American Home Shield Review: They’re Large But Are They Any Good?

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Window in attic: American Home Shield ReviewsAmerican Home Shield (AHS) has a well-known reputation. Depending on where you live you may receive good or bad service. However, this is true for most home warranties since the service can vary based on location and technicians sent to your home. As always, we recommend calling AHS and ask to speak with an existing customer to hear about their experience with AHS.

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Article Overview

American Home Shield

4.45 / 5
American Home Shield
Customer Service & Reputation 4.0
Pricing 4.3
Appliances Covered 5.0
Technicians' Work 4.0
Available In All 50 States 4.9


  • More than 1.8 million homeowners covered
  • Receive discounts on appliance and air filters
  • Make a custom plan
  • Covers all appliances and systems regardless of age or make/model
  • Make a service request online
  • Over 45 years experience
  • BBB rating: B
  • Available in 49 states (not Alaska)


  • May choose to repair an appliance/system over and over instead of paying for anew one. So it may be a hassle for you if your item continues to break.
  • Some customers say they spend too much time on the phone trying to get a claim approved

Key Features

  • Has a network of more than 15,000 contractors
  • Available in 49 states (not Alaska)
  • Customizable plans
  • Three service call fee options: $75, $100 and $125. This is the amount you pay per incident to have a technician come out and make the repair (similar to an insurance copay).

Plans & Pricing

There are four plans for you to choose from as well: Appliance, Systems, Build Your Own and Combo. Pricing for these plans can vary so you must enter your information online and request a quote in order to receive pricing.

Optional add-ons for any of these plans include: pool/spa, electronic extended warranty, guest unit, well pump and septic pump. All of these add-ons cost extra.

Systems PlanAppliance Plan
Air Conditioning w/ DuctworkRefrigerators
Heating w/ DuctworkRanges/Ovens/Cooktops
ElectricalClothes Washers
DoorbellsClothes Dryers
Smoke DetectorsDishwashers
Ceiling FansBuilt-In Microwave Ovens
Plumbing (Including Stoppages)Trash Compactors
Water HeatersFree-Standing Ice Makers
Garbage DisposalsGarage Door Openers
Instant Hot/Cold Water DispensersBuilt-In Food Centers
Central Vacuums

Build Your Own Plan

The Build Your Own Plan lets you choose 10 or more items from the Appliance and/or Systems Plans to be covered. That way you aren’t paying for coverage on appliances you don’t have.

Combo Plan

All of the items in the Appliance and Systems plan make up the Combo Plan. This is a total of 21 items.


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Customer Reviews

So does American Home Shield cover what they say they’ll cover? See what customers have to say about their experience with American Home Shield.

Positive Reviews

I had Choice Warranty and Stanley and they’re a bunch of baloney. I also had American Home Shield a while back and I went back to them. I didn’t have any problems. I filed a claim for my washing machine over the phone and they sent out Applifix Heating and Appliance. I’ll use that gentleman anytime and I’ll recommend him. He’s the best. He knew exactly what was going on, he checked the whole thing before he left, and he said he wasn’t gonna leave until I was happy. If I ever have any appliance service, something wrong with my other appliances, I want him back because that gentleman knows his stuff. – Randy, Consumer Affairs 3/2/2020

American Home Shield has been very responsive to our needs. I have always been leery of home warranty companies, but AHS has consistently delivered for us! – George C., BBB 5/11/2020

Negative Reviews

AHS denied my claim on leaky pipes to my bathtub because I removed the spout and handles before realizing I was in over my head due to being unable to access the actual faucet (drop in tubs are well known for this problem.) The plumber they sent looked at the tub for two minutes and never even tried to work on it, giving AHS a false diagnosis. They then refused to give me my $100 service fee back because they sent the plumber out (who literally did no more than glancing down at the tub). – Ken, Consumer Affairs 5/2/2020

Poorest service ever from an American company. Customer Service is even worst, they disconnect calls, then note that the customer disconnected. Absolutely, NO morals, they are only interested in the money. They should be investigated and shut down. – Roxanne M., BBB 5/11/2020

Helpful YouTube Channel

American Home Shield’s YouTube channel has tons of homeowner tips to reference when you have a question about one of your appliances.

