Identity Guard vs LifeLock: Which Offers Better ID Theft Protection?

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Man with empty pocketsIdentity Guard and LifeLock are two of the most popular identity theft protection services on the market. Both are top-tier options, but how do you know which one is the best for your particular needs? See how these two big ID theft players measure up against each other in our Identity Guard vs LifeLock review.

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LifeLock is a leading ID theft protection company with a history of reliable service since launching in 2005. Who owns LifeLock? Cybersecurity giant Symantec acquired LifeLock in late 2016. LifeLock was named in the 2016 Online Trust Honor Roll for excellent consumer protection and data security.

Identity Guard’s parent company, Intersections Inc., has protected more than 47 million consumers for over 20 years. Named Kiplinger magazine’s #1 best ID theft protection service in 2015, Identity Guard was also recognized in the Online Trust Honor Roll in 2017.

How do you choose between two of the best? See how their features stack up on our Identity Guard vs LifeLock comparison.

Identity Guard Vs LifeLock Feature Comparison

 Identity GuardLifeLock
Monitoring CoverageCheckmark
Recovery ServicesCheckmark
Customer Service & ReputationCheckmark
Mobile AccessCheckmark
Family/Child ProtectionCheckmark
Overall WinnerCheckmark

Monitoring Coverage

Both services offer some of the best coverage on the market, with monitoring everything from your personal information, court records, bank accounts, credit cards, credit bureaus and more.

LifeLock, however, has the slight edge over Identity Guard in this category. What do they cover that Identity Guard doesn’t? LifeLock also keeps an eye on your investment account activity and driver’s license and monitors the sex offender registry in your area.LifeLock logo

Winner: LifeLock

Recovery Services

LifeLock provides full recovery services and 24/7 access to their fraud specialists, who take care of most of the recovery process for you. They’ll contact your financial institutions and handle paperwork and all the necessary steps to restore your identity.

While Identity Guard also offers 24/7 access to specialists, you’re responsible for all the legwork to recover your identity. Identity Guard also provides up to $1 million in reimbursement insurance (as does LifeLock). LifeLock goes beyond that to provide up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement.LifeLock logo

Winner: LifeLock 

Customer Service & Reputation

Identity Guard and LifeLock both stand out for exceptional customer support and reputations. These two companies provide U.S.-based, 24/7 access to ID theft specialists and general member services. Their websites also have a lot of useful information about identity theft.

We also compared online customer reviews for LifeLock and Identity Guard, both of which had mostly positive user feedback. The Identity Guard complaints we found focused mainly on hit or miss customer service representatives. We found some more consistent LifeLock complaints about delayed alerts, which is why Identity Guard has the leg up on this one.Identity Guard logo

Winner: Identity Guard

Mobile Access

Both Identity Guard and LifeLock have mobile apps with overall decent reviews and ratings from Google Play and iTunes. However, LifeLock has thousands more reviews and higher ratings than Identity Guard does, which is why it wins this category.LifeLock logo

Winner: LifeLock 

Family/Child Coverage

Identity Guard has three separate family plans that are among the most affordable on the market. Is there a LifeLock family plan? No; they only offer a child add-on plan that’s quite pricey compared to many LifeLock competitors.

How much does LifeLock cost to add kids? LifeLock’s Junior Plan runs you an additional $5.99 per month per child.

With Identity Guard you can cover two adults and two children for only $27.99 per month. To get the same level of coverage for a family of four with LifeLock, you’ll end up spending more than $50 per month. You can also enjoy the same savings with Identity Guard’s Couple Plan.Identity Guard logo

Winner: Identity Guard


Regarding pricing, how do Identity Guard plans and LifeLock plans compare? You’re going to save more with Identity Guard. At $29.99/month, LifeLock’s Ultimate Plus plan is much higher than average.

Ultimate Plus is the only LifeLock plan that offers the same level of coverage as Identity Guard’s $16.99/month mid-tier plan (or top-tier at $22.99/month).

And when you take pricing for a couple into consideration, the Identity Guard Couple Plan at $26.99 is still less expensive than LifeLock’s single-person Ultimate Plus plan. With LifeLock, you’ll end up spending nearly $60 per month for a couple. See below for a handy side-by-side plan comparison.Identity Guard logo

Winner: Identity Guard

Identity Guard Vs LifeLock Plans – Detailed Comparison

 Identity GuardIdentity GuardIdentity GuardLifeLockLifeLockLifeLock
EssentialsTotal ProtectionPlatinumStandardAdvantageUltimate Plus
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
Price Per Month$8.99/month$16.99/month$22.99/month$9.99/month
Free Trial30 days30 days30 days
U.S.-Based Agents 24/7CheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Full Identity Recovery SupportCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
SSN MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Driver's License MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Credit Card Monitoring & Activity AlertsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Bank Account Monitoring & Activity AlertsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Address Change VerificationCheckmarkCheckmarkUSPS Address Change VerificationUSPS Address Change VerificationUSPS Address Change Verification
Lost Wallet AssistanceCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Alerts for New Account AttemptsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Black Market Website SurveillanceCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
File Sharing Network SearchesCheckmark
PC Keyboard Encryption SoftwareCheckmarkCheckmark
PC Antivirus SoftwareCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
ID Vault Password ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmark
Payday Loan MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Investment Account Activity AlertsCheckmark
Court Records ScanningCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Sex Offender Registry ReportsCheckmark
Fictitious Identity MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Online Annual Credit Reports and Scores3 Credit Bureaus3 Credit Bureaus1 Credit Bureau3 Credit Bureau
Credit Score TrackingThree Bureaus, QuarterlyThree Bureaus, MonthlyOne Bureau, Monthly
3-Bureau Credit AnalyzerCheckmarkCheckmark
Stolen Funds ReplacementUp to $25,000Up to $100,000Up to $1 million
Personal Expense Reimbursement InsuranceUp to $1 millionUp to $1 millionUp to $1 millionUp to $25,000Up to $100,000Up to $1 million
Coverage for Lawyers & ExpertsIncluded in Reimbursement InsuranceIncluded in Reimbursement InsuranceIncluded in Reimbursement InsuranceUp to $1 millionUp to $1 millionUp to $1 million

Identity Guard Multi-Person Plans

The following plans share the same features as the Identity Guard Total Protection Plan.

  • $26.99 per month for 2 adults
  • $24.99 per month for 1 adult and children
  • $27.99 per month for 2 adults and children

Identity Guard Coupon

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LifeLock Coupon

You can visit our dedicated Lifelock coupon page to discuss current offers.

Overall Winner

Each of these services offers something different for consumers, and this battle is close but in the end, Identity Guard wins even though it has the same number of checkmarks as LifeLock. LifeLock may cover a few more things, have slightly better recovery services and mobile app ratings, but Identity Guard has better customer service, family/child coverage and lower pricing. Identity Guard is the way to go if you want to save money, especially if you have more than one family member you want to cover.

Is LifeLock worth it? Yes, if you’re not on a strict budget. LifeLock’s Ultimate Plus plan offers some of the most comprehensive monitoring and recovery services available. These features come with a much higher than average price tag.Identity Guard logo

Winner: Identity Guard

Want to learn more about each service? Take a look at our in-depth Identity Guard review and LifeLock review for more information on each company.

Before deciding on an ID theft protection service, be sure to check out our comprehensive review where we compare identity theft protection services. We compare a dozen providers, see how Identity Guard and LifeLock stack up to the competition! You may also be interested in learning about how common identity theft is.

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