Best Home Security System 2019: Frontpoint vs SimpliSafe vs Ring vs Nest vs Vivint vs ADT vs Brinks & More

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Do you need help finding the best home security system but are overwhelmed with your options? Our team has 50+ years of combined experience researching, testing and using home security systems. We’ve reviewed the top professionally monitored security companies to help you choose the best for your family.

Article Overview

Best Home Security Systems

Before we jump into our company reviews, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our review criteria:

  • Customer Service
  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value

List Of Companies Reviewed

Here’s a listing of the companies we’ve covered to date: Frontpoint (1st), Protect America (2nd), SimpliSafe (3rd), Link Interactive (Most Customizable), ADT (Best Pro Install), Vivint (Best Automation), AT&T Digital Life, Brinks, Nest Secure, and Ring Alarm. On our overflow page: Abode, LifeShield, Protection One, Scout Alarm. Don’t see yours?

To learn more about some of the features we include in our reviews and why they’re important, jump to our terminology section. And now without further ado, our winners for this year:

Winner: Frontpoint Review

Frontpoint logo with badge

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Frontpoint wins this year for overall best home security system. It’s one of the few home security companies that offers cellular monitoring for every single one of its monitoring packages.

Did You Know…

We consider cellular monitoring to be the most secure form of monitoring because it’s the most difficult communication signal to break.

Frontpoint’s equipment design is modern, and there are many security and home automation options to choose from. Their app makes it easy to control the system while away from home (learn what else it can do in our Frontpoint review), and their pricing is in line with competitors.

Potentially most important, however, is that the majority of Frontpoint’s customers rave about their customer service. This is important because if a sensor fails or you have a question, you want to know the customer support team will answer quickly and is knowledgable in your concern. If you want a dependable system, stellar customer service and reasonable prices, Frontpoint is hard to beat.
Frontpoint equipment



  • Has 2 monitoring stations
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • All plans have cellular monitoring
  • Price lock guarantee*
  • Known for its superior customer service
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Self-installation
  • 1, 2 or 3-year monitoring contract required
  • May charge 80% of the remaining contract if you cancel early

* Your monthly monitoring rate is locked in for the life of your agreement.


The package prices below are with a 3-year contract. You can also purchase additional sensors for an extra fee, which you’ll see listed next to the device. There is also a Build Your Own option.

Package NameSafe Home StarterSafe Home EverydaySafe Home PlusSafe Home SelectSafe Home PreferredSafe Home Elite
Hub + Keypad ($299.98)111111
Door/Window Sensor ($32.99 each)233456
Motion Sensor ($64.99 each)12222
Glass Break Sensor ($74.99 each)2112
Smoke & Heat Sensor ($64.99 each)111
Indoor Camera ($99.99 each)11
Premium Indoor Camera ($199.99 each)
Outdoor Camera ($199.99 each)1
Doorbell Camera ($189.99 each)1
Yard Sign ($3.99 each)111111
Window Decals - set of 5 ($3.99 each)111111
Door Stickers ($3.99 each)111111
Garage Door Tilt Sensor ($44.99 each)
CO Sensor ($89.99 each)
Flood Sensor ($44.99 each)
Smart Light Bulb ($9.99 each)
Wireless Light Control ($49.99 each)
Garage Door Controller ($69.99 each)
Smart Door Lock ($179.99 each)
Panic Pendant ($39.99 each)
Keychain Remote ($31.99 each)
Extra Keypad ($49.99 each)

If you are interested in integrating a thermostat with your system, any Z-wave thermostat will work, including the Nest Thermostat.

Did You Know…

Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol used for home automation equipment. Companies that support Z-Wave are able to expand their product lines to support many third-party devices, giving you access to more equipment options.

