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Foscam Review: Which Security Camera Has Your Back?

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House with security cameras: Foscam ReviewCan Foscam help you feel safer while you’re away from home? Families use Foscam to provide them with a sense of security so they can check on their home and make sure everything is intact. Whether you are checking to make sure the kids got home safely or surveilling for unauthorized activity, Foscam provides various cameras to get the job done. Read our Foscam reviews to see if this company has what it takes to give you peace of mind.

Foscam logoView Foscam Cameras on Amazon: C1 | FI8910W | FI8918W | FI9821W | FI9803P

Foscam Review

Foscam Review
Field of View 4.8
Audio 5.0
Remote Viewing/Streaming 5.0
Price 4.8
Recording 4.8
Tech Support 4.3


  • “Plug & Play” function features the ability to connect via smartphone by simply scanning the QR code on the camera
  • Great video quality: C1, FI9820W, FI9803P (720p)
  • Inexpensive compared to competitors
  • Image can be flipped or mirrored
  • Excellent night vision
  • No monthly fees, unless you opt for cloud recording


  • C1 complaints of firmware
  • FI8918W is clunky looking
  • Complaints of instructions being poorly written
  • FI8910W and FI8918W do not have zoom capabilities
  • FI9803P night vision could be better
  • FI9803P installation can be tricky
  • All of the cameras must be plugged in to a power outlet

Key Features

  • C1, FI9821W and FI9803P have the best video quality of these five cameras
  • The only Foscam outdoor camera in this article is the FI9803P
  • C1 and FI9803P have digital zoom
  • Compatible with third party video recording software like VLC, Blue Iris and more


All camera pricing is from time of writing.

Cloud Pricing

Price Per MonthFree$8$20$50
Number of Cameras Allowed1410Unlimited
Storage30 Videos or 100 Images1 Day of Video, 5,000 Images1 Week of Video, 30,000 Images1 Month of Video, 100,000 Images

App Pricing

The official Foscam App is called Foscam Viewer and is free via iOS and Google Play. There is also an app called Foscam IP Cam Viewer that is made by OWRL, it is also free via iOS and Google Play.

Foscam Security Camera Comparison Table

 Foscam C1Foscam FI8910WFoscam FI8918WFoscam FI9821WFoscam FI9803P
View on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on Amazon
Price$59.99Out of stockOut of stockCheck on AmazonOut of stock
View Angle115°60°67°70°70°
Night VisionUp to 26 feetUp to 26 feetUp to 26 feetUp to 26 feetUp to 65 feet
Local Recording to SDCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Compatible with PC, Mac, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, iOS and AndroidCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
WarrantyLimited 1 year1 year1 year1 yearLimited 2 year
Two-Way AudioCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Video Quality720P HD480PX SD480PX SD720P HD720P HD
Digital Zoom6XCheckmark
Remote Pan/TiltCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark

What Do Customers Think?

We skimmed some of Foscam’s customer reviews and found a couple of positive and, unfortunately, a couple of negative reviews. Below are what users have to say about their experience with their camera.

Positive Reviews

Easy to set up without plugging into computer or router just using the IR scan and app. Getting it to work with the cloud and somewhere other than the home wifi is harder and had to call tech for that to happen. Good clear picture. Very happy with this product – Pat, BH Photo Video 3/30/2016 (in regards to the FI9803P)

This camera was easy to setup and is easy to use. I use it to keep an eye on my dog while I am at work, and of course for fun. The Infa Red is really cool. It’s a fun, affordable, but yet practical toy. – MenSew2, Walmart 8/22/2013 (in regards to the FI8910W)

Negative Reviews

I am tech savvy and know my way around wi-fi and computer. But the set up wasn’t clear and in the end it didn’t work through wi-fi after unplugging from the direct cable. I spent 3 wasted hours and sent it back. They advertise every great feature we would want in a security camera – but they don’t deliver – sadly you do have to pay a lot more to get all the basic features. – teegee18058, Walmart 2/18/2016 (in regards to the FI8910W)

I should have known by reading the reviews that this camera has major problems. Within a few day it went blank and was unable to get a picture. Removed the wireless camera from my network. plugged it into my router with ethernet cable and it worked. Definatly a wireless problem. – Lawrence, BH Photo Video 9/19/2016 (in regards to the FI9803P)

Best Wifi Security Camera

Now that you know a little bit more about Foscam wireless IP cameras you can compare them against the competition. Foscam came in third place for best wifi security camera, click on the link to find our which companies we ranked higher.

Using Foscam as a Baby Monitor

Although there is a Foscam baby monitor (FosBaby), you can also use regular wifi cameras as a baby monitor. In fact, many customers have written reviews stating how they’ve used Foscam instead of the typical baby monitor. Check out the video below on how you could use Foscam as a baby monitor.

What area do you want to monitor for safety?

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