Republic Wireless Review: Is the Cheapest Alternative Worth It?

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Person typing on cell phoneHave you heard about the awesome savings you can enjoy from Republic Wireless, an alternative plan to the big cell service carriers? Republic Wireless is ideal for people who want super cheap unlimited talk and text with WiFi data, and they do also offer plans with cell data. But this service isn’t for everyone. Republic Wireless phones are all Android, so if you’re an iPhone fan, you’re out of luck. Still, if you’re looking to save a ton on your monthly cell phone bill, this service is worth consideration. Read our Republic Wireless reviews to learn more.

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Republic Wireless

4 / 5
Republic Wireless
Coverage 4.3
Features 4.3
Switchover Process 4.0
Price/Value 4.5
Customer Service 3.0


  • Very competitive price for unlimited text, talk and WiFi data
  • Good national coverage with T-Mobile and Sprint networks
  • Can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot
  • 14-day money back guarantee on phones and service


  • No unlimited 4G LTE data plan available and higher data plans get expensive
  • Only select Android phones compatible with the Republic Wireless bring your own phone program
  • Only 10 (or so) Android phones available for purchase
  • Doesn’t offer international calling
  • No group or family discounts
  • No phone customer support

Key Features of Republic Wireless

  • No contracts or activation fees
  • Patented Adaptive Coverage switches between available WiFi and cell networks without dropping your call
  • Republic Wireless network primarily uses the T-Mobile network, along with Sprint towers as backup
  • You can monitor your data usage via their app
  • Republic Wireless coverage map shows you where they have 4G LTE data, 2G data and talk and text coverage
  • Can purchase additional cell data (up to 10 GB per month at $7.50 per GB), or they have monthly plans that include cell data

Republic Wireless Pricing

All Republic Wireless plans include unlimited text and talk and free WiFi data where available. They offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

Republic Wireless Pricing  Best Value   
Price Per Month$15$20$25$30$35$40

Republic Wireless Coupon

Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Republic Wireless.

Are Customers Happy With Republic Wireless?

As part of our review process, we research how real customers are chiming in on services and products. Below is a balanced sampling of what we’ve found on Republic Wireless.

Positive Republic Wireless Reviews

I’ve been with RW since they were in Beta. At that time there was only one phone. Now there is a great selection of top tier phones. I use a Moto X 2nd Gen and get great service. I’m always around Wi-Fi so I never even use 1 Gig of Cell data per month. Call quality is good on Wi-Fi or Cell and the hand offs between the two are seamless. Great value. – Mike E., Republic Wireless Facebook page 8/4/2017

I’ve had Verizon unlimited, but as my kids got older I needed a cheaper service for our family. Three of us in our family and we pay $70 a month, which is less than my Verizon bill just for me. No, the service is not the same, but it works for me and I am happy with the cost savings. We use Wifi a lot and when our 1G is gone, we don’t buy more… All in all, if you’re aware of the few drawbacks and don’t need perfection at all times, I’d highly recommend. – Sarah W., Yelp 7/6/2017

Negative Republic Wireless Reviews

The one thing I don’t like about Republic Wireless is that if you need help, you can’t speak to anyone on the phone. Everything needs to be done through help tickets or through their community forum support… I understand they do this to keep their costs low, but other carriers are offering similar cost plans with telephone customer support. I would recommend RW if you don’t need a lot of hand holding for support. If you do, go somewhere else. – David S., Yelp 9/15/2017

This has been a terrible experience. I had frequent connection problems with my phone and in my interactions with customer service I was getting the same canned and stale responses from its community based customer service. I was told frequently to turn off my phone and take out and reinsert my SIM card. Not a helpful means of solving a problem. Then it escalated to working with technicians who gave conflicting and vague steps to take. The result is that I have 3 SIM cards and a phone that does not work. Bummer. – Rebecca R., Republic Wireless Facebook page 8/28/2017

How to Cut Down on Cell Data Usage

Do you really need all the cell data you pay for every month? Probably not. Check out the tips in the following video that help you reduce your cell data usage and rely more heavily on WiFi.

Want an Alternative to Republic Wireless?

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We chose Republic Wireless as our top pick for the best cheap coverage in our comprehensive reviews of the top no-contract and prepaid cell phone plans. But Republic Wireless definitely has its limitations — the main one being that it’s Android-only. And if you need more than WiFi or low cell data usage, Republic Wireless is way too expensive when you get into their higher cell data plans. Read our reviews of the big network plans, which include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and more, to give you a better comparison of how prepaid plans can save you big bucks.

What cheap phone service provider would you suggest and why?

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