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7 Best Hoverboards For Kids: Beginners, Experts, All-Terrain & More

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Many years ago, I bought a hoverboard for my 12-year-old nephew’s birthday. I did a ton of research into them for a good reason. At the time, many hoverboards were considered unsafe due to fire hazards. But a hoverboard was on the top of his wish list.

Nearly a decade later, I recently dove back into researching hoverboards (also called self-balancing scooters) as a gift for a close family friend’s son. Still to this day, it’s a popular gift-wish among kids. I give you my top picks for the best kids’ hoverboard for many age ranges. Also, I’ll share with you what I’ve uncovered about current safety standards with boards, safety tips for your kid’s use, and much more.

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Are Hoverboards Safe?

Kid's feet up close riding on a hoverboard outside.
Kids love zipping around on this futuristic scooter, but are they safe?
Image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds, Shutterstock

You may recall news reports back in 2015 and early 2016 that several makes and models of hoverboards posed a serious fire hazard (some even erupted in flames or all-out exploded). The fire risk involved cheaply-made lithium-ion batteries with no safety standards (mostly manufactured in China).

Nearly a decade later, the hoverboard industry has fully recovered thanks to strict safety standards put in place shortly after the debacle. What safety standards should you look for when researching hoverboards, electric skateboards, and similar electronic riding devices?

Experts recommend that you only purchase a UL-certified hoverboard. Underwriters Laboratory (UL), widely considered the global leader in independent testing for the safety of consumer products, created a certified safety standard (UL 2272) for hoverboards in February 2016.

7 Best Hoverboards For Kids

After many hours of research and feedback from friends and other customers, I’ve chosen the best kids’ hoverboards based on safety, performance, durability, features, pricing, and other factors. All of my picks are UL 2272-certified and meet the highest level of fire and safety consumer standards.

Best Overall: GOTRAX NOVA PRO Review


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The brand I purchased for my nephew years ago was GOTRAX, and this company has remained top-of-the-line for nearly a decade. I recommend the GOTRAX PRO as my top pick for many age ranges. This premier hoverboard accommodates rider weights from 44-220 pounds.

The high-performing NOVA PRO board provides a safe, smooth, and powerful ride. The self-balancing correction works extremely well without limiting a rider’s movements and control of the board. Riding straight, making sharp turns, and even rotating 360 degrees is a breeze. It features a built-in Bluetooth speaker and all-terrain tires and can reach speeds up to 6.2 mph.

Pros Cons
Excellent performanceLong charging time
Made with durable materialsMixed reviews about customer service
Sleek, lightweight design
Dual 200-watt motors
LED wheels and headlights
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
2-year warranty

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
NOVA PRO $179.00 6.2 mph5 miles220 lbs13.2 lbs5 hours

Best Hoverboard For Beginners: SISIGAD AO2 Review


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Many customers say this is a fantastic starter board for kids because it’s quite stable, easy to learn, and affordable. The SISIGAD AO2 features an excellent self-balancing system and non-slip foot pads. If you’re concerned about high speed for beginners, this board is limited to roughly 6 mph. So younger kids can’t go too crazy. However, this self-balancing scooter is suitable for your entire family with its weight limit of 220 pounds. So no matter your kid’s age, it’s among the best hoverboards for beginners.

Pros Cons
Affordable for a beginner boardUsers say it’s limited with uphill power
Easy to learnWarranty is only 90 days
Self-balancing system is tailored for beginners Some complaints that it’s cheaply made and has a poor battery life
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
Rainbow LED lights
Available in many colors
90-day return policy

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
Sisigad AO2 $99.99 6.2mphN/A220 lbs14.8 lbs3-5 hours

Best Value: GOTRAX EDGE Review


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Looking for a reliable board that’s under $100? I think the GOTRAX EDGE is your best bet. GOTRAX knows how to make high-quality boards, and this one is no exception despite its affordable price. With this board, you get a good maximum speed and stability with the self-balancing system. And your kid can ride this at almost any age. While it doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth speaker, this is a trustworthy board that could last for years.

