What’s The Best Home Warranty Company?

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When choosing a home warranty company, you need to do one thing: READ THE FINE PRINT. That’s “read the fine print” in case that was a bit too fine ;-).

Many customers find themselves frustrated with a company for not paying claims for appliance repairs or the replacement of systems. If the company refuses to pay for it, then there is most likely a written exclusion in your contract.

So before we go any further, promise you’ll read every word of your contract (and this review)?

Article Overview

Home Warranty vs Homeowners Insurance

home warranty (also called home appliance insurance or appliance insurance) gives you financial protection against broken systems and/or appliances. Home warranty insurance is designed to provide coverage for appliances and systems that break due to normal wear and tear, whereas homeowners insurance would pay for them if they are damaged by fire, tornado, etc.

Homeowners insurance gives you financial protection against disasters (i.e., fires, tornadoes, etc.). It provides coverage for the house itself (the structure) as well as for the contents (appliances, electronics, clothes, etc.). However, not all disasters are covered.

For example, you must purchase separate policies if you are seeking earthquake and/or flood coverage. If there is a disaster due to poor maintenance on the homeowner’s end, it will not be covered.

Home insurance also covers damage caused by pets who reside there because they are technically your property from an insurance perspective. If a disaster like a fire occurs, the home itself and the items inside it are insured as well as any injuries to people within the home for which you are legally responsible.

Let’s look at an example to provide more clarity around these types of products. If you move into a new home and the dishwasher stops working 6 months later, your homeowners insurance policy won’t pay for it to be repaired or replaced. However, a home warranty may cover that repair/replacement if you have opted to gain this coverage. In most cases, you pay an initial deductible, and the rest of the cost is covered by the home warranty company.

What’s Covered In A Home Warranty?

Items covered will vary depending on the company and plan you choose. Common items include:

  • Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Other appliances and systems.

Fortunately, with many options available, you can choose the right fit for you and your home.

What’s Not Typically Covered In A Home Warranty?

  • Roof
  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • Other things typically covered by homeowners insurance policies

What Is The Average Cost Of Appliances & Systems?

Here is a table of average repair and replacement costs across the nation for some common household items. A home warranty plan could help you to avoid these types of unexpected expenses.

Household ItemEquipment CostRepair CostTotal Replacement Cost
Clothes Dryer$600$130$730
Clothes Washer$700$100$800
Air Conditioner$2,200$300$2,500
Wall Furnace$2,700$115$2,815
Heating and Ductwork$2,900$390$3,290
Water Heater$800$90$890
Main Electrical Panel$700$210$910

Average Cost Of Appliances Repairs vs Replace Infographic

Wondering if it it’s more cost effective to replace or repair an appliance? Use this graphic to see what you could be paying and how that compares to the cost of having a home warranty policy.

Average Appliance Repair Costs Infographic

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How Does A Home Warranty Work?

A home warranty works like most other insurance plans. You pay a monthly fee for coverage and if an appliance or system breaks that you have covered you only have to pay the deductible (or in this case, service call fee) and the rest is paid by the home warranty company.

What’s the catch? The company you choose for your home warranty has the option to either fix the broken appliance/system or buy a new one. Unfortunately, some companies choose to fix the appliance/system over and over instead of just replacing it with a new one. This can be very time consuming and headache inducing for you, the homeowner, who just wants a house with working pieces and parts.

How Much Does It Cost?

The monthly premium is determined on your location, home criteria, personal information, etc. This cost typically ranges from around $30 to $60 per month depending on the level of home warranty plan you choose. Sometimes companies give discounts on the first year of service, so it may be even less.

The monthly premium is paid every month to keep your home warranty in service. You can also sometimes get a discount if you are willing to pay an annual premium upfront for the entire year instead of monthly installments, so be sure to ask if this may be a possibility for you.

The other primary cost is the service call fee or deductible. This is what you pay when a service professional comes to your home and inspects your appliance/system in consideration for repair or replacement. The service fee will generally be one set fee and the higher the service call fee or deductible, the lower the price you should expect to pay for your monthly premium.

