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Best Continuous Recording Security Camera: Hiseeu vs Swann vs Kasa Smart vs Arlo vs WooLink

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Are you looking to enhance the security of your home with a reliable surveillance system? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current setup or start anew, continuous recording security cameras might be the solution you need. To find the best camera for your needs, it’s essential to understand what you need from it. Not every camera is built the same, and the features and quality vary.

Continuous recording cameras differ from motion-activated cameras because they automatically continually record. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor security camera, I review some of the best cameras that record 24/7. I also explore all of the key features you need to consider so you can make the most of your security system.

Best OverallBest OutdoorBest Indoor
Hiseeu 8-Cam DomeSwann 886804FB.Kasa Smart KC410S.
HiseeuSwannKasa Smart
View On AmazonView On AmazonView On Amazon
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What Is A Continuous Recording Security Camera?

Continuous recording security cameras record 24/7. They differ from motion-activated recordings, like some of the best doorbell cameras, and, instead, record around the clock. This provides homeowners with a comprehensive review of events rather than snapshots. Often, motion-activated cameras miss important moments and details. They also alert you to unimportant events, such as trees blowing in the wind. But with continuously recording cameras, every second is captured within the camera’s field of view.

Some continuous recording security cameras offer the option to send alerts to you when motion is detected. And some cameras allow you to switch between constant recording and motion-activated only. If you want a system that does both, make sure to read the product specifications.

11 Features To Look For In A Continuous Recording Security Camera

Male hand holding smart phone watching CCTV camera.
CCTVs have come a long way over the years, allowing you to view live footage from your smartphone.
Image credit: poylock19, Shutterstock
  1. Video Quality. Resolution plays a crucial role in capturing clear and detailed footage. Opt for a camera that offers high-quality footage that can easily capture faces, objects, and the finer details. Look for a camera with a clear resolution of at least 1080p.
  2. Frame Rate & Video Compression. The frame rate should be as high as possible to produce detailed and smoother videos. Continuously recording cameras with advanced video codec, H.264/5 (HEVC), can reduce storage consumption by 50%.
  3. Storage. Continuous recording requires ample storage, so it’s important to assess the camera’s storage needs. Depending on your requirements, consider local storage, cloud storage, or a combination of both.
  4. Field Of View. You might only need one camera if you’re looking for continuous recording of a small space. However, if you want to cover a wider area or your whole perimeter, you want a camera with wide viewing angles to cover more ground.
  5. Nighttime Vision. Cameras that offer low-light performance mean your property is protected in the dark. This is an important feature that many overlook.
  6. Zoom Function. When it comes to crime prevention and security, the devil is in the details. A camera with zoom functionality is an important feature that allows you to identify things such as license plates, faces, and tattoos.
  7. Audio Function. Some people need a camera that records audio, which provides better evidence if needed. A two-way feature allows you to talk to visitors and scare away intruders.
  8. Remote Access. Many camera systems allow you to access the recording in real-time even when you aren’t there. If this is important, look for a camera that enables remote viewing, such as through an app.
  9. Integration. It is crucial for households with smart technology to invest in a security camera that can integrate with their current devices.
  10. Durability & Quality. Investing in a durable and high-quality camera system is critical if you want it to perform well and last. Often, individuals opt for cheaper systems to save money. But cheap cameras either don’t perform well or don’t last as long, making them poor value for money in the long run.
  11. Weatherproof. If you’re seeking an outdoor security camera, you must look for a waterproof and weatherproof option. Think about the climate you live in. If you experience extreme weather, be it hot or cold, the outdoor camera must be able to withstand it.

Continuous Recording Security Camera Comparison

HiseeuSwannKasa SmartArloWooLink
Best ForOverallOutdoorIndoorWirelessValue For Money
Price $429.99 (for 8 cameras) $449.99 (for 4 cameras) $24.44 (per camera) Check Amazon for availability (for 2 cameras) $69.99 (for 2 cameras)
CamerasUp to 8Up to 16Up to 10Up to 3Up to 4
Field Of View121°93°360° pan/113° tilt130°225° pan
UsageIndoor & OutdoorIndoor & OutdoorIndoorIndoor & OutdoorIndoor & Outdoor
StorageInternal 3TBInternal 2TBSD card (max 256 GB) or Kasa Care Plan SubscriptionArlo Secure Cloud SubscriptionSD card (max 128 GB) or Cloud Subscription
Subscription RequiredNoNoNo YesNo
ConnectivityWired, PoEWired, PoEWired, WiFiWired, Wi-FiWired, PoE
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review