Monitoring Plans

Price Per Month$34.99$44.99$49.99
Wireless & CellularCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Unique User CodesCheckmarkCheckmark
Crash & Smash ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmark
Geo-location ServicesCheckmarkCheckmark
Mobile AlertsCheckmarkCheckmark
Remote Access & ControlCheckmarkCheckmark
Sensor HistoryCheckmarkCheckmark
Live Video StreamingCheckmark
Video & Image HistoryCheckmark
Motion Triggered AlertsCheckmark
Night Vision EnabledCheckmark
Light ControlCheckmark
Smart Lock ControlCheckmark

If you opt for security cameras only, there is a Self Monitoring Plan for $14.99 per month. It includes:

  • Unlimited cameras and locations
  • Unlimited storage duration for up to 1,000 video clips
  • Video monitoring detection
  • Option to receive customized mobile notifications
  • Two-way audio


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Frontpoint.

Installation & Set Up

Frontpoint makes every step of the installation process easy. You get your equipment in a timely fashion, and it’s a breeze to set up. If you run into any hiccups, there are videos (like the one below), FAQs on the website and a helpful customer support team to help you get the system up and running.

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Runner Up: Protect America Review

ProtectAmerica badge

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Protect America is one of the few companies that lets you choose between landline, broadband and cellular monitoring. This allows them to offer some of the lowest prices for professional monitoring, earning them a top spot in our review. That being said, we recommend choosing cellular since it is the most secure option.

If you live in a remote area where cell service isn’t reliable, you can still secure your home thanks to its landline and broadband options, a feature that is not available with most other providers. This is why it’s also our pick for best landline system. Protect America offers reliable customer service and has a variety of home security and automation equipment to choose from.
Protect America equipment



  • Has 6 monitoring stations
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa (but not Google Home)
  • Self-installation
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • 3-year monitoring contract required
  • You must pay 100% of the contract even if you cancel


Protect America has no installation fees, and you get up to $1,400 of wireless equipment free. Below are the monitoring packages and equipment included with each package.

Note: If you want a security camera with Protect America, you must upgrade to broadband or cellular monitoring.

Landline Monitoring Price/Month$19.99$37.99$42.99
Broadband Monitoring Price/Month$41.99$49.99$54.99
Cellular Monitoring Price/Month$41.99$49.99$54.99
Control PanelCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Door/Window Sensors3914
Motion Detectors111
Yard Signs111
Door/Window Stickers444
Keychain Remote
Glass Break Sensor
Garage Door Sensor
Recessed Door/Window Sensor
Ion Plunger Recessed Door/Window Sensor
Smoke Detector
CO Detector
Firefighter Sensor
Water/Freeze Sensor
Medical Alert Pendant
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Protect America.

Read Our Full Review Of Protect America

Third Place: SimpliSafe Review

SimpliSafe badge

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SimpliSafe stands out with no long-term contract requirement. You can go month-to-month with your professional monitoring, and if you decide to stop service, there are no contract restrictions or early termination fees.

The equipment does cost more upfront, and the app is pretty bare bones, but if being locked into a multi-year contract is a deal breaker, this could be a good option for you. In addition to ranking third overall this year, SimpliSafe is also our pick for best no-contract option.
SimpliSafe equipment



  • Has 6 monitoring stations
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Monthly monitoring is not required
  • Self-installation
  • No contracts
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Self-monitoring functionality is tied to a monthly payment plan
  • Equipment costs are higher than competitors
  • Website and app do not indicate low battery alert
  • No outdoor security cameras


 Build Your OwnThe FoundationThe EssentialsThe OakstoneThe HearthThe BarringtonThe KnoxThe HavenSS3 New Generation - 12pcSS3 New Generation - 10pc
Number of Pieces100 maximum46129813141210
Base Station$114.99111111111
Wireless Keypad$69.99111111111
Keychain Remote$24.99111111
Entry Sensor$14.99138326454
Motion Sensor$29.99111112221
Glass Break Sensor$34.99
Panic Button$19.991111
Smoke Detector$29.99111
CO Detector$49.99
Freeze Sensor$29.991
Water Sensor$19.991
Video Doorbell$169.001

Monitoring Plans

You can purchase a SimpliSafe security system without adding on a monitoring plan; however, despite being marketed by many websites as a system that you can self-monitor, in our experience the system is almost useless without monitoring. Why? Because you won’t be able to monitor it remotely (via their app) or be notified if a sensor is triggered unless you pay a monthly monitoring fee – which in our opinion defeats the whole purpose of having a modern security system. The local alarm siren will still sound without monitoring however if that’s all you’re looking for.

