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Home security has changed quite a bit since the old days of landline systems where burglars could cut the wire to sever communications between your home and a monitoring station. We’ve entered the era of smart technology, and home security is catching up to the times.

Along with a plethora of DIY offerings (think easy self-install at your own convenience vs having a professional hardwire equipment on a scheduled installation day and time), home security has expanded from the typical motion and door/window sensors to smart home technology that integrates everything from your door locks and light switches to your thermostats. The technology and terminology can be overwhelming, so we put together a guide on home security systems to help.

Canary Home Security Review: Smart, All-In-One, Wireless, Cameras, Customer Service, And More

Canary alarm system hidden on a shelf between books (Caption: Canary Review)

Canary is an all-in-one device that can monitor a space in your home. Unlike some all-in-one devices that only monitor your home with video, however, Canary can also monitor temperature, air quality and humidity. But does this make it the most capable as a security system for giving you added peace of mind? Or is it best suited for specific uses?

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How Much Does A Home Security System Cost (Installation, Monthly, Etc.)? ADT, Vivint, XFinity, Brinks, SimpliSafe, & More

Desk with money, finances and home block (caption: How Much Does A Home Security System Cost?)

A dependable security system doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. But the initial offer you receive may look sweeter than it is, and may not contain all of what you’ll end up paying out of pocket. In addition to your equipment price or monthly monitoring fee, there are often installation, upgrade, add-on, and other hidden costs you’ll encounter after you sign up. Our experts compare the top providers and sift through the hidden fees so your wallet won’t be surprised later.

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Frontpoint Security Promo Code 2021: Coupons, Seasonal Discounts, And More

Girl holding sign that says: Frontpoint Security Promotions And Coupons next to Frontpoint secuirty sign

If you’ve found this page you know that Frontpoint is a top notch security system. Now I’m guessing you’re either looking to expand your system or are on the verge of signing up as a new customer. What’s also helpful, even if they’re not currently offering a discount, and what most of the “coupon” sites don’t necessarily share, is the history of promotions for a particular company. Sure you may have found a Frontpoint coupon, but how good is it compared to what they normally offer? Are there seasonal discounts, a Black Friday deal that might be better? We’re your source for the latest Frontpoint promotions, so keep this article handy!

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Frontpoint Security Mobile App (By Review (Android & iPhone): How To Use, Scenes, Not Working Fixes, And More

Person holding iPhone with Frontpoint App on screen (caption: Frontpoint Security App)

The Frontpoint app allows you to control and monitor your Frontpoint security system from anywhere, and it’s included at no additional cost. What can you do with it? Just about everything – from arming and disarming remotely to scheduling lights, watching video camera feeds and more. If a sensor triggers, you and your network of contacts will receive an instant alert. But is the Frontpoint app as dependable as the hype suggests? And is it up to date with the latest industry features and technology? Find out in our comprehensive review.

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Personal holding phone with Alarm dot com on screen (caption: Review)

If you’re in the market for a home security system, by now you may have come across But what do they do exactly? Do they provide a home security system, or just service, or possibly just equipment? We don’t blame you, as the company has evolved its worn many hats, which unfortunately have caused confusion for the average consumer. We’re here to clear all that up for you. is a smart home security and automation provider that helps integrate homes and businesses. Their products and services are only available through your home security provider – i.e., you cannot receive service from directly. What strives to offer via its licensing arrangement with your home security provider is a one-stop shop to control everything from one place. Instead of using one app for your home’s security, another app for your smart speakers and another app for your home automation, you can use for all three. Read on to find out more and how to locate a provider that offers their services.

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Security System Backup Battery: How They Work, How Long They Last, And Which Systems Support Them

Battery backup on desk (caption: Security System Battery Backup)

Home security systems help keep our families safe and feeling secure. But what happens when you lose power? Does your system keep working? It’s important not to leave yourself in a vulnerable situation. You may need a battery backup to ensure your security system stays active when your family needs it most. Do you know if your security system has a battery backup?

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AT&T Digital Life Reviews: App, Sensors, Water And Carbon Monoxide Detection, Contract Length, Discounts, And More

AT&T Digital Life security sign in yard (caption: AT&T Digital Life Review)

AT&T Digital Life offers security and smart home equipment to help secure your residence. While you have access to more equipment options than most competitors offer in their lineup, their system doesn’t integrate with as many devices. If you’re starting from scratch, this may be a good option for you. But if you’re looking to integrate existing equipment with the AT&T Digital Life system, you may be out of luck. Our experts help you find out if this is the system for you.

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