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Your personal safety is probably the most important thing we cover on this site. We are careful to use experts in their respective fields to provide advice and guidance you can rely on. From hurricane preparation to cyberbullying prevention, we want to help foster an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in and that you can read and engage with when you feel comfortable to do so, and at your own pace.

Shredded paper (Caption: National Security & Safety Holidays in the U.S.)

National Personal Security & Safety Holidays In The U.S. (2022 Update)

Here is a list of relevant personal security holidays throughout the year. We encourage you to take note on your calendar and help spread the word about these important topics to promote safety and security for all. We also linked to relevant corresponding articles so you can learn more.

Child reaching in drawer to get gun (Caption: How To Keep Kids Safe From Guns)

Gun Safety For Kids: How To Keep Your Children Safe From Guns

A critical part of keeping kids safe that is sometimes overlooked, is gun safety. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, firearms are the second leading cause of death for children and teens. That is a pretty frightening statistic, and it proves the need for parents to begin a conversation about gun safety for kids as early as possible.

Gun and bullet on table (caption: Guide to Gun Safety)

Gun Safety 101: 4 Rules, Everytown, Statistics, Preventing School Shootings, & More

Amid the staggering numbers of gun-related fatalities that occur in the U.S. every year, there are many ways you can own guns and still maintain safe practices to protect you, your family and your community from these unnecessary incidents. Knowing how to practice gun safety is key, but it’s also important to know how having guns in your home that aren’t secure can affect all of us. We’ve compiled some shooting statistics and safety tips to help you make the smartest decisions when it comes to guns.

Person driving (Caption: Best Dash Cam)

Best Dash Cam: Garmin Vs Owl Vs Z-Edge Vs Rexing Vs VanTrue & More

Whether you’re looking for a dash cam to capture video evidence of a traffic accident or you want added safety features, we’ve reviewed a variety of the best dash cameras on the market. You’ll be able to compare features you want based on what fits your budget.

Baby on floor playing with toys (Caption: Baby Gear Basics)

Baby Safety Guide: Car Seats, Carriers, Monitors & More

Keeping babies happy and healthy is the most important job of being a parent. But all the gadgets and gear they require can be a bit overwhelming (not to mention expensive). From clothes, diapers, formula (if you aren’t breastfeeding) and more. Where do you begin? We’re here to help with providing a checklist of the basics you need to start a family to becoming a budget-savvy parent.

Man sitting in the driver's seat of a car with hands covering face.

What Are The Most Dangerous (And Safest) States For Driving?

What were the most dangerous and safest states to drive in during 2017 (latest available comprehensive data set)? Can you guess where your state falls? We all have a perception of how dangerous (or safe) our fellow drivers are on the road, but are your concerns backed up by the stats and facts?

A white life preserver inner tube hanging on a wall next to a red box labeled 'Fire'. Caption: Your Guide To Personal Safety

A Smart Guide To Personal Safety – Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Here at Safe Smart Living, it’s not just about protecting your home and belongings. An even more precious commodity is yourself and your loved ones. Our in-depth content on personal safety covers everything from situational awareness training and self-defense to emergency preparedness, internet safety, and even babies!

A tornado on a dark stormy day with a tree in the background. Caption: Tornado Safety Tips

Top 10 Tornado Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

A tornado is a rotating vortex that violently destroys everything in its path including property and people. It’s important to plan ahead and prepare for a tornado so you can increase your chances of survival. Take the time to learn how you can keep your family safe.

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