Nest Secure Review: Is High Performance Worth The Cost?

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Nest Secure door sensor on door (caption: Nest Secure Review)Want a home security system that can connect to your smart thermostat, door lock, cameras and more? Nest Secure might be the security system for you. It offers attractive, modern equipment, and it’s easy to set up. But is Nest really worth its high price tag?

Article Overview

Nest Secure

4.55 / 5
Nest Secure
Security Performance 4.0
Customer Service & Reputation 4.5
Equipment Quality 4.0
Equipment Warranty 4.5
Ability To Relocate 5.0
Home Automation 4.8
Self-Monitoring Fee 5.0


  • Easy to install
  • Stylish design
  • Many optional home automation products
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to relocate sensors


  • More expensive than competitors
  • No BBB accreditation, D- rating
  • Doesn't integrate with as many devices as competitors

Nest Secure product on tableKey Features

  • Integrates with Google Assistant
  • Four ways to arm/disarm the system: using the Nest Tag, Nest app, Google Assistant or entering a passcode
  • Remind Me alerts to help you remember to arm your system
  • Use Nest Tags for visitors, and set times when they can enter your home (i.e., allow the dog walker in during dog walking hours)
  • Nest Detect acts as a dual contact and motion sensor
  • Nest offers many other products that you can add to your system and use through its app, including smart locks, cameras, video doorbells and more

Price & Tech Specs

  • $399 for:
    • 1 Nest Guard (Base Station)
    • 2 Nest Detect (Contact/Motion Sensor)
    • 2 Nest Tag (Key Fob)
  • 2-year warranty
  • 85 dB siren

Purchase additional equipment:

What Do People Think Of Nest Secure?

Positive Reviews

This is a very user friendly system for home security. I recommend over other platforms (I’ve used or am familiar with several different brands). This one is by far the most user friendly and reliable from my standpoint. And it integrates well with all components (cameras, sensors, door lock, etc). – Huebert, Best Buy 12/27/18

Set up is a breeze, the nest app walked me through how to set up and find the best locations in my home. Since getting it both my wife and I have more peace of mind, and I get more sleep at night. Not to mention I like not having to go check out the house every time something goes bump in the night. I just set the secure and it does the rest. Easy to use, great functionality, wonderful design. – ;Akkad;kid;k, The Home Depot 12/8/2018

Negative Reviews

I decided to pay about $1800 buying all the different Nest products instead of paying a monthly fee for home security. Worst decision ever!! Took me all day to get everything connected wireless and out of the 1 month that I’ve had it, I bet it’s been online 1 full day!! It just seems that every day you’re trying to get something back online.. The idea of how it should work was great but it would be easier just to pay the $60 monthly to a provider – JMHuff80, Best Buy 9/03/18

My husband and I feel we got scammed by Nest. Our two road bikes (worth $15k) were stolen out of our garage. We saw that the thieves were caught on Nest. We reported all this to the police, who asked for the video footage so they could attempt to ID the thieves as well as be able to keep a better lookout for the persons and bikes.

This is the first incident we’ve had that we wanted to actually use our Nest footage. We had the basic version of Nest and when we went to export the footage, we were prompted to purchase the upgraded version of Nest for export capability, so we did. Nest then upgraded the software, which DELETES THE STORED FOOTAGE. We called Nest, talked to support, and received a confirmation email from them about this – apparently this is what their software does (without warning!). They acknowledged it’s a problem and makes no sense — since this is obviously a sales tactic for when you have video you want to be able to access.

Thanks to this major flaw, our security camera proved worthless when we actually needed it, and now we have no chance of catching the thieves. Nest offered us a $200 credit…. what a joke. – TAB, The Home Depot 8/7/2018

How To Install Nest Secure

See how easy it is to set up your Nest Secure system.

How Does Nest Compare?

Nest is more expensive, but it is a dependable system that can help secure your home. You can read about Nest’s competition like Ring and Canary in our Best Self-Monitored Security System comparison. Find out if Nest has what it takes to make our top three picks.

Would you buy Nest Secure?

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