Price Per Month$14.99$24.99
24/7 Professional MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Cellular ConnectionCheckmarkCheckmark
Environmental MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Mobile AppCheckmark
Unlimited Camera RecordingCheckmark
Home AutomationCheckmark


SimpliSafe products are generally discounted from MSRP on Amazon.

Read Our Full Review Of SimpliSafe

Comparison Table

If there are any terms that you don’t understand, we have a terminology section below the table.

 1st: Frontpoint2nd: Protect America3rd: SimpliSafeMost Customizable: Link InteractiveProfessional Installation: ADTBest Home Automation: VivintAT&T Digital LifeBrinksNest SecureRing Alarm
Equipment Starting Cost$69$0$229Customizable$0$599.99$549.99$399$399$199
Pro Monitoring Monthly Starting Cost$34.99$21.19$14.99$30.99$27.99$10$39.99$29$19$10
Contract Length1-3 Years3 YearsNone1-3 Years3 Years3.5-5 Years2 Years3 YearsNone or 3 YearsNone
InstallationDIYDIYDIYDIYProfessionalProfessionalProfessionalDIY or ProfessionalDIYDIY
Installation Fee$0$0$0$0$99-$199$49-$199$99.99 1st Hour + $65/Extra Hour$0 or $199$0$0
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days15 Days60 Days30 Days6 MonthsNone14 Days45 Days30 Days30 Days
WarrantyLifetimeLifetime3 Years3 YearsLifetime (Must Pay Additional $)120 DaysLifetime2 Years2 Years1 Year
Battery Backup24 Hours18-24 Hours24 Hours8 or 24 Hours24 Hours4 Hours24 Hours8 Hours12 Hours24 Hours
Self Monitoring OptionCheckmark (Cameras Only)CheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Third Party MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Main Form Of MonitoringCellularLandline, Broadband & CellularCellularCellularLandline & CellularCellularBroadband & CellularBroadbandBroadbandBroadband
Backup Form Of MonitoringBroadbandNoneBroadbandBroadbandCellularBroadbandBroadbandCellularCellularCellular
Amazon Alexa CompatibilityCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Google Home CompatibilityCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark


  • Equipment Starting Cost – The cost of your system’s equipment can vary based on the devices you select, but these are the base prices for each company. They can go up from there.
  • Pro Monitoring Monthly Starting Cost – This is the lowest monthly fee you should expect to be charged for professional monitoring. The monthly fee can increase depending on the type of monitoring (landline, broadband or cellular) you want and the devices in your system (i.e., cameras and home automation equipment typically result in higher monthly fees).
  • Contract Length – This is the standard length of the contract you’ll be required to sign to maintain monitoring for your system.
  • Installation – Many companies offer do it yourself (DIY) type installation, which is fairly simple since most sensors attach with peel and stick (similar to a sticker). Some companies still offer professional installation, if you’d prefer that. If you’re worried about purchasing a DIY security system, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions in our DIY frequently asked questions article. We can help you put your cameras, control panel, sensors and other equipment in the perfect spots in our home security installation guide.
  • Installation Fee – DIY installation typically means there is no installation fee. But, if you opt for a company with professional installation, you’ll commonly be charged for it.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – The time you have to return the system for a full refund without being locked into a contract. Be sure to read how each company defines its money-back guarantee before signing a contract.
  • Warranty – This is the amount of time your equipment will be covered for any defects. Each company has exclusions in its warranty — make sure to read carefully so you understand what is and isn’t covered.
  • Battery Backup – This is the amount of time the control panel will operate on battery power during a power outage. Power outages are popular times for burglars to break into homes, so the longer the battery backup time, the better.
  • Self Monitoring Option – If you’d prefer to monitor your system yourself and avoid a professional monitoring fee, you can select one of these companies. Keep in mind, a self-monitored system means if an alarm goes off, you are responsible for contacting the appropriate authorities. So, if you are someone who is often away from or mutes your phone (including air travel), this may not be a great fit for you.
  • Third Party Monitoring – We recommend companies that use a third party for their monitoring needs because it’s extremely difficult for a company to specialize and excel in both security equipment and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Cellular Monitoring – Cellular monitoring is more secure than landline and broadband (internet) because there is no risk of any wires being cut.