Service call fees average in the $60-$125 range, but can be more or less. The service call fee is only paid when you file a claim, and a repair person visits your home to consider the repair or replacement. At that time, you pay the service call fee, and the rest of the repair/replacement is covered – whichever they deem necessary.

Each company is different, and there could be other fees associated with your home warranty plan. Please read your contract carefully.

Best Home Warranty Companies

You might hear stories about a home warranty provider “fixing” your appliance or system and a couple of weeks later it’s broken again. Our reviews will help you find a provider who will fix it right the first time, so it lasts. Keep in mind that this category is difficult to rank because the reviews are less than outstanding for most national and regional companies. But, that may also be because everyone wants what is broken in their homes to be fixed asap and effectively the first time and it is not always so black and white when it comes to appliance repairs. Read our reviews, ask your neighbors for recommendations, and rest assured that should something break, you will have a solution that is better than dealing with it (and paying for it) on your own.

American Home Shield Review


Visit Website

American Home Shield is a well-known home warranty company and was chosen as our 1st place winner. We like that you can customize your plan to best serve which appliances you have/would like covered and fit your budget.

While viewing its BBB page, we noticed it has more than 10,000 complaints. However, we are also keeping in mind that this company is widely used and has a larger customer base than the majority of the companies reviewed in this article.

A large portion of these complaints object to the company’s failure to cover the cost of the full appliance or system. This isn’t an uncommon practice in the home warranty field, and companies often repair an appliance or system over and over instead of replacing it. AHS has responded and resolved the majority of these complaints.

With more than 45 years in business and 1.7 million homeowners covered, there’s a reason people choose AHS for their home warranty. There are multiple plans to choose from, and your appliances and systems will be included regardless of their age, make and model.



  • More than 1.7 million homeowners covered
  • Receive discounts on appliances and air filters
  • Make a custom plan
  • Covers all appliances and systems regardless of age or make/model
  • Make a service request online
  • Over 45 years experience
  • BBB rating: B
  • Available in 49 states (not Alaska)
  • AHS may choose to repair an appliance/system over and over instead of paying for a new one. So it may be a hassle for you if your item continues to break.
  • Some customers say they spend too much time on the phone trying to get a claim approved

Plans & Pricing

American Home Shield offers three service call fee levels. Some things you’ll want to remember are that you don’t pay for the actual repair or replacement cost for the covered items, your contract will cover that.

  • $75
  • $100
  • $125

AHS offers four different home warranty plans to help protect your wallet. As with most of these companies, pricing is not available on the website in a generic format so you must input your information for a quote.

Both the Appliance Plan and System Plan cover the repair or replacement of the following items:

Appliance PlanSystems Plan
RefrigeratorsAir Conditioning w/ Ductwork
DishwashersHeating w/ Ductwork
Clothes WashersElectrical
Built-In Food CentersDoorbells
Garage Door OpenersSmoke Detectors
Clothes DryersPlumbing (Including Stoppages)
Ranges/Ovens/CooktopsWater Heaters
Built-In Microwave OvensGarbage Disposals
Trash CompactorsCentral Vacuums
Free-Standing Ice MakersInstant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
Ceiling Fans

The Combo Plan includes everything in the Appliance and Systems Plans (a total of 21 items). On average, you will save $14/month with this plan instead of purchasing the Appliance and Systems Plans separately. AHS also offers a Build Your Own Plan.

Available Add-Ons

  • pool/spa
  • well pump
  • septic plumbing


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from American Home Shield.

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TotalProtect Review


Visit Website 

Total Protect (the same company as HMS Home Warranty) takes 2nd place. We don’t like that they operate under many different names, making it difficult to get a true picture of their reputation. We have concerns that this might make it easy for them to hide negative reviews by changing the company name in geographic areas where they have gotten bad ratings. However, from our research, they appear to respond to negative reviews in a timely fashion (as you read further in this article, you’ll notice a trend that customer service seems to be an issue for home warranty providers). TotalProtect also doesn’t offer any custom plans.

They also have a 180-day service quality guarantee. TotalProtect is the only home warranty company that offers this.



