How To Cancel Brinks Home Security: Cancellation Policy, Fee, Contract, Monitoring, Form, And More

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Customer service rep on phone (caption: How To Cancel Brinks Home Security)Brinks, the armored car transportation service that is securely carries money between locations in its armored trucks, has also entered the lucrative home security market. Unfortunately, being good at protecting your hard-earned dollars on their way to the bank doesn’t mean they excel at protecting your valuables at home.

If you’re fed up with Brinks’ home security and want to cancel, here’s how you do it.

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How To Cancel Your Brinks Home Security Contract

The process is a little more involved than you might think, but don’t worry; we’ll take you through the process step-by-step, and if you run into issues, post in the comments below.

To cancel Brinks, call 800-447-9239, and they’ll email you a DocuSign (an e-signature service) cancellation form within 24 business hours along with what to expect on your last bill. Add the email address to your safe list so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder.

According to Brinks, your account will cancel 30 days from when they receive your completed DocuSign form.

Burglar breaking into home (Caption: Best Home Security Systems)Alternatives To Brinks

If you are moving on from Brinks, our home security experts have reviewed over a dozen other providers. Check out our best home security systems showdown to find out our top picks this year.

Brinks Return Period, Service Agreement, And Contract Details

Our experts dive into the Brinks agreement and bring you details on the 30-day return period, 36-month monitoring agreement, and more.

30-Day Cancellation Window For New Customers

Brinks has a 30-day cancellation window for new customers outlined in its terms and conditions. If you’re within 30 days of your agreement with Brinks, you can cancel your service and receive a refund minus shipping, discounts, taxes, and monitoring services already provided.

36-Month Monitoring Service Agreement

After this initial 30-day window, your 36-month monitoring service agreement will kick in. Cancellation during this period will result in you owing any outstanding balance on your service. Additionally, you must have purchased your home alarm system directly through Brinks, not an authorized reseller.

Nest Secure door sensor on door (caption: Nest Secure Review)Nest Secure

If you have Brinks home security service via Nest Secure, you are on a month-to-month rate and can cancel at any time. If you are on a financing agreement via Greensky, you will still be responsible for those payments. And Brinks will not refund your equipment cost after the initial 30-day return period.

Smart Security Systems

If you own a Brinks Smart Security System (equipment licensed through, the terms of your agreement apply after the initial 30-day return period. You’ll be responsible for the balance on your monitoring service contract, and if you used Greensky to finance your equipment, you will still be responsible for those payments.

Who Is GreenSky?

Greensky is a financial company that has partnered with Brinks Home Security. You can pay for your Brinks home security equipment via a 36-month, interest free payment plan. Anyone can apply, but you must have a minimum credit score of 640 to qualify, and a minimum equipment order of $350.

Want A Home Security System With No Contract Commitment?

The home security market has exploded in the last couple of decades, which means you have options. Most home security contracts are tied to professional monitoring services. If you’re comfortable monitoring your own system (via app, phone, and text notifications – it will be up to you to call authorities if there’s an incident), you can forego monthly fees and commitments.

17 Home Security Systems Reviewed, And Cost Comparisons

Home security app (caption: Home Security Systems Reviews)Our experts have combined decades of experience in the home security space and have reviewed 17 home security system providers and counting. See how they stack up against Brinks, which we also review in detail, and don’t miss our home security costs comparison to get an idea of the various costs associated with monitoring, equipment, smart home technology, and more – so you can plan an investment that meets your budget.

Why are you looking to cancel Brinks?

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