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DIRECTV Reviews: Streaming, Internet, Genie, Cinema Plus, Consumer Reviews, & More

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Finger pushing button on TV remote (Caption: DirectTV Reviews)DIRECTV or DISH? That’s the question we all face today. If you’re looking for satellite TV, these are your best options. This article is dedicated to everything DIRECTV. While there are many things to like about DIRECTV, including diverse channel selection and constant innovations, there are some things you may dislike. We’ll go over the features, pricing, pros and cons, plans and more in our DIRECTV Reviews.

DIRECTV Authorized DealerVisit DIRECTV’s Website | Call: 855-692-6985


Customer Service & Reputation 7.0
Price 7.5
Channels Available 9.0
DVR Features 9.0


  • Record up to 5 shows and movies at a time with Genie
  • Watch different recordings and shows at the same time in different rooms
  • 325+ channels
  • Genie recommends new shows to watch


  • Cannot fully customize your own package
  • 24-month contract
  • Similar packages from DISH are less expensive
  • Weather can affect satellite signal (true of all satellite services)

What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is a satellite TV provider. They offer Internet and phone services as well. With DIRECTV, you can watch, record, pause, rewind and fast forward your shows and movies. DIRECTV is often compared to DISH since they are the two leading satellite TV providers. To see how DIRECTV compares against DISH, check out our comparison article.


DIRECTV prices are listed below as well as DIRECTV bundles. While prices for entertainment increase across the board, the gap between bundles from traditional providers and bundles you piece together yourself by “cutting the wire” is narrowing.

DIRECTV Packages Price Number of Channels
ENTERTAINMENT™ $107/month ($64.99/month the first 12 months) 160+
CHOICE™ $129/month ($69.99/month the first 12 months) 185+
ULTIMATE™ $159/month ($89.99/month the first 12 months) 250+
PREMIER™ $214/month ($139.99/month the first 12 months) 330+



Below are some other key components to DIRECTV.

Customer Service

Like all big name companies, DIRECTV has plenty of negative comments regarding their customer service. But when you look at the competition (DISH) they do too. So although they aren’t outstanding, they also aren’t completely worse than others. It’s up to you to decide if their customer service is worth the price. Just check out some of the comments on this page to see what we’re talking about.


The Genie is DIRECTV’s premium HD DVR. It records up to 200 hours of HD TV, records up to 5 shows at once and can be programmed for viewing on a 4K TV. This gives great video and viewing experiences. Be sure to read our review of DIRECTV’s Genie.

Can I Move DIRECTV to My New House?

Moving your DIRECTV service to your new home is relatively simple. All you have to do is call them to schedule your move-in date and ask about the Movers Deal. Then, pack up your receivers, remotes and TVs and move them with you. Your satellite dish can stay at your old home. Although this sounds easy, we cannot speak to DIRECTV’s timeliness. (We’ve all been there before, taken a half day off work to be there for a delivery or installation and the person never comes. We are unsure on their performance and promptness.) Reports suggest this may be due to AT&T using third party contractors since the acquisition.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

Their programming is pretty good. Of course the more you get the higher the bill. But you can call yearly and complain, threaten to leave and they’ll knock a $150 bill down to $90 which is great but a pain to do that. Overall score 8 out of 10. – Douglas, Consumer Affairs 7/23/2021

Absolutely the best TV provider by far. I agree once AT&T bought them it started going down hill. But….now that AT&T sold DirecTV to TPG I’ve noticed a change in their customer service. I really believe they are going back to their old ways which is a great thing. I heard the call centers are moving back to the U.S.A!! Drew, Trustpilot 4/2/2021


This business is a joke. We have been with them for 3 weeks. They didn’t finish the job of installing our equipment, but already sent a bill. We have been continuously getting lied too, and all they’re doing is blaming each other. The tech keep making up lies about coming.This is the absolute worst. – Felecia F., BBB 5/4/2022

They will suck you for every penny you have. And even when you’re out of the contract and decide to end service with them ( after 6 years ) and pay in full till to your shut off date They will bend you over one more time and charge over $80 for…and I quote “other charges, adjustments and taxes”. Not to mention the service is subpar. It constantly freezes up, there on demand format is a big mess and expect to wait on hold for long periods of time to talk to a representative. – New N., Yelp 3/23/2022

Should I Get DIRECTV?

Visit DIRECTV’s Website | Call: 855-692-6985

The main question you face here is do you appreciate the convenience of having a DVR recording service that’s reliable, with all your channels bundled into one service (vs piecing them together through internet-based services ranging from Netflix to Disney+). At the end of the day, if you’re into sports it may tilt things in the direction of a cable or satellite provider because of the relationships they have with the networks (Tennis Channel, for example, is only available via a cable or satellite provider at the moment). Then again, if you’re just looking for shows and movies, a Hulu and Netflix combo might get you everything you need for a lot less. We suggest you make a list of what you want to watch and compare that list against other companies and packages.

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