Learn more about central monitoring stations and the types of monitoring, so you know what to consider before making a purchase.

Our Category Winners

Most Customizable: Link Interactive Review

Most Customizable badge: Link Interactive

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Link Interactive is very similar to Frontpoint, but has a shorter equipment warranty, has a less esteemed customer service team, the installation process is a little more intensive and its battery backup is shorter for one of its control panels.

However, its monitoring is less expensive, so it may be worth considering. Link Interactive has no starter plans and everything is à la carte style, so its plans are completely customizable and you only pay for what you need.
Link Interactive equipment



  • Has 2 monitoring stations
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • All plans have cellular monitoring
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Self-installation
  • 1, 2 or 3-year monitoring contract required
  • Customers report some installation hiccups
  • You must pay 100% of the contract even if you cancel


EquipmentPricesLife SafetyPricesCameraPricesHome AutomationPricesAdd-OnsPrices
2Gig Go!Control PanelIncludedSmoke Heat Detector$66V722W Exterior Camera$ Smart Thermostat$118Z-Wave Range Extender$26
IQ Panel 2
3 Door/Window Sensors
1 Motion Detector
$200CO Detector$80V522IR Interior Camera$129Z-Wave Thermostat$85Extra Door/Window Magnet$1
Door/Window Sensor
$22-$24Disaster Sensor$67SkyBell Doorbell Camera$175Remote Temperature Sensor$23RE524X Translator/Repeater$90
Extended Range Door/Window Sensor$29IQ Flood Sensor$40Slim Skybell$175KWK-888-VB$135Hardwire 16F$120
Recessed Door Sensor$34Panic Button$29SVR122-1TB$284KWK-888-SN$1352Gig Repeater$57
Glass Break Detector$69FireFighter Module$55SVR122-500GB$267Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt$204
Key Fob$24-$26Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor$66V622 Wireless Interior Camera$285LiftMaster Extra Door Sensor$67
Siren$43-$64Wireless Heat Detector$64Digital Doorbell Chime Adapter$15Z-Wave Light Bulb$18
Tilt Sensor$40Smoke Detector Sensor$37Lamp Module$42
IQ Panel 2 Remote$207Water Leak Detector$48IQ Doorbell$32
Motion Sensor$50LifeMaster Garage Door Bundle$73
Smart Motion Sensor (Starter)$112-$122LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel$31
Smart Motion (Sensor Only)$97
Plunger-Type Wireless Door Sensor$37
Outside Wireless Door/Gate Sensor$61

Monitoring Plans

Price Per Month$30.99$39.99$44.99
Smoke, Fire, CO DetectorsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Home AutomationCheckmarkCheckmark
Video MonitoringCheckmark


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Link Interactive.

Read Our Full Review Of Link Interactive

Professional Installation: ADT Review

Professional Installation: ADT

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ADT is the name that comes to many people’s minds when they think about home security. It’s one of the oldest and most well-known companies in the arena. But because of the professional installation it’s more expensive than much of the competition. In addition, customer service varies by location and ADT has a long list of customer complaints as a result.

