The Jetsons Had Robots, Can I? Are They Affordable And What Can They Do?

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Robot hand reaching out (Caption: guide to smart home robots)Curious if it’s safe to use a robot to vacuum your floors or mow your lawn? Not only do they have a solid safety record, but they can help open up your schedule so you can go about living your life. No smart home is complete without a trusty robot to help with the chores. But choosing the right robot for each task is critical. Are you ready for the Jetson lifestyle?

How Can I Use Robots In My Life?

What Robot Can Clean My Floors Efficiently?

Vacuum iconHiring a cleaning service can be an expensive recurring fee that you may not have the budget for. Purchasing a robot that can vacuum or mop (or both) for you can cut down on the chores you have to do yourself.

The Roomba pioneered the way for robot vacuums, and now, there are many options for cleaning up crumbs and hair from your floors. Robot vacs vary in dust bin size, efficiency, price and run time, and some have unique features like the ability to recharge in the middle of cleaning and then return where they left off.

They can clean your floors while you’re out of the house just like a maid service and some have apps that you can set schedules or turn on/off with your phone. Just make sure you’ve picked up your dirty laundry and shoes so your vacuum can clean everywhere. We suggest you read our Best Robot Vacuum comparison article to find the best one.

If you have hard-surface floors, a mopping robot may be more what you’re looking for to help around the house. These mop bots need a little more “prep work” since you need to fill a water reservoir ahead of time, but they can also clean your floors without your presence. We’ve compared some of the most popular mopping robots in our Best Floor Mopping Robot comparison article.

Can A Robot Mow My Lawn Safely?

Lawn Mower iconIt probably sounds a little dangerous to you to have a robot with blades on the loose in your yard. Don’t worry, these robot lawn mowers are safe to use and can save you hours in the summer months. There is some set-up for you beforehand to create a perimeter around your property, so the bot knows where to mow. But after that, you’re all set.

Some of these can even be programmed via your smartphone. And big-name lawn mower companies like Husqvarna offer them. You can read our Best Robotic Lawn Mower comparison article to see which one we ranked #1.

What Can A Home Robot Do?

Robot iconDo you want something more like R2-D2 or WALL-E roaming around your home with you? Home robots are the next big thing. Imagine a device that you can talk to, ask questions, play games with and do countless other things. That’s precisely what these home robots can do. While they’re still in the beginning stages, we expect these bots to take off in the coming years. You can learn all about them in our Best Home Robot article.

What do you want your robot to do?

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