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6 Tips For Securing Your Shed

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Modern outdoor shed in backyard on grass with dog sniffing behind it
The dog can’t get into this shed, but what about a human that’s up to no good? Learn how to secure your outdoor shed and protect your valuables.

Sheds are an excellent place for storage, but they’re also an easy target for burglars. People tend to store expensive lawn tools and equipment as well as large toys like bikes and motorized vehicles in a shed without securing it.

Easy access to an unsecured shed makes them very tempting to an intruder. The unique configuration of your shed will help you decide what you need to secure it. Here are 6 tips to help you evaluate your shed security.

1. Place Your Shed Thoughtfully

Position your shed so that it’s not visible from the street. You want to make sure that you can see it from inside your house but that it’s not in a place where someone could see it when they’re walking or driving by. This placement will make it less tempting to a thief. Making sure it’s visible from the inside of your house and possibly from a neighbor’s house will help in the event a thief does try to break in. You don’t want them to be able to break in sight unseen.

Pro Tip: Point A Camera At Your Shed

You can catch intruders in the act by recording video footage of any type of motion happening in the area of your shed. Check out our outdoor security camera reviews for options.

2. Keep Doors and Windows Secure

You want to make sure you use a secure padlock that’s resistant to picking and prying to lock the door, like this one made by Master Lock. You can also increase security by adding a shed door security bar. Your best bet may be to use a 2×4 and secure it with a secure bar holder. This product has a unique design for more effective installation on a shed. You can learn more in the video below.

Hinges can be a weak spot for door security too. Ensure they’re made from durable materials, and replace short screws with nuts and bolts to keep them in place.

If your shed has a sliding window that opens, you need to keep it locked. Installing a simple window lock will make it much harder for an intruder to get the window open. What’s nice about the Prime-Line window lock is that you can use it on a window that slides horizontally or vertically.

3. Anchor Your Shed

ShelterLogic ShelterAuger

One way that burglars access a shed is to lift it off the ground or by tilting it on one side. You can prevent this by anchoring your shed to the ground. Most people place sheds on a concrete foundation or directly on the ground. Depending on your setup, there are different options for anchoring.

You can use this ground anchor from ShelterLogic that has a corkscrew design for easy installation and a stronghold. If you need to anchor to a concrete foundation, the Arrow Shed AK100 Concrete Anchor Kit is an excellent choice. Though it’s really for a specific shed, the Arrow Shed AK100, you can adapt it to use with most sheds. It anchors the 4 corners to the concrete and provides superior hold.

4. Cover The Windows

Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

Windows on a shed give intruders a chance to see everything they can gain access to if they get inside. Keeping them covered will reduce the temptation.

You can put up a curtain, but a better solution is to cover the glass with a window covering like the Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film. This mosaic-looking film is easy to install and will obstruct the view into your shed from the outside.

Rabbitgoo Window Review

The Rabbitgoo won our award for best garage window covering this year. You can install and remove it multiple times, so it is eco-friendly. And even though it blocks out 96% of UV rays, it will let in some soft natural light. Read all the details in our Rabbitgoo window film review.

5. Light It Up

A well-lit shed is one of the best ways to keep intruders away. Unless your shed has electrical power, you’ll need a wireless outdoor security light. Another option to think about is solar-powered security lights.

You can even find both of these lighting options with motion sensors, which are beneficial because a thief can be startled by unexpected light. They’re a great choice to catch someone off guard.

6. Monitor Your Shed

Ring Floodlight Cam

Installing a security camera will allow you to view your shed and monitor the activity around it at all times. There are a lot of great options for outdoor security cameras and solar-powered security cameras. If you already have a home security system, there may be a way for you to add a camera and sensors to your shed for monitoring.

If you’re considering getting a security system, read our guide to home security systems to learn more about how you can secure your entire home (including your shed).

Why Choose The 2×4 Secure Bar Holder?

This 3-minute video by the designer of the 2×4 Secure Bar Holder explains the quality of this product and why it’s an exceptional choice for shed door security.


Keep All Your Storage Areas Safe

Making sure you have a secure shed will give you peace of mind; however, your shed might not be the only place at home you use for storage. Garages are another typical place where people store expensive lawn equipment, tools, vehicles, and more. Read our article about garage security to make sure everything you store is safe and sound.

Do you keep valuables in your shed? Let us know in the comments!

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