On the plus side, it’s available nationwide, is professionally installed by a local authorized dealer, has a detailed app to control your system and allows many equipment options. If you want a big-name company that will install the system for you, ADT fits the bill; but you can get cellular monitoring with similar equipment for a lower price from other providers by installing yourself.

Authorized Dealer vs DIY Installation

Professionally installed systems, like those provided by ADT, tend to be outsourced to local authorized dealers. This means your installation and customer service experience may vary greatly depending on whom your local ADT provider is.


ADT Equipment



  • Has 10 monitoring stations
  • 6-month guarantee
  • Can be professionally installed in your home within 1-2 days after ordering in most cases
  • Includes basic equipment at no additional cost
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • 3-year monitoring contract required
  • Requires a technician to visit your home and install
  • Cameras have 720p resolution, not 1080p
  • Many customer service complaints for ADT including extra charges on bills, incomplete installations, high-pressure sales tactics and more
  • Among the most expensive compared to its competitors
  • May charge 75% of the remaining contract if you cancel early


Equipment options and monthly prices can vary depending on the ADT reseller you choose. The equipment and pricing we have listed below are from an authorized reseller we recommend. If you’re interested in ADT, use this link to get a custom quote for your home.

 Basic SecurityBasic Security w/ Equipment Service ProtectionBasic Security + Wireless ConnectADT Pulse Monitoring + VideoADT Pulse Monitoring + Smart Home Connect
Price Per Month$27.99
Control PanelCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Door/Window & Motion Sensors CapableCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Wireless Keychain RemoteCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Landline MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Equipment Service ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Safety Detection Device CapableCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Cellular MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Remote Control w/ Cell PhoneCheckmarkCheckmark
Indoor Camera CapableCheckmarkCheckmark
Smart Home CapableCheckmark


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from ADT.

Read Our Full Review Of ADT

Best Home Automation: Vivint Review

Best Home Automation badge: Vivint

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Vivint is another company that offers cellular monitoring for all of its plans. But, it comes with a high price and a lengthy contract. Also, its control panel only has a 4-hour battery backup, which is minimal compared to other companies.

Vivint wins the best home automation award because its app allows users to control its extensive home automation equipment lineup and it’s very user-friendly.
Vivint Equipment



  • Has 2 monitoring stations
  • All plans have cellular monitoring
  • Excellent home automation options
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • If you pay for the equipment upfront, a month-to-month monitoring plan is available
  • Requires professional installation
  • 3.5-5 year contracts if you finance equipment
  • If you want cameras, you must purchase the highest monitoring plan
  • Expensive
  • 4-hour battery backup
  • Has one of the shortest equipment warranties we’ve seen (only 120 days)
  • Must provide written notice 30 days prior to your desired cancellation date, and you’re responsible for paying the remaining balance in full


 SkyControl Starter KitHome Security SystemSmart Home ControlVideo SecuritySmart Complete
Price Per Month (Total)$10.00 ($599.99)$11.83 ($709.98)$17.50 ($1,049.95)$23.00 ($1,379.95)$29.83 ($1,789.92)
SkyControl Panel
$399.99 each
Door/Window Sensors
$34.99 each
Motion Detector
$69.99 each
Recessed Door Sensor
$34.99 each
Tilt Sensor
$34.99 each
Glass Break Sensor
$69.99 each
Garage Door Controller/Sensor
$99.99 each
Smoke Detector
$69.99 each
CO Detector
$69.99 each
Temperature/Flood Sensor
$69.99 each
Key Fob
$34.99 each
Smart Door Lock
$159.99 each
Element Thermostat
$169.99 each
Doorbell Camera
$249.99 each
Ping Camera
$199.99 each
Outdoor Camera
$299.99 each
Panic Pendant
$34.99 each
Smart Drive
$249.99 each

Monitoring Plans

After you’ve chosen all of your equipment, you can then choose your monitoring plan.