  • 180-day service quality guarantee
  • It appears they are fairly responsive to negative reviews and try to remedy the issue
  • Good customer service
  • Covers a wide range of appliances and systems
  • File claims 24/7 online or on the phone
  • Available in 49 states (not Hawaii)
  • They go by many names so you may have to look under a different name to find them in your area
  • No BBB rating
  • No “build your own” plan

TotalProtect is one product offered by Cross Country Home Services, Inc. (CCHS). Another well-known product in the CCHS family of brands is HMS Home Warranty.

Plans & Pricing

All plans come with a $125 deductible. Total Protect offers three coverage plans.

Appliances PlanSystems PlanCombo Plan
RefrigeratorGarbage DisposalCovers everything from both the Appliances and Systems plans.
Range/CooktopAir Conditioning (2 units)Also provides Homeowners Insurance Deductible Reimbursement up to $500 (one claim per 12 months)
Wall OvenHeating (2 units)
Range Exhaust HoodWater Heater
Microwave (Built-in)Toilets
Trash Compactor (Built-in)Plumbing Lines & Stoppages
Dishwasher (Built-in)Sump Pump
Clothes WasherWhirlpool Bath
Clothes DryerAttic/Whole House Exhaust Fan
Central Vacuum
Door Bells & Chimes
Garage Door Opener
Smoke Detectors
Main Breaker/Fuse Panel Box
Interior Electrical Lines
Interior Gas Lines

All plans also include:

  • Unknown pre-existing condition coverage
  • Rust and corrosion coverage
  • No annual aggregate caps
  • No inspections required
  • Option to cover additional items like pools and septic tanks


TotalProtect is currently offering our readers the opportunity to save $100 on a Combo Plan or save $50 on an Appliances or Systems Plan! Just use this link to get started.

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America’s 1st Choice Home Club Review


Visit Website

New to our top three is America’s First Choice’s (AFC). Its website is well laid out and simple to digest. This company is also very clear about its offerings. With most companies, you have to dig through pages of their website, place calls and request quotes to get the information you need.

AFC however, has all of their information right on their website. All you have to pay is a $60, $75 or $100 service call fee per claim. This brings us to ask, are they too good to be true?



  • Cover your home systems and appliance despite their age and offer an unlimited number of repairs
  • Very clean and easy to use website
  • $7,500 limit of liability, AFC claims this is the highest in the marketplace
  • BBB rating: B
  • Available in 48 states
  • Mixed reviews by customers. Some love it while others hate it.
  • Not available in Alaska and Hawaii

Plans & Pricing

There are 4 plans offered by America’s 1st Choice.

SystemsSilverGoldPlatinumOptional Add-Ons
Water Heater (Gas and/or Electric)Clothes DryerClothes DryerClothes DryerDouble Oven
Air Conditioning/Cooler (1 Unit)Clothes WasherClothes WasherClothes WasherPool Equipment
Heating System or Built-in Wall UnitKitchen RefrigeratorKitchen RefrigeratorKitchen Refrigerator with Ice MakerSpa Equipment
Electrical SystemWater Heater (Gas and Electric)Water Heater (Gas and Electric)Water Heater (Gas and Electric)Well Pump
Plumbing SystemOvenOvenOvenSump Pump
RangeRangeRangeCentral Vacuum
Stove/CooktopStove/CooktopStove/CooktopStand Alone Freezer
DishwasherDishwasherDishwasherSecond Refrigerator
Garbage DisposalGarbage DisposalGarbage DisposalSeptic System
Garage Door OpenerGarage Door OpenerGarage Door OpenerDuplex
Air Conditioning/CoolerAir Conditioning/CoolerTriplex
Heating Systems or Built-in Wall UnitHeating Systems or Built-in Wall UnitQuadplex
Electrical SystemElectrical System
Plumbing SystemPlumbing System
Built-in Microwave
Plumbing Stoppages

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What Other Home Warranty Companies Did We Review?

