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Republic Wireless Reviews: Customer Service, Plans, Coverage, & More

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Person typing on cell phone (Caption: Republic Wireless Reviews)Have you heard about the awesome savings you can enjoy from Republic Wireless, an alternative plan to the big cell service carriers? Republic Wireless is ideal for people who want super cheap unlimited talk and text with WiFi data, and they do also offer plans with cell data.

Since they were bought by DISH in 2019, things have changed a bit. Still, if you’re looking to save a ton on your monthly cell phone bill, this service is worth consideration. Read our Republic Wireless reviews to learn more.

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Republic Wireless

Coverage 8.5
Features 8.5
Switchover Process 8.0
Price/Value 9.0
Customer Service 6.0


  • Competitive pricing for unlimited text, talk and WiFi data
  • Good national coverage with T-Mobile and Sprint networks
  • Can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot
  • 14-day money back guarantee on phones and service


  • Non-DISH rates are expensive
  • No group or family discounts

Key Features Of Republic Wireless

  • Bought by DISH in 2019; DISH customers can get discounts by bundling
  • No contracts or activation fees
  • Patented Adaptive Coverage switches between available WiFi and cell networks without dropping your call
  • Republic Wireless network primarily uses the T-Mobile network, along with Sprint towers as backup
  • You can monitor your data usage via their app
  • Republic Wireless coverage map shows data coverage by type (5G, 4G LTE, 2G data and talk and text)

Republic Wireless Pricing

All Republic Wireless plans include unlimited text and talk and free WiFi data where available. They offer a 14-day money back guarantee. All plans include free WiFi calling. Prices are per month.

By The Gig Unlimited Unlimited Plus**
1 Line $19.99 $29.99 $39.99
1 Line Retail (Non-DISH Customer) $39.99 $59.99 $79.99
2 Lines $39.98 $59.98 $79.98
2 Line Retail (Non-DISH Customer) $79.98 $119.98 $159.98
Unlimited Talk & Text Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Unlimited Data 1GB data per line +$5/GB Green checkmark Green checkmark
Mobile Hotspot Data 10GB 20GB
Unlimited International Texting Green checkmark Green checkmark
Unlimited talk and text to Canada while in the US Green checkmark
Unlimited talk and text between the US and Mexico Green checkmark
2GB of roaming data while in Mexico Green checkmark

* Must be a DISH customer to qualify; Republic Members who enrolled prior to 5/10/2022 were eligible for DISH customer rates.

Are Customers Happy With Republic Wireless?

As part of our review process, we research how real customers are chiming in on services and products. Below is a balanced sampling of what we’ve found on Republic Wireless.

Positive Republic Wireless Reviews

This company is great for saving money. Just don’t expect any customer service – they use other RW customers as experts to help answer your questions. We never had problems but we are switching to a company we can call and talk to customer service. – Annie P., Facebook 1/19/2021

I’ve been using Republic Wireless for many years now, and so have some of my family members. In the early days, there were some problems with the service and other hiccups. The customer support is run through messaging-only, like email, and the reps are very friendly and helpful. Not once have I encountered an issue that couldn’t be worked out by their CS team, and I’ve probably contacted them half a dozen times myself. – Christian T., BBB 5/11/2020


I’ve been a Republic customer for over 10 years with no issues. Since the switch to DISH and 5G, their customer service is completely unacceptable. I will definitely be leaving the company to seek service elsewhere. – Emma M., Facebook 5/28/2022

Customer service has declined dramatically….responses vary from person to person. Have been a member for over 6 years, but finally transferred to another carrier. Would not recommend. -KT., BBB 8/10/2020

What Are The Best Alternatives To Republic Wireless?

Visit Republic Wireless Website

Find out how Republic Wireless compares in our comprehensive reviews of MVNO providers (no-contract and prepaid cell phone plans). Republic Wireless has its limitations — if you need more than WiFi or low cell data usage, Republic Wireless can get expensive. Read our reviews of the big network plans, which include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and more, to give you an understanding of how prepaid plans compare.

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