

Note which face of the mounting plate should be toward the door. Then center the mounting plate on the thumbturn connector.

Use your existing deadbolt’s screws to install it on your door, and make sure it’s secure.

Image of screw with washerDon’t Get Screwed Over…

Don’t overtighten screws, as it could bend your mounting plate.
If the screws are too thin to hold the plate, use the included washers.

Image of SimpliSafe color-coded adapters and corresponding tailpiece5) Choose The Adapter That Fits Your Tailpiece

The adapter you choose should correspond to the shape of the existing tailpiece to your door. Slide it over the tailpipe through the mounting plate.

If your door’s tailpiece is diagonal, use the green adapter. Vertical or horizontal tailpieces will need of the other three adapters. The notch at the top of the adapter should aim up and away from your doorway.

Image of SimpliSafe Smart Lock thumbturn6) Prepare Thumbturn

Make sure your door is unlocked (turn the thumbturn to the unlocked position). Then check that the locks’ wing latches are out.

Image of SimpliSafe Smart Lock thumbturn aligning with adapter7) Install The Lock

Slide the SimpliSafe Smart Lock over the adapter, slowly turning the thumbturn until the device aligns with the adapter and slides fully against the mounting plate.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock wing latches securing to mounting plate8) Secure The Lock

Secure the lock by sliding the wing latches inward onto the mounting plate.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock - using included tool as lever to slide wing latches outward to remove lockIf you see a gap or can’t attach your lock, your mounting plate might be bent. Try loosening the screws on the plate and re-attaching the lock.

9) Try Unlocking And Locking

Manually turn the thumbturn on the lock test locking and unlocking your door.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock - using included tool as lever to slide wing latches outward to remove lock

If you have trouble, use the included tool as a lever to slide the wing latches outward and remove your lock. Make sure you’re able to unlock the lock and deadbolt using the adapter, then try repositioning your lock.

10) Install The PIN Pad

Use the double-sided adhesive to mount the PIN Pad to the outside of your door, or just off to the side. Make sure you leave at least a 3-inch space below the PIN Pad so you can access the batteries.

Simplisafe Smart Lock - using the included tool to access the screw holes and remove back of PIN PadFor a more permanent attachment, use the included screws. To access the screw holes, use the included tool to remove the back of the PIN Pad, and then screw the back to the door and reattach the PIN Pad.

11) Activate The Lock Using Your SimpliSafe System’s Keypad

Bring your Keypad over to the door to make things easier and browse to Menu > Devices > Add Device > Lock, and then follow the instructions,

If you don’t see the Lock listed under “Add Device,” check for Keypad updates by going to Menu > System Settings > Check For Updates.

If you’d like more detail on these steps, SimpliSafe has published a smart lock installation guide. And if you’re still stuck, visit SimpliSafe to chat with support (phone support hours are 9am – midnight, ET).

Installation Video

If you’re more of a visual learner, we’ve got you covered as well. Check out this video by SimpliSafe enthusiast Juan Camacho that runs you through the installation process.

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