American Home Shield Service May Vary Based On Location

Visit American Home Shield Website

The best explanation we can offer is that your experience with American Home Shield may vary from others based on your location. We know that may be frustrating to read, but we’re always honest about what we find in our research.

If you’ve had experience with American Home Shield, let us know the geographic area you live in and how the service is there. You may just help out another homeowner!

See how American Home Shield compared against other home warranty companies in our Best Home Warranty comparison.

What’s your opinion of American Home Shield?

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Joel Sercarz
June 7, 2020 9:17 pm

Do not use AHS. They are using the excuse of the COVID epidemic to not answer the phone. They don’t have other electronic ways to contact them, so when the phone is not answered, you are out of luck.

Do not use this company. You will spend your Sunday on the phone listening to their recording. They won’t answer. They say it’s because of COVID. I don’t think so

Phillipa Z.
August 23, 2019 3:59 pm

I agree: STAY AWAY
I have appliance insurance with American Home Shield. On July 31 I paid an additional $106 for a technician to go out to check the dryer because it was leaving orange marks on the tenant’s clothes. I was advised that a part was being ordered, however it never arrived. I called on August 21 to find out what was going on (they never got back to me). Apparently the home warranty company declined the purchase of the part. The drum of the dryer is rusting which is causing the orange stains. Due to some small print in my contract, apparently this falls under “cleaning of an appliance” and is not covered under our warranty. I spoke to a supervisor and then a supervisor’s supervisor, to no avail. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with them trying to resolve the matter. Then I tried to cancel the insurance because of the lack of service. I have to now pay a $59 cancellation fee too. I am very frustrated and disappointed with American Home Shield.

August 6, 2019 6:38 am

STAY AWAY!!! I’ve had multiple homes previously with AHS and had good experiences, not now!!! Whether pool, electrical, or any other service, AHS constantly looks for ways not to cover, claiming “not caused by normal wear and tear.”
Example: I paid for additional coverage for my salt water pool. The heater developed a leak and died. The first technician said it was due to rodent damage. Denied coverage. Since the heater electrical was fine, and the heater is made of copper and aluminum, no way it was rodent damage. Called for a second opinion. Second technician said definitely not rodent repair, it was due to a leak that developed over time due to chemicals in the water. AHS said that is not normal wear and tear and since this was the second opinion, coverage denied and no further discussion.
Seriously? The 2nd tech said that it was normal since the heater was 10 years old.
Called in 3rd tech myself, paid myself for diagnosis — leak due to normal wear and tear.
AHS will repair — cost: $3,500!!!
AHS went round and round with explanations, including the heater was not designed for salt water. Great, that is covered according to the contract. But, no, AHS states again, no normal wear and tear.
Similar issue with an electrical problem in the house. Not covered. Got second opinion, and they agreed to address.
Total SCAM… buyer BEWARE!!! If you’ve used AHS in the past, it’s not the same…..

January 4, 2019 10:34 pm

Could not be worst! I filed a claim with them on Tuesday, for a broken pipe. A company was assigned to do the job but, because the leak is under the sauna, they said they wouldn’t touch it. Now the leak happens to be under the sauna, but the sauna itself has no water as it’s a dry sauna. It’s like saying “we don’t fix leaks that happen to be under a kitchen floor”… So the claim was supposed to be reassigned to another company. When I checked online, the claim had disappeared. And I filed a new one. Guess what? The same company was assigned to do the job… So I called AHS. First time I was on hold for 1 hour and 12 minutes. When the lady answered, I shared politely my displeasing with the long wait. She went on lecturing me about how she had just hang up with another customer and, when I tried to put a word in, she hung up on me. HUNG UP after 72 minutes of wait! So I called again. This time I only waited 50 minutes. The lady that answered had a rather poor English accent, she was very hard to understand. I am not discriminating, I am Italian so I know a poor accent when I hear one… I explained the problem, she mumbled something like she understood, she apologized for the inconvenience and put me on hold. I have now been on hold for an hour and 37 minutes (make it an hour and fifty now…), plus an hour and 12 to start with plus 50 before talking with someone on the second call. All that to correct a problem they created. And this is not the end of it, as I am still on hold. I will let you know how this story ends… AHS is terrible, save your money, they will do anything not to pay your claim, which includes canceling claims online and not talking with you. And if they cancel the claims and you can’t talk to anybody, the only thing left to do is continue paying the $1100 I pay for the year or they will send the contract to a collection agency. Man, I thought the Italian Mafia had the extorsion thing down to a science, but boy AHS has a leg up on them!

