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Best AI Security Camera: Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Home Security?

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Cat being detected by AI camera (Caption: Artificial intelligence Security Cameras)Artificial intelligence, or AI, isn’t just a futuristic technology you hear about in movies. More and more, it’s becoming a tool that we use to simplify our lives and make our homes and businesses more intelligent.

As the desire for smart homes grows, so does the technology that makes it more user-friendly. The combination of AI and surveillance can add a lot of value to this process. Specifically, AI cameras are starting to change the game.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that teaches machines to think for themselves and to be able to learn new information and skills. Also referred to as machine learning, AI is being used more frequently in products we use in our daily lives. Most AI technology you’ll encounter is in smart products like smart speakers and smart home robots.

You may also notice AI when you’re using your computer. Do you ever feel like your computer is reading your mind? Companies like Google and Facebook use it to determine which ads are best suited to your taste. Music platforms, like Pandora and Spotify, use it to help suggest music you might like based on what your listening preferences are. What you might not see is how we all benefit from AI technology in agriculture, farming, manufacturing, and production. AI machinery simplifies the processes in these industries.

Is AI Technology Safe?

Lock on computer keyboard (Caption: Don’t Be A Victim of Cyber Crime: What You Need To Know)Anytime you use new technology, there’s a concern for the security of your personal information and data. However, there’s a fear with AI that the technology will progress to the point where machine intelligence can surpass human intelligence and take control of the world. Fortunately, that fear has yet to be proven possible.

When AI technology is in the wrong hands, criminals can use it for cyberattacks by creating intelligent malware and disruptive software that can wreak all kinds of havoc (read our experts’ guide on cybercrime for preventative recommendations). This technology plays a role in data breaches and hacking.

Fortunately, AI can also benefit cybersecurity in several ways by:

  • Analyzing data to identify threats
  • Tracking routine behavior to detect abnormal activity
  • Improving response time to breaches

Do You Use Security Cameras Indoors?

You do need to protect AI cameras from hacking, just like all security cameras. Check out our article, can security cameras be hacked?, to learn more about how you can keep your cameras safe.

AI Security Cameras

There’s three ways you can get artificial intelligence with your cameras:

  1. Dedicated AI Cameras
  2. Regular Cameras With AI Features
  3. AI Security Camera Systems

1) Dedicated AI Security Cameras

AI security cameras use local AI processing, instead of cloud-based algorithms, to analyze the sound and motion it detects.

SimShine produces a wireless outdoor camera with facial recognition matching. These AI-powered security cameras use local AI processing. Also, they can link and use multiple devices through IFTTT (IF This, Then That). Adding IFTTT can trigger smart home features (such as turning on lights and music or adjusting the thermostat), based on camera events (detecting motion or recognizing a face for example).

2) Security Cameras With AI Features

Several cameras, while not using AI processing, have individual features that use AI technology. Here are some examples:

  • Arlo – All Arlo cameras, including the Arlo Ultra, can use the Arlo smart app, enabling AI motion detection. This technology can differentiate between animals, people, vehicles, and more.
  • Canary – All Canary cameras, including the Canary View, include AI person detection to allow smarter alerts with less false alarms.
  • Nest – The Nest cameras by Google have smart detection. The camera can tell a person from an object and even recognize faces. It also has Google Assistant built-in.
  • Ring – The Ring doorbell cameras have an option to enable person detection to reduce motion alert events caused by cars and animals.

3) AI Security Camera Systems

Currently, there aren’t any camera systems that use local AI processing. However, as this technology develops, this will likely become an option. In the meantime, you can put together your own system by buying multiple cameras from the companies we’ve mentioned and linking them in their apps.

What Does An AI Security Camera Look Like?

This two-minute video from SimCam shows you what their AI security cameras can do and how it works.

Here’s Looking At You, Smarty Pants

Google Mini on table with iPhoneYou’ve seen what AI cameras can do. If you’re interested making your home the smartest on the block, we have articles on everything from smart light bulbs and thermostats to smart robots for vacuuming and even lawn mowing in our smart home section. See how smart technology can make your life so much easier.

And if you want to learn more about cameras, we’ve got you covered there as well in our home security camera guide.

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