Pros Cons
Fantastic valueBattery life could be better
Suitable for many age rangesMixed reviews about customer service
Provides a very smooth rideA few complaints that it stopped working after several months
Sleek, lightweight design
Dual 200-watt motors
LED wheels and headlights
2-year warranty

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
GOTRAX EDGE 6.2 mph3.1 miles220 lbs13.2 lbs 4 hours

Best Hoverboard For 6 Year Old: Hover-1 My First Hoverboard Review

My First Hoverboard

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I find the Hover-1 My First Hoverboard is one of your best options for young children. With self-balancing technology and smaller 6.3″ tires, this board is easier for younger kids to master. It also has a maximum speed of five mph and non-slip footpads for added safety. The dual 150W motors enable the My First Hoverboard to climb inclines of up to five degrees. This board is suitable for kids as young as five years old.

Pros Cons
Affordably pricedWarranty is only 90 days
Smaller tires and compact design are excellent for younger kidsSome complaints about poor battery life and that it won’t hold a charge
Safe top speed of 5 mph
Non-slip footpads
LED headlights

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
Hover 1 MFH $84.00 5 mph3 miles80 lbs12 lbs 5 hours

Best Hoverboard For 8 Year Old: Simate Apato Bluetooth Review

Simate Apato Bluetooth

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Fun and flashy, the Simate Apato self-balancing scooter is a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced riders. I purchased this as a gift for my friend’s eight-year-old daughter, and she loves it. Her mother appreciates the non-slip footpad and adjustable safe speed modes, which she can control via the mobile app. That was a big selling point for me because I think this is a board that will take longer for kids to outgrow.

Pros Cons
Great self-balancing technologyWarranty is only 90 days
Has 3 adjustable speed modes (up to 7.5 mph)A few users say the battery dies sooner than advertised
Powerful dual 250W motors can tackle inclines up to 15 degreesSome complaints that it won’t charge
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
LED wheels and headlights
Available in 8 designs/colors
Comes with a carrying bag

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
Simate Apato $129.99 7.5 mph7.5 miles220 lbs13 lbs N/A

Best Hoverboard For 10 Year Old: Jetson Flash Review

Jetson Flash

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With all-terrain tires, a top speed of 10 mph, and fantastic maneuverability, the self-balancing Jetson Flash is definitely worth considering as a next-step-up board. The Flash is well-made, has an impressive battery life, and is incredibly responsive to movements. It also has LED lights on many areas of the board that flash to the beat of music played on the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Pros Cons
Higher speed (10 mph) and longer range (12 miles) on one battery chargeWarranty is only 90 days
Excellent maneuverabilitySome complaints that it stopped working after several months
Can set the board to beep continuously after a chosen speed (via the app)A few reports of poor customer service
Powerful dual 250W motors can tackle inclines up to 15 degrees
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
Plenty of LED lights that sync with your music
Cool design

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
Jetson Flash $179.30 10 mph 12 miles220 lbs 22 lbs3 hours

Best Hoverboard For 12 Year Old & Best All-Terrain Hoverboard: Gyroor Warrior G2 Review

Gyroor Warrior G2

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If your older kid is a thrill-seeker, the Gyroor Warrior G2 8.5″ All Terrain self-balancing scooter is a powerhouse for off-road riding. The Gyroor is built to handle dirt, grass, gravel, and other rough terrains — it has 8.5″ alloy wheels instead of the standard 6.5″ on most hoverboards, and it features two powerful motors (700 watts) and solid rubber tires to get the job done. It may not be the best option for younger kids or beginners because the board (and your center of gravity) sits up higher from the ground. But for easy learners and die-hard boarders, the Warrior is an excellent choice.

Pros Cons
Excellent off-road performance w/ solid 8.5″ all-terrain tiresPricey
Powerful dual 350W motors can tackle inclines up to 30 degreesA few customers complained that it didn’t work out of the box
App-controlled speed adjustments
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
LED headlights
1-year warranty

Pricing & Tech Specs

PriceTop SpeedMiles/ChargeMax WeightBoard WeightCharge Time
Gyroor Warrior G2 $299.99 10 mph10 miles265 lbs30 lbs2 hours

Side-By-Side Comparison Table

To make it easier for you to compare models, I’ve included this table so you can check out the specs and features at a quick glance.

