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DIRECTV Promo Codes: How to Save The Maximum Amount

TV in living room: DIRECTV Promo CodesWith the battle over Internet TV raging, and cable network providers scrambling to stay abreast of the latest developments online, DIRECTV is steadily investing in its Internet and on demand business to remain in the game. As part of that effort, they’re offering quite the assortment of promotions. We bring you the best so you can start your viewing experience off with the maximum available discount.

Steps to Receive the Maximum Discount

DIRECTV Promo Code for an Additional $100 Off

For a limited time and only for the first 10 sign-ups, you can mention account # 19455734 and receive an additional $100 off any DIRECTV package. This is in addition to any other discounts applied to your order. If that code has already been used up, you can try account # 37551555, # 57171292, or account # 69373918. With this promo code you also get:

  • $29.99/month for 12 months (with the SELECT package)
  • Over 145 channels, including local channels
  • 99% signal reliability
  • Free Genie HD HVR Upgrade (also known as the Whole Home Upgrade – enables your HD DVR to power your whole home, i.e. multiple TV’s in multiple rooms), although the fine print tells you that there’s additional fees involved for this service, so make sure you ask about this. One reader reported an additional $7/month fee for this.
  • $100 in bill credits

Some other useful tips when ordering to further maximize your discount:

  • Tell your phone rep you’re interested in the 1st year discount ($31/ month off) and the 2nd year discount ($16/ month off).

Get 25% Off DIRECTV for 2 Years by Bundling

Since the acquisition of DIRECTV by AT&T, there’s an additional promotion available giving you up to 25% off for the first 2 years when you bundle your satellite television subscription with another AT&T service. Click here for details.

DIRECTV Sports Discounts

Are you a sports fan and looking for sports-specific DIRECTV promotions? You’ve come to the right place. We keep this particular section right here updated with the latest sports promos:

NFL Sunday Ticket

Get your game on with this limited time NFL Sunday ticket promotion.

  • $60/month for 12 months, includes this year’s entire NFL season.
  • You get the Red Zone Channel – watch all plays that happen inside the 20-yard line.
  • Mobile access – stream the NFL from any of your devices, even while on the road.
  • Fantasy Zone – sync up your fantasy team and watch just those games.
  • Click here for details (requires CHOICE package or higher).

DIRECTV, DISH, or Cable?

If you arrived at this page searching for a DIRECTV promo code, you’re obviously very close to making a purchasing decision. If you’re still wondering, however, if DIRECTV is the best television provider choice, you might want to check out our DIRECTV vs DISH to find out if DIRECTV is in fact the best, and most affordable, tv provider out there.

Got any DIRECTV discount codes you’d like to share with our readers?

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  • Katie J Freeman

    Any updated codes?

    • Sorry Katie, the codes on this page are the most up to date codes we have.

      • Katie J Freeman

        I didn’t try them because they are so old. Do you think they will still work and how do I do it just give them the numbers and ask for a discount? Any pointers on how this works?

        • Contact DIRECTV with your inquiry and mention the promo code. My philosophy is, it doesn’t hurt to ask! I’m sure they get calls and requests like this all the time. Since you’re a new, potential customer I’m sure they’ll be patient with you! Let us know how it goes!

          • Katie J Freeman

            I’m not a new customer I have gone through my 2 year contract and am now on a month to month basis. I had a friend get new service about 11 months ago and my referral discount is over I am looking for a way to save.

  • Guest

    The direcTV rep is telling me that $5 off is included in the $31 discount. Is this true?

    • Alex Schenker

      It may be. Just to be sure, however, login to your account after ordering (when you go to fill in your rebate), and find the option that allows you to sign up for emails and get an additional $5 off. Please report back here with your findings.

  • Dawn

    Save $100 on Directv service, use referral code #37551555

    • Kimberly

      Thanks for the referral code Dawn and thanks for reading!


  • Jeffrey Gonzalez

    Get $100 off over 10 months on your bill! Call 877-451-0661 and mention referral code 37551555.

  • Dan

    New customers may be able to save $10 per month for 10 months plus any ongoing specials – mention this promo and see if you qualify.

  • a web rocker

    Does this promo also work for existing customers? I can’t believe how many promos direcTV is offering since I signed up – ridiculous! That being said, I’m only paying $50, which is $30 less than I was paying with Time Warner. And honestly, the new direcTV HD DVR is just as good as the Tivo I had with TWC (the hard drive crashed and burned), so I don’t see any need to stick with TWC and their horrendous customer service!

  • a web rocker

    DirecTV has a few promotions but you have to jump through so many hoops to get it. In order to get DirecTV full new customer promotion you have to order online or submit an online rebate application, agree to receive marketing emails, and you have to wait six to eight weeks from start up. So this means you will have to pay full prices until then. When I signed up for DISH Network I did not have to do all this. I work for DISH Network and I can tell you offer Free HD For Life in there basic package and you can get up to three HD receivers for free!

    • a web rocker

      Not true – we recently ordered a DirecTV installation, and got our rebate right away. The key is submitting your rebate online before your install date. As long as you do that, you’ll never see the extra charges (ie. the discount will show up on your first bill).

  • a web rocker

    Is the $100 off really in addition to the monthly discounts? Two years ago I thought the whole rebate deal was just a legal scam, because a percentage of people will forget all about submitting the rebate once the free Showtime is hooked up.

    • a web rocker

      Yes, the $100 off is in addition to the monthly discounts.

  • a web rocker

    DirecTV is constantly offering promotions. The key to getting a good deal on your package is to keep calling in every year once your initial 12 or 24 month promotion expires. Set yourself a reminder in the calendar – then simply call and see what the latest promotions are they can hook you up with. Trust me – if you take the time to call and maybe even threaten to leave to a competitor, they will give you whatever the best promo is at the time.

  • a web rocker

    Get free NFL Sunday Ticket and $100 in bill credits over 10 months. Sign up for DirecTV by calling (877) 451-0661 and providing account number 37551555 for the discount.

  • a web rocker

    Great product in today’s market place is no longer enough, you need a fine blend between product and customer service delivery. I run a customer service training company and can see that the companies that are surviving the down turn have adopted and stuck with this policy.

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