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SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review: How Does It Compare To Other Smart Locks?

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Simplisafe lock (caption: SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review)SimpliSafe’s home security system is compatible with a select few third-party smart locks, but they’ve released their own branded smart lock that you can easily install and sync with their system.

What makes their smart lock stand out? It’s one of the most affordable smart locks on the market for its base price. But overall, is it worth it for its functionality and other features?

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SimpliSafe Smart Lock

Hardware 8.2
Ease Of Installation 10.0
Remote Access 8.5
Home Automation Capability 8.5
Value 8.5
Customer Service 9.0


  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Much lower price than many other smart locks
  • No drilling needed, just a screwdriver
  • Security system add-ons
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Deadbolt won’t extend until the door is shut, so it won’t damage your door frame mid close


  • Requires a SimpliSafe security system to operate
  • Must upgrade to the $24.99/month plan to have access to all of its features
  • Requires a single-cylinder deadbolt to work
  • No built-in siren

How Does It Work?

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock includes a motorized thumbturn that goes on the inside of your door and a wireless keypad that goes outside. Unlike many other smart locks, you don’t have to replace your entire deadbolt to use SimpliSafe’s smart lock. You only have to modify the interior thumbturn of your existing deadbolt.

SimpliSafe equipment (caption: SimpliSafe Review)But the caveats are that the SimpliSafe Smart Lock only works with certain deadbolts, and you have to have a SimpliSafe security system. You also can’t access most of the lock’s added features unless you have their Interactive Monitoring plan at $24.99 per month (see our Key Features section).

Once installed, you type in your PIN code on the keypad, and use the smartphone app or the key fob to lock and unlock your door. The SimpliSafe security system also locks your door when you arm your system (or automatically on a timer) and unlocks it when you disarm your system.

Deadbolt Compatibility

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock is only compatible with single cylinder deadbolts. The image below can help you determine whether your existing lock is compatible. If you are still unsure whether or not your deadbolt is compatible, we suggest you contact SimpliSafe.

Simplisafe Deadbolt Compatibility

August Smart Lock on door (caption: August Smart Lock Review)Is SimpliSafe Compatible With Other Smart Locks?

Due to a partnership between the two companies, the SimpliSafe home security system is compatible with the August Smart locks reviewed by our experts in this table (look for the “Compatible With SimpliSafe” checkmarks).

Key Features

SimpliSafe Smart Lock in box

  • You can set your door to automatically lock on a timer
  • Create unique access codes for family members, friends, dog walkers, etc.
  • Notifies you if the wrong PIN is entered 5 times (after 15 attempts, it remains locked for 30 minutes) — with a monitoring plan, they’ll call you immediately if this happens and dispatch police if there’s a break-in
  • Get alerts when anyone locks or unlocks your door*
  • Lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere*
  • Outdoor keypad is weatherproof and lights up in the dark
  • Low-battery warnings (and if the battery dies, you can still use your deadbolt key)
  • Indoor plate available in 3 colors: cloud, nickel and obsidian
  • Can sync your security system with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant* (but you can’t use voice control to lock/unlock doors for security reasons)

*Requires their Interactive Monitoring plan at $24.99/month



Our link above applies discounts if available.

What Do People Think Of SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock?

Positive Reviews

Great add on if you have SimpliSafe for home security. Installs pretty easy; similar to other smart locks on the market. Setup was straight forward as the SimpliSafe keypad takes you through the steps (about 3). The finish is a little more plasticy than others but is actually has some heft itself; it makes it less intrusive by looks. – Lolo, Best Buy 5/2020

If you are already subscribed to Simplisafe, this SmartLock is a no brainer. Seamless integration into your existing hardware with installation taking no longer than 10 minutes for me. Updating firmware and software was easy while setting the pin and sharing keys is simple as well. For the price, it is well worth it. – EXWOLF, Best Buy 5/2020

Negative Reviews

So I have a house completely set up with Simplisafe products and have been very happy with setting them up and using them. Not the Smart Lock… I’m on my second lock (Simplisafe support worked with me to trouble shoot and decided it was better to send a replacement lock). No problem with that and I appreciate it. But second lock, same issues. I’ve reached back out to SS for support and this has been a frustrating experience to say the least. – Scooter, Best Buy 6/2020

The SimpliSafe – Smart Lock + PIN Pad – Black has been a terrible experience! Installation was the best part of this product and was easy. The technology is terrible and works for about 20 minutes then drains the batteries and disconnects from the system. It is basically worthless as it is. The pin pad never works because the unit is always disconnected so you are required to use a key which defeats the point. Spend over an hour on the phone with SimpliSafe trying to get it to work… they couldn’t figure it out either. Very disappointing product! – IronHorseGPS, Best Buy 4/2020

How Easy Is Installation? (Step-By-Step Guide And Video)

Simplisafe smart lock inside of door in home (caption: SimpliSafe Smart Lock Installation)From our experience installation takes about 10 minutes and is not all too difficult. Our experts have put together a visual step-by-step guide on how to install the SimpliSafe Smart Lock, which also includes a video for our visual learners. And of course, you’re always welcome to ask for assistance in the comments.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock In Action (Video)

And here is Juan Camacho showing us his experience with the SimpliSafe lock after one month of use, along with some handy tips.

Our Final Verdict

Visit SimpliSafe’s Website

Smart lock on door: Best Smart Lock: Schlage vs Kwikset Kevo vs AugustSimpliSafe’s Smart Lock is one of the most affordable smart locks you’ll find on the market. And it’s a great choice if you already have or are considering purchasing a SimpliSafe home security system. However, you can’t access most of the lock’s features unless you subscribe to their highest monitoring plan. So the savings of their smart lock alone may not be your best option depending on your budget.

If you don’t have a SimpliSafe system (and you don’t already have their monitoring plan), you have many other smart lock options. So be sure to check out our smart lock comparison article to see your other choices.

Which smart lock are you leaning towards?

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