Other home warranty companies we reviewed that did not make our top three list are below. To go directly to a company’s review, click on one of these links below.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty | Buyers Protection Group (BPG) | Choice Home Warranty | Fidelity National Home Warranty | First American Home Buyers Protection | The Home Service ClubHSA Home Warranty | Home Warranty of America (HWA) | Landmark Home Warranty | Old Republic Home Protection | OneGuard Home Warranty | Select Home Warranty | Stanley Warranty

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Review

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty logoVisit Website

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty states, “It says we are in the business of promises kept… and promises kept make our customers happy.” Unfortunately, customers don’t feel like they are getting the service they are promised according to reviews we’ve read online.



  • 24/7 customer service
  • 10-year new construction structural warranty that covers physical damage or defects to load-bearing parts of your new construction home including load-bearing walls and partitions, beams and girders, columns and floor and roof framing
  • BBB rating: A-
  • Goes into effect when other coverage runs out or expires, including manufacturer’s warranties or one-year workmanship coverage
  • Has covered 5.5 million homes
  • Customers complain that they don’t always honor the warranty agreement
  • Customers are not always reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, and if you are compensated it may take some time to get it


Plumbing, Electrical Panel and Wiring, Refrigerator, Oven, Dishwasher, Furnace, Air Conditioner/Freon Split System, Hot Water Heater, Roof, Built-In Microwave, Disposal, Trash Compactor, Clothes Washer & Clothes Dryer

Buyers Protection Group – BPG Home Warranty Review

Buyers Protection Group logoVisit Website

Buyers Protection Group (BPG) seems to let their customers down consistently according to some review sites. They don’t have the best reputation that we can see, but somehow they have an A+ rating from the BBB, so they must be doing something right.



  • In business for more than 23 years
  • Can be transferred to a new homeowner if you sell your home
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Customers complain that they say they’ll cover a claim and won’t
  • Not the best technicians
  • Not available in all states (only 14)

Plans & Pricing

Prices and items covered vary depending on the state in which you reside. See BPG’s website to see pricing and items covered for your state. It’s in the Warranty Brochure PDF.

Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty logoVisit Website

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is the least reputable home warranty company we have found in our research.

They have a government write-up on the BBB stating that they “alleged that CHW induced consumers to buy the so-called “home warranties” – which were actually service contracts – by stating they offered “comprehensive” coverage. The Division alleged that CHW then used deceptive tactics to deny consumers’ claims, such as denying claims if the consumers were unable to submit multiple years’ worth of maintenance records. As a result, consumers who paid hundreds of dollars for CHW’s “warranties” were required to pay out-of-pocket for air conditioning, refrigerator, or other repairs that were purportedly covered.”

This is a big claim to throw at a company, and in our eyes, Choice Home Warranty must have done some pretty awful things to their customers to deserve this type of accusation. Ask your neighbors as service can vary by location but you may want to consider other home warranty companies.

Fidelity National Home Warranty Review

Fidelity National Home Warranty logoVisit Website

Fidelity National Home Warranty can be a hit or a miss for customers. Some have been loyal customers for years filing many claims and being happy with their services, while others haven’t been so lucky. Depending on what your coverage needs are, Fidelity National Home Warranty may be a good fit for you and your home.



  • Covers any home, no matter its age
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Extra cost for refrigerator, washing machine/dryer and air conditioning coverage
  • Doesn’t reimburse you for services done outside of the contract
  • Only available in 7 U.S. states: CA, AZ, NV, TX, CO, WA and OR

Plans & Pricing

Fidelity National Home Warranty doesn’t clearly spell out any plans they have. Below is a list of the standard coverage offered by them, however, it may vary by state: plumbing system and stoppages, toilets, sump pump (permanently installed), bathroom whirlpool motor pump, recirculating hot water pump, water heater, heating and ductwork, electrical system, telephone system, central vacuum system, garage door opener, ceiling fans, attic and exhaust fans, smoke detectors, doorbells, dishwasher, range/oven/cooktops, built-in microwave, instant hot water dispenser and trash compactor.

