Reolink Cameras Reviewed: The Right Choice For Your Security Needs?

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Reolink iOS app on screen (caption: Reolink Camera Review)Reolink has an extensive line of stand-alone security cameras, many of which we review on Safe Smart Living. There are lots to choose from, so we compare their best sellers and give you a glimpse into the best (and worst) of Reolink cameras and camera systems.

Article Overview


4.2 / 5
Camera View & Visibility 4.5
Audio 4.5
Remote Viewing/Streaming 4.8
Price 3.3
Recording Options 4.5
Tech Support 3.8


  • Sturdy equipment
  • Variety of camera options
  • PIR motion sensors
  • 7 days of free cloud storage
  • Easy to install
  • No base station required


  • Various customer complaints about setup, performance, and tech support
  • No noise cancelling audio feature
  • Most WiFi cameras only supported on 2.4 GHz connection

Reolink CameraKey Features

  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Variety of accessories available, like mounts, chargers, and silicone skins
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Free cloud recording for 7 days
  • User-friendly App/Client
  • 24/7 recording or set your own recording schedule
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Solar panel chargers available for Argus 2, Argus 3, Argus Pro, Argus PT, Argus Eco, Reolink Go, Reolink Go PT

Comparison Table

Reolink has a lot of battery-powered, WiFi, cellular, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera options. Our experts compare their best sellers in this comprehensive table.

 Reolink GoReolink Go PTReolink Argus ProReolink Argus PTReolink Argus 2Reolink Argus 3Reolink E1 ZoomReolink RLC-423Reolink RLC-410W
Price For 1 Camera (Unless Otherwise Noted) $219.99 $289.99
Price Includes Solar Panel
Price Is For Two Cameras
$139.99 $84.99 $94.99 $64.99 Check Amazon for availability $59.99
Video Resolution1080p Full HD
1080p Full HD
1080p Full HD
1080p Full HD
1080p Full HD
1080p Full HD
5 MP5 MP4 MP
Viewing Angle110°
Horizontal: 48° - 98° ; Vertical: 37° - 75°
31° - 87°
Night VisionStarlight Night Vision

Starlight Night Vision
Starlight Night Vision
Starlight Night Vision
Starlight Night Vision
Color Night Vision
High Quality Night Vision Up To 40ft

High Quality Night Vision Up To 190ft
High Quality Night Vision Up To 100ft
Pan/Tilt355° Pan & 140° Tilt
355° Pan & 140° Tilt
355° Pan & 50° Tilt
360° Pan & 90° Tilt
Zoom6x Digital Zoom
6x Digital Zoom
6x Digital Zoom
6x Digital Zoom
6x Digital Zoom
6x Digital Zoom
3X Optical Zoom
4X Optical Zoom6x Digital Zoom
PIR Motion SensorCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
2-Way AudioCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Wire-Free Or WiredWire-FreeWire-FreeWire-FreeWire-FreeWire-FreeWire-FreeWiredWiredWired
Operating Temperature14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F14° to 131° F
Local StorageMicroSD Card up to 64 MB16GB Micro SD card Included
MicroSD Card up to 64 MBMicroSD Card up to 64 MBMicroSD Card up to 64 MBMicroSD Card up to 64 MBMicroSD Card up to 64 MBMicroSD Card up to 64 MBMicroSD Card up to 64 MB
Cloud StorageCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
NVR RecordingCheckmarkCheckmark
WiFi, Cellular Or PoE Connection4G LTE or 3G4G LTE or 3G2.4GHz WiFi2.4GHz WiFi 2.4GHz WiFi2.4GHz WiFi2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFiPoE2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi
Solar Panel Charger AvailableCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Integrated SpotlightCheckmarkInfrared LEDs Infrared LEDs
Reolink GoReolink Go PTReolink Argus ProReolink Argus PTReolink Argus 2Reolink Argus 3Reolink E1Reolink RLC-423Reolink RLC-410

POE Camera Systems

Reolink 8CH 5MP PoEReolink also has a line of power over ethernet (PoE) cameras that connect to a Reolink NVR recording system. We review their 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System in our article about CCTV security camera systems. Find out how it stacks up to the competition!

To explore more options, you can look at their PoE cameras and PoE Camera Surveillance Systems on Amazon.


Reolink products are often discounted off of MSRP on Amazon.

Cloud Subscriptions

Reolink offers cloud subscriptions for the Reolink Go, Reolink Go PT, Reolink Lumus, Argus Pro, Argus 2, and Argus 3 cameras. Depending on the number of cameras you have and how much storage you need, you can find a plan to fit your needs. Click here to view all subscription options.

Monthly PriceFree$4.99$9.99$14.99
Video History7 days30 days30 days60 days
Number Of Cameras Supported1 5 10 20

Reolink App And Client

Android App | iOS App | Client For Mac | Client For Windows

Reolink Camera ios app on iphoneReolink has an app and software to help you manage your cameras and keep an eye on your home or business. The Reolink app is available for Android and iOS, and the Reolink Client software is available for download on Mac or Windows. You also have the option to access your cameras through IE 10, IE 11, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers without downloading software.

All of the options available allow you to enjoy the following:

  • Smart motion alerts: Text and email alerts sent from the camera to the app or through email.
  • Multi-cam live view: View live camera feed from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • Easy playback: Intuitive timeline design allows you to find the videos you’re looking for quickly and simply.
  • Motion zones: Set up detection areas and adjust motion sensitivity to meet your specific needs.
  • Record scheduling: Set up recordings for specific times.
  • Multi-channel sharing: Easily share videos on Facebook, Twitter, or the Reolink official site.

Security Solutions For Every Angle

This two-minute video from Reolink shows you their variety of camera options and where you might want to place them.

Understand What You Need Before You Buy

Reolink gives you lots of great options if your goal is to monitor your home using security cameras. But if you are looking for more information about motion detection and the opportunity to have a monitoring plan, you may want to explore home security systems.

Buying security cameras is a big decision. You may need to learn more about security cameras to determine your exact needs. Our experts have written a comprehensive guide to security cameras that can help teach you everything you ever wanted to know about security cameras. This guide will walk you through lots of information that can help you make the right decision.

Which Reolink camera stands out for you?

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