5 Best Continuous Recording Security Cameras

I’ve chosen these 24/7 security cameras based on their clear resolution, wide range of features, company reputation, pricing, customer feedback, and other factors. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Overall 24/7 Camera: Hiseeu 8-Cam Dome Review

Hiseeu 8-Cam Dome

View On Amazon

Hiseeu’s wide-angle dome system is my top pick for security cameras that record 24/7. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is pretty high-spec compared to many within the same price range. For starters, it has 3 TB of internal storage, giving you access to months of footage without being written over, and no monthly cloud fees. This means it is also one of the best continuous recording security cameras with no subscription requirements.

The dome cameras provide a 121° wide angle, giving you more coverage than many other static options. Eight cameras come in this pack, but you can purchase eight additional channels. Each camera offers two-way audio and an alarm light when it detects motion during nighttime. Customers state that the nighttime picture is very clear. The Hiseeu app notifies you of any movement, and you can watch live footage or play it back anytime. You can also set up alert areas for extra peace of mind.

This camera is IP67 waterproof, which is great for wetter climates and better than the others on this list. However, the working temperature range is only 14°-131°F. So, although it works just as well in hotter climates, if you live in a colder climate, you might want to consider the Swann system. The Swann cameras can function at -22°F.

The cameras come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, a one-year warranty, and lifetime tech support. The network cables are extra long compared to previous models, which is helpful for those with larger homes or businesses. Although there are mixed reviews on customer service, many customers say the company responded quickly. Overall, this system offers top tech at a fantastic price, which is why this is my top choice.

Great priceMixed reviews on customer support
3TB internal storage and no monthly feesOnly works in temps over 14°F
4K resolution and clear nighttime vision
8 cameras with the capability for more
App for remote access
Spotlight activation
IP67 waterproof and works up to 131°F


Best 24/7 Camera For Outdoors: Swann 886804FB Review

Swann 886804FB.

View On Amazon

Swann is one of the most trusted names in the security camera world, and this is my pick for the best outdoor camera with continuous recording. Each camera is protected by durable metal housing and works in some of the most extreme weather conditions. This camera also has one of the best temperature tolerances on the market, working between -22° and 131°F. This outdoor system offers between 1 and 16 cameras.

These cameras offer 4K ultra-high definition, and you can zoom in on essential details whenever you need to. Night vision reaches up to 150 feet in total darkness. With built-in spotlights, you can record color pictures at nighttime, too. This camera system also offers motion and heat-triggered event-only recordings, eliminating most false triggers. Plus, it has an alarm option to assist with crime prevention.

These outdoor cameras that record 24/7 come with a pre-installed 2 TB hard drive, saving you from expensive monthly storage subscriptions. The H.264/5 compression format means up to 365 days of video storage. You can also connect your device to your Cloud account for peace of mind. The setup is relatively simple thanks to power over ethernet cabling. Swann also interacts with Amazon and Google devices, making it a breeze for smart technology owners.

Its advanced analytics provides owners with facial recognition and two-way audio capabilities. This means you can interact with whoever comes onto your property, good or bad. Thanks to Swann’s security app, you can view live or playback footage from anywhere. A small handful of customers reported an issue with condensation behind the lens due to a broken seal. However, this is not a common issue, and Swann offers a one-year warranty with its products, which is reassuring should this happen.

Ultra-clear picture with 4K resolutionHigher price point
IP66 weatherproof between -22°~131°F.Some users claim difficulty with customer service
2TB internal storage No pan or tilt function
Clear night vision
2 TB internal storage
Built-in spotlight & alarm
Interactive with smart technology
Swann security app
1-year warranty


Best Camera For Indoors: Kasa Smart KC410S Review

Kasa Smart KC410S.

View On Amazon

The Kasa Smart is my choice for the best indoor camera with continuous recording. It is also the cheapest on this list, which is great for anyone looking for an indoor camera on a budget. You can link up to 10 cameras within your home. With 360° pan and 113° tilt function, you can see every space in your home to keep a close watch. This makes this camera one of the best on the market for indoor coverage.