 Smart SecuritySmart HomeSmart Home Video
Price Per Month$29.99$39.99$44.99
$49-$199 Installation FeeCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
24/7 Professional MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Entry, Smoke & CO DetectionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Medical Pendant SupportCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Smart Home IntegrationCheckmarkCheckmark
Live Video FeedCheckmark
14 Days Storage Of 30-Second Clips For Up To 2 CamerasCheckmark

If you have more than 2 security cameras, you’ll have to pay an additional $5 per month for the camera monitoring (3 cameras = +$5/month, 4 cameras = +$10/month, etc.).


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Vivint.

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Other Home Security System Reviews

AT&T Digital Life | Brinks | Nest SecureRing Alarm

We only cover the top 10 home security providers on this page. However, we have an overflow page where we’ve reviewed many other well-known companies, including Abode, LifeShield, Protection One, Scout Alarm and more.

AT&T Digital Life Review

AT&T Digital Life logo

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AT&T Digital Life isn’t available everywhere in the U.S., so be sure to check the availability in your area before you set your heart on this system. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with many of the standard smart home devices and technologies, making this system a poor choice for home automation lovers.

It only has 1 monitoring station (and the monitoring is performed in-house), so it’s not as well equipped as its competitors. In fact, you could be left to fend for yourself if that single monitoring station experiences a power outage.

AT&T Digital Life also has higher prices and requires monthly add-on fees for items that are included for other competitors. You may be able to get a slightly better price by bundling it with other services but, overall, they aren’t among our top picks.

AT&T Digital Life Equipment



  • Conversion Kit available to reuse existing wired door and window sensors in your home
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa (but not Google Home)
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Only available in select locations
  • Smoke sensors not available for apartments, townhomes & duplexes
  • Active Doorbell doesn’t include a camera
  • Website has limited information compared to competitors
  • Up to $99 restock fee on returns made within 14 days
  • 2-year contract required
  • No Z-Wave or Zigbee compatibility
  • Only 1 monitoring station
  • Requires professional installation
  • Early termination fee is up to $640 and an additional $50 applies for incremental automation packages


Home Security Packages

AT&T Digital Life offers 3 security packages, shown in the table below.

 Smart SecuritySmart Security & AutomationPremium Security & Automation
Contact Sensors
Window Sensors
Motion Sensors
Indoor Siren
Glass Break Sensor
CO Sensor
Outdoor Camera11
Keyless Door Lock11
Smart Thermostat1
Indoor Smart Plugs2
Temperature & Water Sensors2
Active Doorbell
Conversion Kit
Smoke Sensor

Home Automation Packages

You must purchase a security package above to manage home automation equipment. Below are 4 add-on options for home automation.

Monthly Cost$9.99$4.99$4.99$4.99
One-Time Fee$199.99$0.99$199.99$99.99
Outdoor Camera
Additional $199.99 Each
Indoor Camera
$249.99 Each
Touchscreen Door Lock
Additional $179.99 Each
N/AChoose 1 of 3 Options ListedN/AN/A
Pushbutton Door Lock
Additional $179.99 Each
N/AChoose 1 of 3 Options ListedN/AN/A
Garage Door Controller
Additional $0.99 Each
N/AChoose 1 of 3 Options ListedN/AN/A
Additional $89.99 Each
Smart Plugs
Additional $39.99 Each
In-Wall Smart Light Control
$159.99 Each
Light Dimmer Control
$179.99 Each
Smart Outlet Control
Temperature & Water Sensors
Additional $49.99 each


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from AT&T Digital Life.

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Brinks Home Security Review

Brinks Home Security logo

Visit Website

Brinks is one of the few security companies to offer connectivity with both Z-wave and Zigbee devices (wireless communication protocols), enhancing your home automation possibilities.