The add-ons are an extra cost:

  • Kitchen Refrigerator
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pool and Spa Equipment
  • Limited Septic and Roof Leak Repair

First American Home Buyers Protection Review

First American Home Buyers Protection logoVisit Website

First American Home Buyers Protection offers plans that become effective 30 days after enrollment. At the time of this writing, there are more than 2,600 complaints on the Better Business Bureau that have been resolved in the past three years. Reader feedback states they are displeased with their customer service from First American.



  • Over 30 years of service
  • Covers 35 of the 50 states, which is more than some companies
  • BBB rating: B
  • Reader feedback states that they have parts replaced over and over instead of getting a new appliance/system, which makes them go long times without their appliance/system working
  • A large portion of customer reviews online are negative
  • According to readers, over the phone communication with them can be lengthy and sometimes get you nowhere

Plans & Pricing

First American Home Buyers Warranty offers two different plans: Basic Plan and Premier Plan. The Premier Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan.

BasicPremierOptional Add-Ons
Range/Oven/CooktopEverything in the Basic planAdditional Refrigeration
DishwasherDuctworkWell Pump
Garbage DisposalGarage Door OpenerCentral Air Conditioner
Built-In MicrowaveElectricalPool/Spa Equipment
Trash CompactorPlumbing
Kitchen RefrigeratorPlumbing Stoppages
Ceiling/Attic/Exhaust FansHeating
Instant Hot Water DispenserWater Heater
Clothes WasherCentral Vacuum System
Clothes Dryer

The Home Service Club Review

The Home Service Club logo

Visit Website | Call: 800-823-6009

The Home Service Club (HBC)’s Better Business Bureau page raises some concerns for us in the customer service department. There has been a “pattern of complaints” regarding The Home Service Club’s response to customer concerns about repairs being covered or sometimes getting no response at all. HSC has told the BBB that it is trying to resolve these issues; however, until we hear better reviews from HSC customers, we can’t recommend them.



  • Repairs and replacements occur quickly
  • Covers the appliance/system regardless of age, make or model
  • Offers coverage in 49 out of 50 states
  • Does not offer service in California and limited services in Alaska
  • BBB rating: C
  • Many customer service complaints

Plans & Pricing

HSC has three options for service call fee payments. These work like deductibles. This fee is the amount you will pay out of pocket for a service call (other deductibles may apply as well, so again, please read your contract). Choosing a higher call fee payment will lead to a lower monthly warranty cost. The actual monthly price of your plan will depend on your location and other factors.

  • $65
  • $95
  • $125

Home Service Club offers 3 coverage plans, Basic, Standard and Comprehensive.

 Basic CoverageStandard CoverageComprehensive Coverage
Air ConditioningCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Heating SystemsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Electrical SystemsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Water HeaterCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Plumbing SystemsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Garage Door OpenerCheckmarkCheckmark
Ceiling FansCheckmarkCheckmark
Central Vacuum(s)CheckmarkCheckmark
Garbage DisposalCheckmarkCheckmark
Plumbing Stoppage CoverageCheckmarkCheckmark
Sprinkler System/Home Irrigation System Line CoverageCheckmark
Water LeaksCheckmark
Gas LeaksCheckmark
Pest ControlCheckmark
Whirlpool Motor & Pump AssembliesCheckmark
Alarm WiringCheckmark
Telephone WiringCheckmark
Smoke DetectorsCheckmark
Whole House, Exhaust & Attic FansCheckmark
Sump PumpCheckmark
Recirculating Hot Water PumpCheckmark
Instant Hot and Cold Water DispenserCheckmark
Ovens, Ranges, CooktopsCheckmarkCheckmark
Clothes WasherCheckmarkCheckmark
Clothes DryerCheckmarkCheckmark
Freestanding IcemakersCheckmarkCheckmark
Microwave Oven Built-InCheckmarkCheckmark
Trash CompactorCheckmarkCheckmark
Food Centers Built-InCheckmarkCheckmark
Roof CoverageOptionalOptionalOptional
Spa and Spa HeaterOptionalOptionalOptional
Jetted BathtubOptionalOptionalOptional
Well PumpOptionalOptionalOptional
Sprinkler System/Home Irrigation System Line CoverageOptionalOptionalOptional
Refrigerators Built-In Units with Dual CompressorsOptionalOptionalOptional
Freestanding Additional RefrigeratorOptionalOptionalOptional
Freestanding FreezerOptionalOptionalOptional
Water SoftenerOptionalOptionalOptional
Sewage Ejector PumpOptionalOptionalOptional
Utility & Home Service Line Coverage Package*OptionalOptionalOptional