These cameras are pretty simple to set up, although some users complained the process was more complex and glitchy than expected. Kasa cameras allow you to set up to 4 alert zones with motion alerts, clear night vision up to 30 feet, and speakers offer 2-way audio. You can pair this camera with other smart devices for full smart capabilities, and it comes with an impressive 2-year warranty.

You can record 24/7, and it saves your footage on a micro SD card up to 256 GB, which needs to be bought separately, or you can link it to your cloud storage. The free Kasa Care app lets you view live footage and 2-way audio. Alternatively, you can sign up for the paid Kasa Care Plans, which are $3/month or $30/year per camera and provide 30 days of easy-to-access footage. If you have more than 3 cameras, you can sign up for their premium plan, which is $10/month or $100/year.

Cheapest cameraSome found set up tricky
360° pan and 113° tilt functionMovement controls are slightly delayed
Link up to 10 camerasSubscription fees can be costly depending on the amount of cameras
2-way audio and night vision
Set up alert zones and motion trigger
2-year warranty


Best Wireless Camera: Arlo Essential Spotlight Review

Arlo Essential Spotlight.

View On Amazon

Arlo is another well-known security camera brand that offers great wireless security. This camera is my choice for a continuous recording wireless security camera. The great thing about wireless cameras is that they are usually straightforward to set up. This is a huge bonus for many and a common praise of this camera. Connect it directly to your Wi-Fi without the need for an additional hub.

Arlo cameras are weather-resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors. The picture is clear enough, although not as clear as some others on this list. But it offers a 12x digital zoom so you can focus on details. Night vision is clear thanks to an integrated spotlight, and it comes in color, too. With Arlo’s app, you can have a two-way conversation, see footage in real-time, and activate a siren remotely.

To access the footage, you must subscribe to Arlo’s Secure plan. The basic plan costs $7.99 a month for one camera or $12.99 for multiple, or you can sign up to their plus or pro plan for more features at an additional cost. So, you need to budget for this additional monthly cost for access to 24/7 footage.

The only common negative surrounding this camera is the battery life. Although Arlo suggests up to 6 months of battery life, some users state they have to charge it once a week. If you remember to charge it, this isn’t a massive issue, but this might not be the best choice for those who want a long-lasting battery. Although there is a newer version of this camera, it has a higher number of negative reviews claiming that the performance isn’t as good as the previous generation.

Wireless security cameraBattery requires frequent charging
Simple to set upIndoor and outdoor use
12x zoom and 2-way audio
Integrated spotlight and siren
Compatible with a wide range of smart devices
Indoor and outdoor use


WooLink 2K WiFi.

View On Amazon

WooLink is one of my favorites overall, especially for those on a smaller budget who don’t want to compromise on quality. These cameras can be used inside and outside, although they cater more to outdoor use. This camera is IP65 weatherproof and works in adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the 2K HD resolution and 225° pan rotation, the picture is clear and provides wide coverage. It also offers color, infrared night vision, and a built-in spotlight to ensure that objects up to 30 feet are visible.

Their HoMeYe Pro app supports this Wi-Fi camera system. With the app, you can view recorded footage in real time and set alerts so you never miss a beat. Plus, there is a built-in microphone to interact with anyone on your property. This camera supports Micro SD cards up to 128 GB, which you must purchase separately. Alternatively, you get a free 7-day cloud trial, and some choose to continue using this service as the internal storage isn’t as big as others on this list.

The only real negative about this camera is that it requires a power outlet at the camera, which could be unplugged relatively easily. Although this isn’t unique to WooLink. However, setting the camera high enough would make it difficult for intruders to disconnect it. Customers state how they like this camera because it is easy to set up. You can move the camera using the app, allowing you to follow whatever is happening in your space.

Lower costLower resolution than some others on this list
3 MP with 2K HD resolutionSmaller internal storage
225° pan rotation
2-way audio functionality
Color and infrared night vision
IP65 weatherproof between -10°~55°F
Accessible via app


WooLink Review

Check out our personal experience with WooLink’s cameras.

