Identity Theft

Jane bought a gift for her friend online. A week later that website was hacked, and her personal data was stolen. Random charges started appearing on her credit cards, and her bank account dwindled down to nothing. She was struggling to pay her bills, and it wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know what to do, how to get her money back or how to make it stop.

Too many people find themselves in a situation like this. Fortunately, we can help you protect your identity and monitor it with our tips. It’s only a matter of time until this happens to you.

handcuffs, card on a laptop (Caption: How To File A Police Report For Identity Theft)

How To File A Police Report For Identity Theft

We all cringe at the ping of the phone when we are spending money. But there is no worse feeling than hearing that ping… while you are at home… not spending money! Or receiving a demand for payment on an item you have never purchased! Discovering that you have been a victim of identity theft is something we all dread. Not only is it the loss of our hard-earned income, but the hassle of replacing all our identification documents and alerting the relevant people. If you’re unsure how to file a police report for identity theft, keep reading and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Old man shopping online with credit card in hand (Caption: How To Identify Fake Websites)

How To Identify Fake Websites: Don’t Get Scammed This Holiday Season!

Looking forward to locking in savings for that special holiday gift, or simply because you’re finally pulling the trigger on that purse, video game, or set of jeans that’s been on your radar? Shopping online can be both convenient, as well as time and gas saving. Unfortunately, with comfort also comes risk.

Lock on computer keyboard (Caption: Don’t Be A Victim of Cyber Crime: What You Need To Know)

How To Prevent Cybercrime: Types Of Crime, Examples, How To Report & More

With so many recent cyber security breaches (especially from reputable companies like Target and Equifax), it has become increasingly necessary to become secure online. With so many access points (via smart home devices, fitness trackers, etc.), it’s easier than ever to fall prey to a potential hack. Breaches can happen to the best of us, not just your vulnerable average Joe. Hackers have sophisticated ways of stealing your identity and could be accessing your accounts as we speak. Unlike a house break-in where there is often evidence of a crime, it is a lot easier for digital theft to go unnoticed. Are you leaving the front door wide open for these new-age criminals? Read on to learn some basic cyber security tips that could save you, before it’s too late.

Hands holding a smartphone screen that is receiving a spam call. Caption: How To Stop Spoofing Calls

How To Stop Spoofing Calls: RoboKiller vs NomoRobo vs Hiya

Have you noticed a recent uptick in calls from unknown numbers or numbers that are suspiciously similar to your own? Phone scammers are on the prowl, using the latest technology to steal your personal information. Here’s how to protect yourself…

Man with no face (Caption: IdentityForce Vs LifeLock)

IdentityForce Vs LifeLock: Which ID Theft Service Is Better?

IdentityForce and LifeLock are two of the major players in the ever-growing industry of identity theft protection services. And if you’ve already started looking into ID theft prevention, you’ve likely come across both. So which company is best? We compare features, customer service, pros, cons, pricing and more.

A laptop with an orange screen on a desk. Caption: Complete ID Review

Costco Complete ID Reviews: Pros, Cons, Consumer Reviews, Pricing, Vs LifeLock, & More

Costco’s Complete ID protection is one of the least expensive identity monitoring plans on the market. However, it’s only available to Costco members and the price increases if you don’t have the highest membership plan. Is this a viable option to help protect your identity? We’ll share the details with you so you can be sure that you are signing up for the best ID theft protection.

Person holding blank business card (Caption: Identity Theft Insurance)

Identity Theft Insurance: Is It Worth It?

No one is immune to identity theft these days, with data breaches occurring at alarming rates. Preventing ID theft is a difficult task, even for professional ID theft experts. Monitoring your personal info and credit reports can help, but where you may need assistance the most is when your identity gets stolen. There are many insurance policies and services that can help you quickly and efficiently restore your identity with little out-of-pocket costs to you. Learn more about identity theft insurance, including our reviews of the best insurance available.

A man showing that his jean pockets are empty. Caption: Identity Guard Vs LifeLock

Identity Guard® vs LifeLock: Who’s Better At ID Theft Protection?

Identity Guard® and LifeLock are two of the most popular identity theft protection services on the market. Both are top-tier options, but how do you know which one is the best for your particular needs? See how these two big players measure up against each other in our Identity Guard® vs LifeLock review.

Black feetprint on a blurry blue background. Caption: IDShield Vs Life Lock

IDShield Vs LifeLock: Who Offers Better ID Theft Protection?

Finding the best ID theft protection is no easy feat, with tons of identity theft protection companies on the market promising to have your back. The ultimate goal is to find a service that not only monitors your personal information for fraud but also helps you recover if you become a victim of ID theft. So, which one is best for your needs? We have a clear winner in our IDShield vs LifeLock reviews.

A stack of receipts. Caption: Best Credit Monitoring Service

Best Credit Monitoring Service: Transunion vs Equifax vs Experian vs Credit Sesame vs Credit Karma & More

Do you know with full certainty what your credit score is? Have you recently checked your credit report? What you don’t know could hurt you, especially if you’re dreaming of buying a house or a new car, taking out student loans — or even if you’re looking for a new job. Your ability to do all these things hinges on how creditworthy you are in the eyes of lenders and even potential employers.

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