Unfortunately, it only has 1 in-house monitoring station and only a 2-year equipment warranty (most competitors offer a lifetime warranty). You can get home security systems from competitors at a similar cost with better monitoring and warranties.

Brinks Home Security equipment



  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Self-installation (professional available for $199)
  • Z-wave and Zigbee connectivity (most competitors only connect to one)
  • Only 1 monitoring station (and not third-party)
  • 3-year contract required
  • Self-installation cannot be done independently (requires a technician to walk you through the process over the phone)
  • You must pay 100% of the contract amount, even if you cancel
  • Only has 8-hour battery backup (standard is 24 hours)


 Nest Secure*Home CompleteHome Complete With Video
Equipment Price$399$499$599
Monitoring Price Per Month$29$29$39
Nest Guard (Base Station)Checkmark
Touchscreen PanelCheckmarkCheckmark
Nest Detect (Door/Window & Motion Sensor)
$49 each additional
Door/Window Sensors
$29 each additional
Motions Sensors
$78 each additional
Nest Tag (Key Fob)
$25 each additional
Indoor Camera
$199 each additional
SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell
$199 each additional
ContractNone3 Years3 Years

Add-On Equipment

Below is add-on equipment for your Brinks security system. The equipment isn’t Brinks-specific, but it works with their system.

Please note that there is more equipment that integrates with Brinks, but it is not sold directly from the Brinks website.

GE Z-Wave Plug-In Module$59
GE Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer$59
Smart Switch$59
GE Z-Wave Outdoor Module$59
GE Z-Wave Wall Receptacle$59
Outdoor Camera$299
IQ Smoke Detector$79
IQ Garage Door Tilt Sensor$39
IQ CO Detector$79
IQ Flood Detector$49
Glass Break Detector$79
Keychain Remote$29
GE Water/Flood Sensor$49
Freeze Sensor$49
GE Bi-Directional Keypad$112
GE Touchscreen Keypad$160
Cellular Communicator$200

*FireFighter monitors the existing UL smoke detectors within your home and contacts the central monitoring station if it detects an alarm sound from a connected smoke detector.

Most consumers install their Brinks security system themselves, but you can purchase professional installation for $199.


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Brinks Home Security.

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Nest Secure Review

Nest logo

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Nest has a 3-year contract or a month-to-month option. However, it’s $10 extra per month for the monthly option, so signing the 3-year agreement can save you money. Nest Secure wouldn’t be our top pick though because it only has 1 monitoring station, which is operated by Brinks. You can also self-monitor with Nest Secure.

Nest Secure product on table



  • Stylish design
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Professional monitoring is optional
  • Self-installation
  • No-contract option available
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • More expensive than competitors
  • No BBB accreditation, A- rating
  • Not compatible with as many devices as competitors
  • Only 1 monitoring station (run by Brinks)
  • You must pay 100% of the contract, even if you cancel


  • $399 for:
    • 1 Nest Guard (Base Station)
    • 2 Nest Detect (Door/Window Sensor and Motion Sensor)
    • 2 Nest Tag (Key Fob)

Purchase additional equipment:

Monitoring Plans

Brinks Home Security provides Nest’s monitoring. Brinks is best-known for its armored trucks that securely transport large amounts of cash. In 2010, it merged with Tyco, the parent company of ADT, and began offering home security. Brinks monitoring is broadband with cellular backup.

  • 1st month: free
  • 3-year agreement: $19/month
  • Month-to-month: $29/month


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Nest Secure.

Read Our Full Review Of Nest Secure

Ring Alarm Review

Ring logo

View on Amazon | Visit Website

Ring Alarm uses the same company as Frontpoint for its monitoring (Rapid Response) and it is offered at a very affordable price. It has Z-wave and Zigbee connectivity but only a 1-year equipment warranty. Ring was close to making our top picks, but its system and app have limited functionality because it offers fewer equipment options than competitors.