The Role Cameras Play In Home Security

When it comes to home security, cameras play a crucial role in providing continuous surveillance of the perimeter of your property. They deter potential intruders and criminal activity and are also a great way to capture suspicious behavior and potentially track down criminals. Check out this quick video on improving your home security with Navy SEAL Coch.

However, continuous recording cameras aren’t just about security. They also serve as valuable tools to manage package deliveries and wildlife presence. Plus, they can capture precious or funny moments in the home that you might want to share with the rest of your family.

Our Experience With Continuous Recording Security Cameras

Snapshot of a front yard taken detecting motion of person walking by on street.
This screenshot from Danielle’s WooLink camera shows how clear the picture is. This resolution is 2K and clear enough to see finer details.

I have used continuous recording security cameras on my home (outside) for the last decade. I live in a big city, with a lot of activity around. After an incident that caused damage to my home, I installed the cameras. I have upgraded a few times over the years. For me, there are a few key features I need. The most important is that the cameras record continuously all day and all night. If it’s happening in my yard or driveway, I want to see it. 

The second feature I am looking for is night vision. I want to get a clear picture even in the darkest hours. Resolution is another significant feature. If the image isn’t clear, it does not help me. My cameras also have a bright light that turns on when it’s dark, increasing the image quality. I also look for cameras that are waterproof and can stand up to extremely cold temperatures, which are common in my area. 

My cameras currently run through an app on my phone. I get a notification if there is motion, and the cameras take a still shot on top of the recording. I also have a setting to detect any human type of movement or shapes. Storage is another significant feature. I currently use an app that allows me to store videos for about two weeks before it is written over. This is super helpful, as I can go back days later and look for specific times and events that have happened. 

Another feature I am looking for is a camera that I can adjust remotely. This is important for a few reasons. When I get an alert that motion has been detected, I can only see where the camera points. My cameras allow for a rotation so I can adjust them and see what is happening in the area out of view. Currently, I am using the WooLink 2K security camera. I am very happy with its performance. It connects through Wi-Fi, and I control everything with an app on my phone. 

I will always use continuous recording cameras on my home. While most of what I record is mundane, I have been able to capture and, in some cases, prevent unsavory events from happening in my neighborhood. I have captured several scary things, including car accidents, a shooting, as well as multiple car robberies, a break-in, and a dognapping. On several occasions, I have repeatedly worked with my local police department to provide video as evidence in their investigations. 

My neighbors are aware that I have continuously recording cameras. I was concerned at first that they might feel violated. The opposite has been true. Many have asked to see footage when something like a break-in or car accident occurred. We all feel safer knowing I have these and can refer to them if anything happens.

These cameras are very easy to use and far less complicated than the CCTV systems of the past. Most operate on an app, so you do not need to worry about a DVR to record footage or a huge, complicated setup.  

Danielle DeGroot, security camera consumer, writer, and researcher for Safe Smart Living.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know our readers still have many questions about continuous recording security cameras. If you don’t see yours below, ask about it in the comments, and we’ll find the answer.

Are Continuous Recording Cameras Energy Efficient?

Yes, almost all new high-quality cameras are designed to be energy efficient. Although 24/7 recording consumes more energy than cameras that only activate when motion is detected, they are not as energy-hungry as many other home appliances. How much power a camera uses varies, so if this concerns you, contact the company for detailed information on energy usage.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns With Continuous Recording Cameras?

Yes, there are privacy issues when it comes to surveillance cameras. You must respect your neighbors when it comes to continuous recording, especially with audio capabilities. However, as long as you aren’t recording in their personal space, i.e., inside their home or backyard, many people would welcome the extra security. But it’s best to make them aware before installing it. Many modern cameras offer alert zones or privacy zones to address this concern.

Check your state or local sheriff’s website for more information on privacy concerns and laws. Complying with these laws is essential to avoid any legal issues. If you choose a camera with audio recording, check out this guide for information in all 50 states.

Learn More About Camera Security

If you’re sure that a continuous recording security camera is the way to go, head over to our step-by-step guide on how to install security cameras. If you’re looking for more ways to harden your home, check out our guide on how to stop your security cameras from being hacked.

Do you have experience with any of these products or other cameras that record 24/7? Let us know in the comments below.

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