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Ring App Reviews: Doorbell App, Windows & Android Compatibility, Setup Instructions For Always Home, Apple Watch, & More

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Ring App on iPhone and keypad (caption: Ring App Review)You use the same Ring app whether you have a Ring Doorbell or Ring Alarm security system. The app lets you answer your doorbell, arm/disarm your system, adjust device settings and more. You’ll receive notifications when sensors trigger, so you can be kept in the loop.

How does the Ring app perform for users, and is it better than the competition? Find out below.

Ring on AmazonRing’s WebsiteAndroid App | iOS App

Article Overview


Below are functions you can control within the Ring app. Please know that to use some of the features, you must have certain equipment. For example, you cannot view camera footage unless you have cameras in place that are compatible with your security system.

Ring Screenshots


  • Arm/disarm entire system or individual sensors
  • View detailed event history and alerts

Smart/Remote Controls

  • Control and schedule lights


  • Remote control cameras, including pan/tilt/zoom (if supported by camera)
  • View live stream
  • View recorded video
  • View doorbell camera


  • Contact support

Not Supported By App

  • Smart plug control
  • Lock/unlock smart doors
  • Updated weather forecast
  • Smart thermostat controls
  • Create programs/schedules
  • Garage door control
  • Geofencing, which automatically adjusts your security and automation equipment after you’ve left a set radius of your home or “geo-fence”

Ring Overview Video

I recorded a video of myself using the app, taking you through the features and functionality so you get an idea of what you can do.

Personal Experience

I’ve used the Ring App with my Ring Doorbell. Setup was very easy, and now whenever someone rings the doorbell, I get a notification on my phone through the app. I can then see live video of the front door, and I can talk to the person through the app. There is also a history of events stored in the app, such as past “rings” and motion activations. – Jeff B., Safe Smart Living



  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Good ratings for Android and iOS*
  • Not as advanced as ADT’s and Vivint’s apps
  • Cannot set a schedule for the alarm system
  • Two-step verification isn’t required each time you open the app, leaving it vulnerable to hacking if someone steals your phone
  • Delayed notifications (sometimes)
  • App not working

*It’s important to note that the majority of Ring’s app reviews and ratings are in regard to their doorbell camera and not their alarm system.

What Do People Think Of The Ring App?

The app averages a 3.85/5.00 rating with about 100,000 downloads. Here’s two positive and two negative reviews to give you an idea of users’ experiences.

Positive Reviews

It’s nice to be informed of events in the area in real time. I also like being able to see who is at my door when I am not home. Helps to watch for packages and porch pirates! Also like knowing when my children come and go and who they are with. Neighbors comments are a useful tool as well, but I feel it is also abused by some. Overall I would recommend it to anyone! – Brandon E., Google Play 4/6/2020

I purchased two Ring spot light cameras for my 2nd home in Idaho mountains. I purchased Ring products because of their ability to get down to -20F, the temps get there in Idaho once in awhile but consistently -10F. I have had them for two years and they work very well without issues. I also purchased the alarm system that works with my Schlage locks & sensors throughout the home. This is a 2nd home for us and we do short term rentals. Being 1000 miles away I have been able to lock the doors remotely because a tenant left it unlock or know when the windows has been opened and let the housekeeper know to check to make sure they are locked when they clean the home. It’s a peace of mind, I pay $99 annually to get the Professibnal monitoring that includes lifetime warranty on all my cameras, sensors and alarm system. They have a phenomenal technical support. I have a different system where I reside permanently and will be changing it to the Ring system. – AndyTjan, App Store 2/21/2020


Keeps crashing! Since the last update it crashes on loading, or takes ages to open. When a notification comes up to say someone is at my door I cannot click it and view the camera (like I used to) it just hangs. I have to physically open the app and select live view, by which time the person has gone. I cannot view them, or speak to them as it keeps crashing. Really not happy since the last update. Also if the app is open and I go back to it after a period of time its just blank or crashed – Elizabeth E., Google Play 3/31/2020

I have the new peephole cam and it worked great for the first month…until the free subscription ran out. Now every time I get a motion notification detection the camera can’t even connect to a live view. So if someone is at my door or moving outside my door I can’t open the app to view live. The app shows an error like my internet is not strong enough. I mean it was strong enough to send me a notification of movement! Not to mention if you turn on notifications but you don’t check them for a day (because you know that all the notifications were of you leaving or entering your own house) the app automatically turns off notifications without notifying you. I’m so disappointed with this product. I refuse to pay for a subscription with any company that uses a breakdown in their products to force me into a subscription. On top of all this there are so many articles online about how Ring has had a breakdown in their own security of their customer’s private information. This product is worse than useless. You’d be better to spend the $200 on a guard dog to protect you. At least you’d have a shot of feeling actual safety. – SuperinaCtree, App Store 2/29/2020

My Experience Getting The App Up And Running

Safe Smart Living purchased a Ring Alarm security system and Ring Doorbell 2 for me to set up and test in my home, so I could share firsthand my experience with you.

Setup was very simple thanks to the app guiding me through each step. The app provides instructions on what to do for each sensor to ensure each device gets installed correctly. I had one minor issue with a contact sensor not pairing with my base station, but I was able to connect with live chat through the app to get it resolved. – Kimberly A., Safe Smart Living

Compatible Devices

The Ring app is available on the following operating systems:

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions received from our readers regarding the Ring app.

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Getting this error message while trying to enable “motion alerts” in your app? Try restarting the app, make sure it’s updated to the latest version, and if none of that works, delete the app, re-download it and sign in again.

Final Verdict

Ring on AmazonRing’s WebsiteAndroid App | iOS App

The Ring app lets you check in on the status of your home and see any recent activity. It’s easy to use and has overall good ratings in the app stores. Read our Ring Alarm review and Ring Doorbell review to learn more about the security system and video doorbells.

Kimberly Alt

Kimberly is our home security expert and has been writing about security and safety since 2013, covering everything from security systems and home automation to identity theft protection, home warranties, medical alert systems, and more. She has personally tested hundreds of system components and interfaced with dozens of home security companies to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Her work has appeared in many notable brands, including The New York Times' Wirecutter, Reader's Digest, Forbes, People, Woman's World, and Huffington Post. In 2018, she had her first child, which opened up a whole new avenue of security experience with baby gear. She wanted to purchase the safest items for her family. Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. Her natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing, and personally testing products and services.

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