*Utility & Home Service Line Coverage includes:

  • Outside Water Line Coverage
  • Outside Gas Line Coverage
  • Outside Power/Electric Line
  • Outside Sewer Line Coverage
  • Grinder Pump System
  • Sprinkler System/Home Irrigation System Line Coverage

So, you will need to pick a service call fee amount (the lower the service fee, the higher the monthly fee) and pick a plan (Basic vs. Standard vs. Comprehensive) to get started. The least expensive option will always be the most expensive service fee and Basic coverage.


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Home Service Club.

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HSA Home Warranty Review

HSA Home Warranty logoVisit Website

HSA Home Warranty is a hit or miss. Customers either have great service from HSA or horrible service. If you’re interested in HSA, we suggest calling and asking to speak with customers in your area. Seeing how they perform with customers near you will help you decide if they’re a good fit for you.



  • 7 Star Upgrade is a great offer: $250 credit towards permits, $250 towards code violations, removal & disposal of replaced equipment and more
  • BBB rating: B
  • Mixed reviews from customers. HSA either does a great job on a claim or does a terrible job, according to customers.

Plans & Pricing

Pricing and coverage vary based on location. Go to HSA’s site to see what they cover for your zip code.

Home Warranty of America Review

Home Warranty of America logoVisit Website

Home Warranty of America (HWA) is one of the largest sellers of home warranty services. HWA has received awards for its services and what we like best about them is that they are very transparent about their offerings.

HWA was close to making it to our top three this year but what it came down to was Total Protect’s desire to please their customers and their 180-day service quality guarantee and AFC’s transparency.



  • 24/7 customer service
  • Majority of the reviews online are positive
  • BBB rating: B
  • Been in business since 1996
  • Coverage for all 50 states
  • Reports of technicians being unprofessional (this can vary on location)

Plans & Pricing

Service Fees are $75 each or the actual cost of replacement/repair, whichever is less. (This fee can vary by state.)

Although plans vary by state, HWA typically offers two different plans, which we have in the table below. Coverage for the plan may vary depending on where you live, but here are the basics.

PremierPremier PlusOptional Add Ons
HeatingAir ConditioningStand Alone Ice Maker
DuctworkIncreases Toilet Replacement up to $500Freezer
PlumbingPlumbing - Fixtures, faucets, shower heads, stopages/clogsPool/Spa
Stoppages/ClogsEverything in the Premier planWell Pump
ToiletSeptic Tank Pumping
Permanent Sump PumpSeptic System
Water HeaterRoof Leak Repair
Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Whirlpool Bath Tub
Ceiling/Exhaust Fans
Door Bells, Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems
Central Vacuum
Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Trash Compactor
Garage Door System
Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker

Landmark Home Warranty Review

Landmark Home Warranty logo

Visit Website | Call: 877-856-9994

Landmark Home Warranty has plans to expand nationwide, but for now, it is only available in six states. If you live in one of the six states Landmark offers coverage in, we recommend giving them a serious look. We found many positive reviews online for them, and if they were nationwide, we’d consider them for our top three. Perhaps in the future you’ll see them towards the top of our article.



  • We found more positive than negative reviews
  • BBB rating: A-
  • Only available in 6 U.S. states: AZ, ID, NV, OR, TX and UT
  • Must upgrade to get appliances covered

Plans & Pricing

Below is an overview of the plans available. To see specifics, we recommend visiting Landmark’s website directly via the link above.

