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Ring Always Home Reviews: Camera, App, Drone, Cost, Installation, Privacy, And More

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Ring Always Home Cam (Caption: Ring Always Home Cam)Although not slated to hit the market until later this year, Ring’s newest innovation in home security equipment could rock the competition if their Always Home Cam proves worthy.

It’s a fun piece of equipment for sure — a camera-equipped, smart-home drone that flies inside your house to keep tabs on your home for security and other safety reasons you might need. For instance, you can make sure you didn’t leave a window open or that you turned off your stove after you left home.

Concerned about privacy? Always a valid concern with smart home technologies. The Always Home cam won’t be buzzing inside your home 24/7, but still begs to question just how much control you’ll have over it. Our experts dig in.

Article Overview

Key Features

  • Can’t be manually controlled
  • Privacy – the camera is blocked when docked and only records when it leaves the dock to fly on a preset path customized by you
  • Live stream video via the Ring Always Home app
  • Integrates with the Ring Alarm home security system
  • If linked to the security system, it will fly to an area where a sensor detects motion
  • Obstacle avoidance technology helps it avoid things in its path (if something is sensed in its pathway, the camera will re-dock, and you’ll receive a notification alerting you that it couldn’t complete its pass around your home.)
  • Shrouded propellers for the safety of pets and items in your home
  • The camera itself hums so you can hear that the camera is in motion and is recording (to help with privacy)


  • $249.99

Tech Specs

  • HD video
  • Runtime: 5 minutes*
  • Charge time: About 1 hour

*This is to make it a purpose-driven security camera and not one that just flies around 24/7 aimlessly.

What’s It Look Like In Action?

This quick 30-second video shows the indoor security drone in action.

Leading The Charge On Securing Homes

You may be excited about the launch of Ring’s Always Home Cam, we are too. This is a brand new type of device that is entering the home security market, and that hasn’t happened in quite some time.

Ring is known for leading the charge at introducing new, innovative equipment. Known for its doorbell cameras, Ring has expanded its equipment lineup to cover everything from indoor cameras and security sensors to smart outdoor lighting and solar-powered equipment.

We’ll have a full review of the Ring Always Home Cam once it hits the market. Until then, you can learn more about the Ring Alarm security system and how it could help make your home into Fort Knox.

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