AT&T Digital Life Review: A La Carte Plans For Individual Needs

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AT&T Digital Life security sign in yard (caption: AT&T Digital Life Review)AT&T Digital Life offers security and home automation equipment to help secure your home. There are more equipment options than most competitors offer in their lineup. However, this system doesn’t integrate with as many devices as its competitors do, which can increase the cost of the system.

If you’re starting from scratch with home security and automation, this may be a good option for you. But if you’re looking to integrate some existing equipment in your home with AT&T Digital Life, you may be out of luck. Find out if this is the system for you.

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Article Overview

AT&T Digital Life

3.3 / 5
AT&T Digital Life
Customer Service & Reputation 3.8
Equipment 4.0
Technology 3.0
Value 2.5
Ease Of Use 3.3


  • Conversion Kit available to reuse current wired door and window sensors in your home
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa (not Google Home)
  • 14-day money back guarantee


  • Only available in select locations (check website for availability)
  • Smoke sensors not available in apartments/townhomes/duplexes
  • Active Doorbell doesn't include a camera
  • Website has limited information compared to competitors
  • Up to $99 restock fee on returns made within 14 days
  • 2-year contract required
  • No Z-Wave or Zigbee compatibility
  • Only 1 monitoring station
  • Requires professional installation
  • Early termination fee is up to $640 and an additional $50 applies for incremental automation packages

AT&T Digital Life Equipment

Key Features

  • 1 monitoring station, by its own personnel (we recommend at least 2 monitoring stations in case one experiences downtime, and the monitoring should ideally be done by a third party)
  • Broadband (internet) and cellular monitoring
  • Customer service options: phone, live chat, FAQ and community forums
  • BBB Report: B- Rating, not accredited, and 1/5 star average across 1930 consumer reviews (at time of writing)
  • AT&T Digital Life app lets you monitor your system while away
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Professional installation
  • Early termination fee is up to $640 if you cancel after 14 days of installation of new service or an upgrade
    • An additional $50 early termination fee applies for incremental automation packages
  • AT&T Digital Life has a lot of asterisks in its contract and website; it would be very easy to miss a charge or fee, so be sure to read carefully

Battery Backup

If the power goes out in your home, battery backup will keep your AT&T Digital Life system on and your home protected. AT&T Digital Life has a 24-hour battery backup, which is the standard in home security.

AT&T Digital Life sends a notification when there’s a power outage, so you know the status of your system. The backup battery is rechargeable, so once power is restored, the battery will recharge back to 24 hours, so it is ready for any future needs.

AT&T Digital Life is the only company we talked to that the cameras work during the outage. The cameras need internet just like competitors’ cameras, but in this case, the cameras work because they are programmed to record on the backup battery.

Other system components like door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, etc. will continue to work during a power outage.

App Features

Android App | iOS App

Below are typical functions you can control within a home security app. The included column lists those supported by the AT&T Digital Life app.

Please know that to use some of the features you must have certain equipment. For example, you cannot lock/unlock doors unless you have smart locks in place that are compatible with your security system.

Arm/Disarm SystemCheckmark
Smart Plug ControlCheckmark
Lock/Unlock Smart DoorsCheckmark
View Camera Live StreamCheckmark
Camera Controls (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)Checkmark
View Recorded VideoCheckmark
View Doorbell CameraCheckmark
Image Sensor Images
Event HistoryCheckmark
Smart Thermostat ControlsCheckmark
Control LightsCheckmark
Create Programs/SchedulesCheckmark
Garage Door Control
Multi-Factor Authentication


Home Security Packages

AT&T Digital Life offers 3 security packages, shown in the table below. You must pay the equipment fee upfront and then pay the monitoring monthly.

 Smart SecuritySmart Security & AutomationPremium Security & Automation
Contact Sensors
Window Sensors
Motion Sensors
Indoor Siren
Outdoor Camera11
Keyless Door Lock11
Glass Break Sensor
CO Sensor
Smart Thermostat1
Indoor Smart Plugs2
Temperature & Water Sensors2
Active Doorbell
Conversion Kit
Smoke Sensor

Looking For AT&T’s Conversion Kit?

AT&T Digital Life offers a conversion kit which, for some systems, allows them to reuse your current wired door and window sensors. Your technician will let you know what can be reused. Where do you find this kit? You can’t purchase it separately but you can add it to your shopping cart when checking out in their online store.

Home Automation Packages

You must purchase a security package above to have home automation equipment. Below are 4 add-on options for home automation: Camera, Door, Energy and Water packages. Only some of the equipment in the table below is available through each add-on package.

For example, if you want cameras, you need to purchase the Camera package. But if you want a thermostat and cameras, you’ll have to purchase the Camera and Energy packages.

In the table below, N/A means that you can’t get that equipment with that package. If it’s blank, it means you can get that equipment with that package, but it isn’t automatically included with the package and you’ll have to pay for the device.

