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Uh oh, you’ve heard about the data hacks and credit card breaches – identity theft is serious business and a security threat for each and every one of us. But now it’s time for you to learn more. Way to take the initiative to research the topic! Our LifeLock review includes the pros, cons, key features, pricing, customer testimonials and more to help you decide if the cost of LifeLock is worth it.

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Article Overview

LifeLock logoOur team had the opportunity to try the LifeLock Ultimate package to test its functionality and give you this unbiased review. Testing the service did provide a more accurate, first-hand perspective. LifeLock is not the only contender in the identity theft protection space – we review over half a dozen companies and discuss their pros and cons in our identity theft protection reviews.

LifeLock Review

3.9 / 5
LifeLock Review
Monitoring Coverage 4.3
Recovery Service 4.5
Customer Service & Reputation 2.5
Mobile Access 4.6
Family/Child Protection 4.0
Pricing 3.5


  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package
  • Detects use of personal information to apply for a line of credit, utilities, cell phone plans, etc.
  • Monitors your driver’s license, mother’s maiden name and medical information
  • Fully managed recovery support
  • A- BBB rating
  • 24/7 support
  • Monitors websites to make sure your credentials are not for sale
  • Features include court records scanning and sex offender registry
  • Offers more coverage than some other competitors
  • Child plan is available as an add-on to an adult plan


  • Delay on notifications for credit reports
  • Does not monitor all transactions at all businesses
  • Does not monitor email
  • Must upgrade plans for bank account coverage and credit report/score monitoring

Key Features

Below we’ve gone into further detail about some of the things we like and don’t like about LifeLock.

  • 24/7 Support – Around the clock customer support is one of LifeLock’s big selling points. Criminals don’t work 9-5 jobs—they are scheming 24/7. That’s why it’s important to have an identity theft protection service with customer support available 24/7 to help you.
  • Child Plan – Not all identity theft protection services offer a child specific plan—LifeLock is one of the few that does.
  • No Family Discount – LifeLock offers no family plan discount. So, if you want to be proactive and cover everyone in your family, the price is going to increase quickly since there is no group plan available.
  • Credit Scores and Reports – LifeLock offers credit scores and reports from all three bureaus.
  • Up to $1 Million Service Guarantee – This is the maximum amount of money LifeLock will pay if their service is found to have failed.
  • Up to $1 Million Insurance for Lost Funds


 LifeLock JuniorStandardAdvantageUltimate Plus
PriceListed Price: $5.99/month or $65.99/year$9.99/month or $119.88/year$19.99/month or $239.88/year$29.99/month
Identity Threat Detection and AlertsCheckmark
File-Sharing Network SearchesCheckmark
Credit File VerificationCheckmark
LifeLock Identity Alert SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Lost Wallet ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
USPS Address Change VerificationCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card OffersCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Black Market Website SurveillanceCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Live Member Support 24/7/365CheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
$1 Million Total Service GuaranteeCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Fictitious Identity MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Court Records ScanningCheckmarkCheckmark
Data Breach NotificationsCheckmarkCheckmark
Online Annual Credit Reports and ScoresCheckmark1 Credit BureauCheckmark3 Credit Bureau
Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Activity AlertsCheckmarkCheckmark
Investment Account Activity AlertsCheckmark
Checking and Savings Account Application AlertsCheckmark
Bank Account Takeover AlertsCheckmark
Credit Inquiry ActivityCheckmark
File-Sharing Network SearchesCheckmark
Sex Offender Registry ReportsCheckmark
Monthly Credit Score TrackingCheckmark

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Customer Service Reviews

Does LifeLock work? These customers have first-hand experience with LifeLock. Read about their experiences below.

Positive Reviews

LifeLock has been a great asset to me, they have caught fraud attempts on my credit through the years and it is even more important today to have their service. I feel it is worth whatever the cost to keep your credit protected. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you LIFELOCK. – James, Consumer Affairs 3/3/2016

I have been with Life Lock for 1 year. I live in South Carolina and last year their Department of Revenue was hacked. Because the state was offering free credit monitoring, My attitude was when something is for free, it is not really the best, so I joined life lock. I recently increased my credit line with a company who asked if it was ok to access my credit report which I gave permission for. Three days later I had an email and snail mail that my credit report was accessed and that I should contact them to advise if it was legitimate. So kudos to Lifelock. I just renewed my membership and the only negative is that I had to scour the internet for a promo code to obtain the discount for another year. I found that some of the codes were not valid according to lifelock. The agent blamed it on the sales department. I am happy with the service but find the begging for the promo codes a little demeaning. But I do recommend the company, just research the cost, it is the responsibility of the consumer. – Richard K., BBB 2/8/2014

Hear about Casey’s scary experience and how LifeLock helped him.

