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These days you can’t take enough precautions online. We bring you articles to help you stay safe online, conduct transactions securely, and make secure internet connections to services using VPNs. All of our guides are written in easy to understand English.

A hand holding up the remote control to a VPN router installed next to a couch. Caption: Best VPN Router

Best VPN Router: Netgear Vs Asus Vs Linksys & More

Are “Big Brother” and other virtual intruders watching your every move online? Set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) router in your home or office for the ultimate digital fortress to protect you and your family and give you freedom to browse the web securely.

Kid on iPad (Caption: Best Parental Control App)

Best Parental Control App: Norton Family Premier vs Net Nanny vs Qustodio & More

Are you worried about your child being exposed to profanity, pornography or potential predators while using their smartphone? Whether your child is eight or sixteen, she could have access to all kinds of inappropriate images, language and people without your knowledge. Fortunately, you have some tech help on your side. Welcome to parental control apps. These apps and software give you remote supervision over your child’s mobile activity, so you can make sure she is safe and making smart choices with her mobile use.

IPVanish screens on devices (Caption: IPVanish Review)

IPVanish Review: Is It Safe? Consumer Reviews, Discounts, And More

Are you shopping around for the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your online use anonymous? IPVanish is a popular choice among seasoned VPN users and newcomers alike for its robust features, reputation and reliability. How do you know it’s the VPN for you? Read our IPVanish review to learn about its key features, pros and cons, pricing and much more.

CyberGhost on computer screen (Caption: CyberGhost review)

CyberGhost VPN Review: Is It Safe?

What’s the key to safe, smart online use? Security, of course. And one of the best added security measures you can take is to invest in a Virtual Protocol Network (VPN). Don’t have the budget? Don’t worry. You can get VPN service at no cost through CyberGhost’s free plan! What’s the catch? CyberGhost is basic, but comes with a high encryption level to keep your online life where it belongs — for your eyes only. Read our CyberGhost review to see what they have to offer and why we chose them the best free VPN service.

Person browsing computer with coffee (Caption: PureVPN Review)

PureVPN Review: Is Your Online Activity Safer With PureVPN?

Are you worried about your online security when you use the internet for work or personal purposes away from your secure home WiFi? If not, you should be! Whether you use your local coffee house or a remote airport to connect to the internet, you’re putting yourself and your data at risk. But a Virtual Protocol Network (VPN), like PureVPN (our top pick for the best VPN service), can give you the security you need. Read our PureVPN review to see how they can keep your internet connection secure and why we chose them as our number one winner.

A hand holding up a smartphone with a pastel colored blurry background. Caption: Best Family Tracking App

Best Family Tracking App: Life360 vs Find My Friends vs Family Orbit vs KidControl & More

The weather was terrible this morning when your child left to drive to school. You have this “policy” for them to text you when they make it to school safely, but today you didn’t receive that text. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Sometimes your kid forgets and remembers to text you over lunch. Is there a way you could know that they arrived safely without them having to text you?

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