For the Door package, you get to choose 1 of the 3 options listed (touchscreen door lock, pushbutton door lock or garage door controller). If you’d like more than one of the devices, you’ll have to pay for each additional device. The monthly fee is fixed and does not increase based on the number of devices you add on. It is added to the monthly cost of the security package you choose above.

Monthly Cost$9.99$4.99$4.99$4.99
One-Time Fee$199.99$0.99$199.99$99.99
Outdoor Camera
Additional $199.99 Each
Indoor Camera
$249.99 Each
Touchscreen Door Lock
Additional $179.99 Each
N/AChoose 1 of 3 Options ListedN/AN/A
Pushbutton Door Lock
Additional $179.99 Each
N/AChoose 1 of 3 Options ListedN/AN/A
Garage Door Controller
Additional $0.99 Each
N/AChoose 1 of 3 Options ListedN/AN/A
Additional $89.99 Each
Smart Plugs
Additional $39.99 Each
In-Wall Smart Light Control
$159.99 Each
Light Dimmer Control
$179.99 Each
Smart Outlet Control
Temperature & Water Sensors
Additional $49.99 each


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What Do People Think Of AT&T Digital Life?

Positive Reviews

About 6 months ago we returned from a trip late in the evening and went to bed. About 5 in the morning an alert horn went off and our phone rang. The carbon monoxide detector went off. The operator asked about the welfare of all occupants and said the fire department was responding. I got my wife and animals out of the house into a car and the fire department showed up. In fact, there was an issue. The fire Lt. told me what was going on, I contacted a furnace guy and the issue was resolved. Now in the past, I have had some false alarms due to our forgetting the system was armed. But the system worked fine. Human error. We are glad we have the system and have recommended it to others. – Don, Home Alarm Report 9/18/2018

Have to say I’ve been very happy with ATT Digital Life… it’s not perfect but it has been very good … and the company has been responsive to fixing/upgrading day2day user functionality issues… for exampe… you used to not be able to control the volume of the “beep” and the tablet they provided was pretty useless… but they responded and fixed those things, and several other hassle issues just like it… over the past two years I had almost no connectivity issues between devices but more recently (perhaps due to several system upgrades) I’ve had to reset my keypads and tablet a few times… I also wish they would allow you to customize the system more on your own without having to call AT&T Home Security CS … but as I said they seem to be constantly evolving and making things better… I also like that it is wireless based system with internet backup… over all very happy, especially considering the competitive monthly cost and ahead of the crowd limited 2-year sign up term (as opposed 3-5 years for most others)… – M Jansen, The Home Security Advisor 4/3/2017

Negative Reviews

If I could give this a zero and still rate it, I would.  The absolute WORST customer service. And they have shady billing practices. Beware! – Nicole U., Yelp 2/25/2019

Had AT&T DigitalLife for three years. Service was ok. If you had a problem it was almost impossible to get an on site repair. AT&T wants you to repair the system while they attempt to walk you through it. That never works. Now the clincher to really hat AT&T DigitalLife is my contract states that moving my equipment would be FREE. I have the contract. Now AT&T changes the rules and its $840 to move the equipment no matter what I have in writing or no matter who I speak to. When you call AT&T DigitalLife customer service you get a person who can barely speak English. 6 hours on the phone today transferred and disconnected several times was to no avail. Stay away from AT&T DigitalLife. STAY AWAY!! – Roger L., Site Jabber 4/22/2019

Installation Process

AT&T Digital Life requires professional installation. 👌

AT&T Digital Life has many videos on its YouTube channel. You can get help with replacing your sensor batteries, adjusting the chime settings and more.

Is AT&T Digital Life The Best?

Visit AT&T Digital Life’s Website

AT&T Digital Life has an extensive list of equipment options, but it doesn’t allow many integrations. Its lack of Z-Wave or Zigbee communication protocols restricts its capabilities, which is something most home security companies offer.

This system isn’t the easiest to move to another home since it requires professional installation, but the most alarming thing we found is that the company provides its own monitoring personnel with only one location.

It’s extremely difficult for a company to specialize and excel in both security equipment and 24/7 monitoring. That’s why we recommend going with a security system that uses a separate, fully-trained monitoring team.

AT&T Digital Life is not our top choice due to these reasons, but find out who we do recommend in our top home security systems comparison.

Would you choose AT&T Digital Life to secure your home?

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Dinjo N

Since we already have everything AT&T (cell phones, internet, etc.) I would imagine that we’d be able to add on their home security service at a discount? The equipment prices are very steep, I would think that even a new customer should be able to get a discount on equipment somehow? Imagine having to pay $500 to watch television – I feel like a company like DIRECTV, for example, absorbs the hardware costs to get that monthly revenue going. Or is this pretty standard in the home alarm space.