Ring Alarm Equipment



  • Has 2 monitoring stations
  • Attractive equipment design
  • If your equipment is stolen, Ring will replace it for free
  • Professional monitoring is optional
  • No contracts
  • Self-installation
  • 30-day returns
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Cannot add emergency contacts
  • Limited equipment reduces system’s capabilities


Ring Alarm Security System – $199.00


  • 1 base station
  • 1 keypad
  • 1 contact sensor
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 range extender

Optional Add-Ons

Monitoring Plans

PriceFree$3/month or $30/year$10/month or $100/year
Coverage1 doorbell or cameraAll devices at one address
Ring & Motion AlertsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Live Video On DemandCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Warranty1 year1 yearExtended
Video RecordingCheckmarkCheckmark
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Ring products are generally discounted from MSRP on Amazon.

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Jason F
I’m interested in a system that supports dual path – in other words, one that uses both the internet and a cellular signal for monitoring. That way if one goes down (for example if an intruder blocks the cell signal with a jammer) my system will still be online. I’m supposing that all the ones that have “cellular monitoring” are in fact dual path, but I’m not sure. Any chance you can confirm this?
Frankie G
I would have to agree with you guys that Frontpoint provides the best customer service. I remember coming out of the old home alarm days where everything was pro/dealer installed. The DIY thing didn’t exist when I lived in my previous home. Upon moving I tried calling several companies and the sales push was so aggressive I kept hanging up. Once I got through to Frontpoint their friendliness and lack of pressure was so surprising that at the end of the call I was like, “em, are you going to sell me a system?” Amazing that companies aren’t getting the memo that in the 21st “digital” century the power lies with the consumer.
Finn G
Can someone explain further why you would ever want to self-monitor? Am I correct that without professional monitoring, you are basically SOL if there’s a break-in anytime you’re 1) asleep, 2) not at home, 3) don’t have cell reception. For those of you that are self-monitoring, how do you overcome these 3 obstacles?
G Stuff
I see that you guys occasionally do company-to-company comparisons. I know Ring didn’t make your cut, but I’d love to see a showdown between Frontpoint vs Ring. They’ve got a promotion running right now that I’d like to take advantage of, and based on your review it seems like the cons are fairly minimal no? I’m seeing 8 pros and only 2 cons.
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi G, thanks for your interest in a comparison of Ring Alarm and Frontpoint Security. We occasionally will do a “head-to-head” comparison for companies that are in high demand. We’ve started by applying this to our top ranked companies, but we’ll put Ring vs Frontpoint in the queue.

As to your question about pros/cons, it’s not so much the quantity of cons that’s important, but what they mean. In this case, Ring’s cons of “Cannot add emergency contacts” and “Limited equipment reduces system’s capabilities” are fairly major. One of the main rankings factors we take into account is how comprehensive is a company’s equipment offering, and in this category Ring came up short.

We monitor these companies all year round, with quarterly audits and annual reviews, so if anything changes you’ll be the first to know.

Derryl G
Great reviews here, very in-depth and you compare pricing on a level I haven’t seen in other reviews. It just really irks me that the top companies (Frontpoint, SimpliSafe, etc.) don’t offer self-monitoring. I’m a tech geek and have my own system for monitoring setup that I trust more than a monitoring company. I could go into details but basically if there’s an event a network of contacts automatically gets notified, and a robot dialer automatically fires off a 911 phone call. Then I have a sound system and lights that start blaring and telling the intruder they’re going to get smoked by satellite lasers.
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Derryl, thanks for your question. SimpliSafe does have a “no monitoring” option, but as we point out in a SimpliSafe “con” above, and in our dedicated SimpliSafe review, we don’t consider this a viable “self-monitoring” option since you won’t be able to monitor it yourself or be notified if a sensor is triggered unless you pay a monthly monitoring fee. About all you get in terms of self-monitoring is the local alarm siren sounding.

You may also want to look into the legality of having a robot call 911.