October 26, 2018 8:33 pm

In my experience, the WORST company EVER!
So, two months ago, oven not heating, sent a guy, he yelled at me in front of my daughter, and then, my husband! The oven never did get fixed. The dryer broke, they were going to send same company, I said HELL NO, so they sent a different company. The guy BLEW UP our dryer and our electric circuit. Blamed it on our electricity. SO, they sent an electrician, he fixed it. It blew again, the electrician came again, fixed it, looked and said the dryer is melted inside and that it is burned up and the electric is not the problem and that the dryer has a short in it.
I called the owner back and told him the guy he sent ruined the dryer and blew up circuit breaker. The OWNER came and “fixed” the dryer. I did a load of laundry and it BURNED my husbands expensive work clothes. I called the owner, said I was going to call Home Shield. He said I was lucky to have him because someone else would take a minimum of two to three weeks, maybe more, before they would be able to look at my dryer. I told him I was concerned about his guy blowing up my dryer (by the way he didn’t know his employee’s name, he said he goes through them a lot). A guy at my husband’s work said if it had so much electric going through it that the circuit breaker broke and it was melted inside, it would never be the same. So, he “fixed” it again. I did another load of laundry and it BURNED my husband’s other expensive work clothes.
NOW, the appliance guy told American Home Shield that he never found any problem with the dryer?! Really?! So, their first guy, over the oven yells at me in my home in front of my daughter and the second guy, who blew up my, still not working dryer, it has now been about a month, said he found nothing wrong with the dryer?! Who are these people they are sending to my house? CRIMINALS? Apparently.
THEIR electrician said it was the dryer. NOW, after calling them for a month, having a shady people in my house, they want to have someone else come to my house. I said I really think after everything you have put me through I should have a NEW DRYER, because your guy BLEW mine up and it WASN’T blown up before! AND for ALL of his HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE inconvenience (just got of phone now having ANOTHER guy come to my house)! This has really added a lot of unneeded stress to my life.UPDATE: THEY SENT AN 8TH PERSON AND THEY WERE A NOW SHOW AND NEVER CALLED!! THEY ONLY HIRE LOW END PEOPLE. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

John white
September 27, 2018 6:42 pm

Wouldn’t do business with these bastards….terrible customer service and their SOME of their contractors are sketchy.

allison yearby
December 30, 2016 10:53 am

I’ve been with America Home Shield for 2 years now. When I first got the warranty I was told for the first year it would have to be in full, which I did, and after that I could do monthly. Well I was making an online payment today for my Dec 18th payment only to find out I had been set up on auto payment. I never authorized auto payments because my funds may not be avail on the 18th every month, especially this month. I called Customer Service and was that apparently when I renewed in Oct of this year that it had to be set up and that I agreed to it. I advised the rep that this must be new because all of 2015 I was getting a statement and calling in payments or making my payments online. The Rep stated that is a policy of American Home Shield and that they never send statements unless the account is past due. I advised the Rep that I’ve always gotten statements and then I would call in to pay. Needless to say, it let my asking for her Supervisor. I then spoke Pam (id #: 5085311) in the Georgia Service Support that advised that being with the company for 12 years that they never send out statements. I advised I have statements like I get my renewal notices reminding me of my payments. I then asked Pam to review my payment history and that she can see I’ve been on auto pay and that I’m sure considering this is a company that they have copies of the statements that have been sent to me. She stated that she didn’t have the capabilities to pull those statements because they never send statements. Pam refused to give me her manager’s name and number as well as refused to give her direct number. I’m upset and outraged because I feel I’m being viewed as a liar and I’ve been a loyal customer with this company. True enough this month’s payment wasn’t paid before or on the due date but you can’t just set my account on auto draft and pull something out of your ass and tell me this is policy and this is how it’s always been. I’ve no ill feelings toward American Home Shield as a company but the Reps and Management groups need better training in Customer Service.

May 25, 2016 3:00 am

I cancelled after they refused to repair or replace my leaking boiler. Now, after trying to get them to stop emailing me. After telling me that the emails would take up to 30 days to stop, they continue to send emails at least weekly, sometimes twice in the same day. It has been 85 days. Stay away from this scam company.