GOTRAX NOVA PROSISIGAD AO2GOTRAX EDGEHover 1 MFHSimate ApatoJetson FlashGyroor Warrior 
Price $179.00 $99.99 $84.00 $129.99 $179.30 $299.99
Weight Limit220 lbs220 lbs220 lbs80 lbs220 lbs220 lbs265 lbs
Top Speed6.2 mph6.2mph6.2 mph5 mph7.5 mph10 mph10 mph
Range5 milesN/A3.1 miles3 miles7.5 miles12 miles10 miles
Tire Size6.5″6.5″6.5″6.3″6.5″6.5″8.5″
Board Weight13.2 lbs14.8 lbs
13.2 lbs12 lbs13 lbs22 lbs30 lbs
Charge Time5 hours3-5 hours4 hours5 hoursN/A3 hours2 hours
Bluetooth SpeakerGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
App ControlGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Warranty2 years90 days2 years90 days90 days90 days1-year

7 Hoverboard Safety Tips

As a parent of two girls over 21 now, I’ve always followed safety tips for everything I purchased for them — including bikes and scooters when they were young to their own cars now. I’ll share some tips about hoverboard safety if you’re concerned about your kids injuring themselves.

  1. UL certification: Be sure to buy a UL 2272-certified device. This certification means that the board has undergone rigorous fire safety and performance safety testing based on U.S. standards.
  2. Practice in your home: These gadgets take some time to learn how to balance and maneuver. It’s best to have your kid do so inside your house if possible before going outside. At the least, have your kid practice on your driveway before venturing further.
  3. Safety gear: Protect your kid with safety gear, including a helmet, closed-toe shoes, and knee, elbow, and wrist guards to avoid injuries from a fall.
  4. Know your state and local laws about hoverboard use: Laws about hoverboards, electronic scooters, and similar devices vary widely by state and local laws. For example, in California, it’s legal to ride a hoverboard on public roads and bikeways, but the rider must be at least 16 and wearing a helmet. 
  5. Keep an eye on your kid: Until you feel that your child has mastered the device, be sure to keep them within sight when they’re riding their hoverboard.
  6. Stick to smooth ground surfaces: Unless your kid is experienced and has an all-terrain board, it’s best to restrict riding to smooth pavement like sidewalks or asphalt. Otherwise, falls are more likely.
  7. Avoid riding in darkness or busy places: Although many hoverboards have LED “headlights,” it’s not wise to let your kids ride them in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that parents often ask about hoverboards. Don’t see yours here? Hit us up in our comments.

Should I Buy A Hoverboard For My Kid?

If you think your child has the physical coordination for a self-balancing scooter and is asking for one, by all means, it makes an excellent gift for birthdays or holidays. As with anything you purchase for your child, do your homework first. First and foremost, you’ll want to purchase a UL 2272-certified board. But you also need to ensure that you’re purchasing a hoverboard that’s appropriate for your kid’s age and skill levels.

How Much Is A Hoverboard?

Hoverboards for kids range in price from roughly $60 to over $300. As with most electronic products, the cheapest ones aren’t typically worth your money — and compromise safety and quality. From my extensive research, I’d be wary of any board that costs less than $80.

Are Hoverboards Hard To Ride?

All of these devices involve a learning curve if you’re a beginner. Self-balancing technology and board quality can make a big difference. But here’s a tip based on recent scientific research about what’s involved with mastering self-balancing scooter control. By using special cameras and sensors attached to first-time riders, scientists found that ankle movements, rather than knee or hip control, are the key to mastering these devices.

What Is The Easiest Hoverboard To Ride?

There’s no simple answer to this question. From my research and testing, I’ve found that GOTRAX boards offer the easiest and smoothest ride. However, other brands, like Jetson and Hover 1, have easy-to-ride boards.

Riding Tips For Beginners

If you’re not sure your child is ready for a self-balancing scooter, check out this brief video which demonstrates the basics of how to ride a board.

Is Your Kid A Brainiac?

If your child also loves a mental challenge, you might want to check out our reviews of the best math brain-training apps and overall brain-training apps. These apps can be fun for you and your kid to play together. Both of you can brush up on your math skills at the same time.

What hoverboards have your kids loved? Let me know in our comments!

Why Trust Safe Smart Living?

Sally has been researching hoverboards for her family members and friends for years — she knows the high-quality boards vs those to avoid. She and her team at Safe Smart Living have well over a decade of experience thoroughly researching and writing about the safest and most trustworthy products you can find on the market for a variety of needs.

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