Negative Reviews

Lifelock does not provide the services advertised. After receiving a collection letter on an account that had been fraudulently opened, I contacted Lifelock. They refused to help since no “alert” had been made, presumably an adverse report to the credit agencies. They sent me an “alert” the following day. I had contact with Lifelock three times over a 2 month period, and each time I was assured a fraud investigation would be initiated and someone would contact me. No one ever contacted me. Each time I called, the agent would tell me that no one had opened a fraud account for investigation. They took my $25 per month for several years and did NOTHING to help. – L.M., BBB 5/29/2016

We have been with LifeLock for about a year. For the first several months we received regular e-mails, then it stopped. We made several calls but were told “there is nothing you can do.” Why can’t we get the regular e-mail you supposedly generate. This is no way to do business. – Joyce, Consumer Affairs 5/23/2016

LifeLock vs Other Companies

See what the key differences are between LifeLock and other leading identity theft protection companies.

LifeLock vs IdentityForce

  • IdentityForce provides a larger scope of monitoring coverage with its UltraSecure+Credit plan.
  • Both LifeLock and IdentityForce provide U.S.-based, 24/7 access to certified ID theft specialists and general member services. And their websites have a lot of useful resources about identity theft and the recovery process.
  • The LifeLock app’s user interface is easier to use and includes an in-app messenger that quickly connects you to member services and ID theft specialists.
  • IdentityForce’s add-on child plan is more affordable than LifeLock’s child add-on protection, and the plans largely cover the same things.

LifeLock vs Identity Guard

  • LifeLock and Identity Guard will both monitor your personal information, court records, bank accounts, credit cards, credit bureaus and more. LifeLock also keeps an eye on your investment account activity and driver’s license and monitors the sex offender registry in your area.
  • With Identity Guard you can cover two adults and two children for only $27.99 per month. To get the same level of coverage for a family of four with LifeLock, you’ll end up spending more than $50 per month. You can also enjoy the same savings with Identity Guard’s Couple Plan.
  • LifeLock provides full recovery services and 24/7 access to their fraud specialists, who take care of most of the recovery process for you. While Identity Guard also offers 24/7 access to specialists, you’re responsible for all the legwork to recover your identity. Identity Guard also provides up to $1 million in reimbursement insurance (as does LifeLock).

LifeLock vs IDShield

  • LifeLock credit monitoring gives you monthly scores from one credit bureau and annual reports from all three, while IDShield offers quarterly credit scores from just one credit bureau.
  • LifeLock also monitors your investment accounts, IDShield does not.
  • IDShield’s app provides a quick connection to their certified fraud specialists.
  • IDShield offers a family plan for only $24.95 per month, you get coverage for two adults and up to 10 minors. There is no LifeLock family plan. You’re required to have separate accounts for adults, and you must pay $5.99 per month for each child for their LifeLock Junior package.
  • Both IDShield and LifeLock offer full recovery services, but IDShield’s fraud specialists are licensed private investigators, who average seven years of experience from law enforcement, banking and collection backgrounds.

See all of the differences between LifeLock and IDShield

Identity Theft Isn’t a Joke

Would you believe us if we told you that 15 million people in the U.S. have their identities stolen every year? Well, it certainly isn’t a lie. Identity theft is a crime that continues to increase, and that’s why it’s important to get ahead of it before it takes over your life. Protect yourself and your family today by purchasing identity theft protection.

If you’re just getting started, we have a starter guide on identity theft. If you’re already familiar with identity theft and are ready to see who wins our showdown, check our comparison review of all the major identity theft providers.

Do you know someone who has had their identity stolen?

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I’ve been a LifeLock customer for years, I recently refinanced our house and the mortgage company ran a credit check with all the credit agencies. Lifelock notified me not once, but three times (for all 3 credit agencies) and not only via email but also via call and text. So for a few days I was bombarded by LifeLock alerts, but I ended up just changing my notification settings. Glad they were on top of it though!