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Home security has changed quite a bit since the old days of landline systems where burglars could cut the wire to sever communications between your home and a monitoring station. We’ve entered the era of smart technology, and home security is catching up to the times.

Along with a plethora of DIY offerings (think easy self-install at your own convenience vs having a professional hardwire equipment on a scheduled installation day and time), home security has expanded from the typical motion and door/window sensors to smart home technology that integrates everything from your door locks and light switches to your thermostats. The technology and terminology can be overwhelming, so we put together a guide on home security systems to help.

A SimpliSafe Smart Lock installed on a door frame. Caption: SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review

SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review: How Does It Compare To Other Smart Locks?

SimpliSafe’s home security system is compatible with a select few third-party smart locks, but they’ve released their own branded smart lock that you can easily install and sync with their system. What makes their smart lock stand out? It’s one of the most affordable smart locks on the market for its base price. But overall, is it worth it for its functionality and other features?

Apartment kitchen (Caption: Best Apartment Security System)

Best Security System For Apartment Rental: Top Companies Reviewed And Compared

Home security is important whether you rent or own your home. As a renter, you most likely need a wireless security system that won’t damage the structure of the home but can also go with you when you move. The security systems we review in this article can work with various rentals and budgets to fit what you need. So whether you want the basics or something more extravagant with cameras and home automation equipment, you can learn more about your options here.

Three different panels each showing an ADT security camera. Caption: Blue By ADT Security Cameras

Blue By ADT Review: App, Camera, Light, Doorbell, Promo Code, vs SimpliSafe, And More

ADT has finally embraced a DIY home security system. After being in business for almost 150 years, ADT acquired LifeShield in 2019 to offer a DIY system for those who don’t want to hassle with professional installation. Now you don’t have to worry about installation fees, missing work to be home for the installer to arrive, or given that there’s a pandemic, welcoming a stranger into your home. That’s because it’s easy to setup your Blue by ADT system yourself, and we’ll show you just how easy. But is Blue as good as other DIY home security systems? And with the fairly new acquisition, are you getting more ADT or more LifeShield, and is either of those a good thing? Our experts find out in our Blue By ADT review.

Door lock (Caption: Home Security Systems: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know)

Security System False Alarms: What Causes Them And How To Prevent Them

A false alarm occurs when your security system alarm goes off without a proper reason. These alarms can also happen with security cameras and motion sensors that send alerts through an app or email. Anytime you receive a warning and there’s no valid reason for it, it’s a false alarm. Unfortunately, if you can’t stop a false alarm, your security system may send emergency responders to your home. That situation can be a waste of time for the responders and costly and embarrassing for you.

Ooma home security system on a white background. Caption: Ooma Home Security Review

Ooma Security System Reviews: Camera, Siren, App, Mobile App, Monthly Cost, vs SimpliSafe, And More

Ooma, a well-established VoIP company, also offers a competitively priced entry-level home security system with easy DIY installation, no contracts, and both professional and self-monitoring options. However, the system has only been around since 2018 and faces some exceptionally stiff competition in the DIY home security market. Does Ooma have all the features you want to keep your home safe and secure? And is it dependable?

Honeywell smart home security system on a white background. Caption: Honeywell Home Security Review

Honeywell Smart Home Security System Review: Lights, Camera, Wireless, And More

Honeywell is a leading brand for all types of residential equipment, and they also have a DIY, self-monitored home security system with a few impressive features. But with such stiff competition from rivals like Ring Alarm and Nest, is the Honeywell Home security system worth considering? We’ll help you decide.

A man installing a motion sensor on a wall using a screwdriver. Caption: DIY Home Security Vs Professional Installation

DIY vs Professional Security System: Cameras, Monitoring, Cost, Wireless, And More Compared

Before you purchase a home security system, you want to decide what type of installation you’re comfortable with. Many home security systems on the market today have DIY (do-it-yourself) setups. However, some require a professional’s assistance. Which type of installation is right for you, and does the installation type affect the way the system performs?

View from the backseat of a man driving a car with a blurry but colorful city skyline shown through the dashboard. Caption: Ring Car Alarm

Ring Car Alarm Reviews: The Future Of Car Security?

In September of 2020, Ring announced a new line of security products: Ring Security For Cars. One of the most anticipated developments in the announcement is the Ring Car Alarm. Ring describes this new product as “a new way to guard your car.” Our experts keep a close eye on what this product offers and give you all the details available before its release.

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