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These days you can’t take enough precautions online. We bring you articles to help you stay safe online, conduct transactions securely, and make secure internet connections to services using VPNs. All of our guides are written in easy to understand English.

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How To Setup A VPN Step By Step: iPhone, Windows, Mac, Android & More

Are you looking for better methods to secure your online privacy? Have you read about virtual private networks (VPN) — one of the best ways to ensure your confidentiality online? Understanding VPNs, how they work and how to set them up is confusing, for sure. Here, we’ll give you a rundown of how to setup a VPN step by step, whether you’re using your PC, mobile device or your home server.

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Private Internet Access Review: Is It A Good VPN?

Searching for the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the market that fits your budget? VPN’s like Private Internet Access (PIA) help keep your data and identity secure and protected from prying eyes when logging into unprotected Wi-Fi networks (such as those at airports or coffee shops). They can be applied to any connection, wether you’re on your laptop, home PC or smartphone — and all at a remarkably low monthly price. Private Internet Access also has one of the best reputations in the industry. Our Private Internet Access review gives you the lowdown on this top-ranking service and why we chose them as our number two best VPN provider.

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Zero Knowledge Proof: What Is It? Examples, Blockchain Application, & More

Passwords are getting hacked at a rapid pace and our digital data isn’t as safe as we’d like it to be. It’s easy to hack a password, but can digital thieves hack our fingerprints and iris scans? Maybe we should use other criteria to login to our accounts. Criteria that cannot be duplicated by others. Criteria that is extremely unique to each individual. Perhaps iris scans and fingerprints are just what the digital world needs to unlock the online world. Thus, Zero Knowledge Proof is created.

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15 Cyberbullying Facts And Statistics For 2023: On Social Media & Beyond

Cyberbullying takes place online and is a form of violence often against kids. It can cause lasting damage to victims, and should not be tolerated by anyone. It’s important to speak to children about cyberbullying and provide them a safe space to discuss openly any concerns they may have.

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How To Fully Delete A VPN On iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Mac & More

Deleting a VPN is a pretty straightforward process like with any app or software, especially on smartphones and tablets. But completely removing a VPN from your PC or Mac can get a little more tricky because the uninstall process doesn’t always delete all the files associated with that VPN. It’s always a good idea to make sure there’s no trace left behind. Why?

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StrongVPN Review: Pricing, Subscriptions, Consumer Reviews, Discounts & More

Are you looking for a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service? StrongVPN is a lesser-known company that’s based in Israel (a country that has very strict privacy laws) and offers some high levels of VPN protection across tons of different devices. But how do their features and security level stack up against the bigger names in the industry?

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Signal App Review: The Best Option For Encrypted Messaging?

Signal App is an encrypted messaging app that’s considered the gold standard in private messaging. Recently, thanks in part to a promotional tweet from Elon Musk, the Signal App became a top contender in the encrypted messaging game. This app can help you communicate privately on your phone or desktop without fear of your messages getting to anyone but the intended receiver. Our experts give you the lowdown on this app, its features, and how private it is.

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Interview With Amit Bareket: CEO Co-Founder Of Perimeter 81 And SaferVPN

Amit Bareket, Co-Founder and CEO of personal VPN brand, SaferVPN, and business VPN brand, Perimeter 81 shares his professional journey to how got started in the VPN industry and what it’s like working for SaferVPN (one of our picks for VPN services). Get to know what sets them apart from other VPN products, how he stays up to date on the latest security news and what’s next for the company (and industry) in our interview with Amit.

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Cyberbullying: Causes, Types, Consequences & Prevention

Cyberbullying takes place online and is a form of violence often against kids. It can cause lasting damage to victims, and should not be tolerated by anyone. It’s important to speak to children about cyberbullying and provide them a safe space to discuss openly any concerns they may have.

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Best Home Firewall: Bitdefender Box vs Dojo vs Firewalla vs Bitdefender & More

Are you arming your home with smart gadgets but worried about hackers infiltrating your high-tech lifestyle? Would anyone really try to hack your smart washer or dryer? The unfortunate answer is yes. Any device connected to your home’s network can be vulnerable to an attack, and once hackers find a way in, your entire home network is up for grabs.

Fortunately, there’s a line of security devices is available to protect your home from intruders. We’ll give you our recommendations for the best smart home security devices to keep your information safe from prying eyes…

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