Home Systems Plan: $35/monthTotal Protection Plan: $56/monthPlan Add-Ons
Air ConditioningEverything from Home Systems PlanBooster Pump
HeatingCentral VacuumSalt Water Equipment
ElectricalGarage Door OpenerWasher/Dryer
Ceiling & Exhaust FansDishwasherSeptic System and Plumbing
Water HeaterGarbage DisposalExterior Pipe Leak Repair
PlumbingOven/Range-CooktopGarage Door Opener
Drain Line StoppagesBuilt-In MicrowaveSwimming Pool/Hot Tub/Spa
ToiletsKitchen Exhaust FanIce Maker
RefrigeratorGrinder Pumps
Washer/DryerWater Softener
Well Pump
Roof Leak Repair

Old Republic Home Protection Review

Old Republic Home Protection logoVisit Website

Old Republic Home Warranty claims to be the third largest home warranty provider in the nation. We haven’t read the best customer service reviews and think they may need to focus more on their customers. After being in business for 40 years, we feel they should have a better reputation than what they have.



  • In business since 1974
  • Available 24/7 for your to report claims
  • BBB rating: A+
  • You don’t always get the best contractor
  • Many customers are displeased with their service
  • Only covers 23 of the 50 states


Here is a list of some of the basics that Old Republic Home Protection covers. Based on your location more items are covered, but you will have to go to their website directly and choose your state to see what they have to offer for you.

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen Refrigerator
  • Enhanced Drain Line Stoppage Coverage
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Polybutylene Pipes

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OneGuard Home Warranty

OneGuard Home Warranty logo

Visit Website

OneGuard Home Warranty is relatively small compared to the other companies listed in this article. Since OneGuard is a smaller company, it has fewer customers. This should mean that they can spend more time with those customers to make sure that they have a good experience. However, according to our research, their customer service reviews aren’t any better than the competition.



  • Received the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2014 and 2015
  • Has an average response time of 1 business day
  • Only covers Arizona, Texas and Nevada
  • Not BBB accredited


OneGuard Home Warranty claims to cover all major home systems and appliances in addition to the following:

  • A/C & Heating System Tune-Ups
  • Sprinkler System
  • Termite & Pest Control
  • Weed Control

You can learn more about what OneGuard Home Warranty covers by going to their website and getting a quote.

Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty logoVisit Website

Select Home Warranty can get your appliance or system fixed quickly. However, getting in touch with them in the first place can be a difficult task. They don’t have the best reputation when it comes to responding to customers’ phone calls.



  • Make a claim 24/7
  • Takes care of your appliance/system in a timely fashion
  • Getting reimbursements and refunds can be a daunting task
  • Not the best customer service reviews
  • Not BBB accredited

Plans & Pricing

Select Home Warranty offers three different packages to cover your home appliances and systems. Service fees are usually $60 but can vary based on your state. The Gold Care package includes everything in the Bronze Care option. The Platinum Care package includes everything from the Bronze and Gold Care packages.

 Bronze CareGold CarePlatinum CareOptional Add-Ons
Plumbing StoppageCheckmarkPool
Clothes WasherCheckmarkCheckmarkCentral Vacuum
Heating SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkSecond Refrigerator
Water HeaterCheckmarkCheckmarkSump Pump
Garbage DisposalCheckmarkCheckmarkWell Pump
Plumbing systemCheckmarkCheckmarkLimited Roof Leak
RefrigeratorCheckmarkCheckmarkStand Alone Freezer
Stove/OvenCheckmarkCheckmarkLawn Sprinkler System
Microwave Oven (Built In)CheckmarkCheckmarkSeptic System
CooktopCheckmarkCheckmarkIce Maker (In Refrigerator)
DishwasherCheckmarkCheckmarkPlumbing Fixtures/Lighting Fixtures
Clothes DryerCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional AC Unit
DuctworkCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional Heat/Furnace
Garage Door OpenerCheckmarkAdditional Water Heater
A/C, CoolingCheckmarkCheckmarkSpa
Electrical SystemCheckmarkCheckmark
Ceiling FanCheckmarkCheckmark

Read Our In-Depth Select Home Warranty Review

Stanley Warranty Review

Stanley Warranty logoStanley Warranty was previously in this comparison but has terminated its services.

List Of Home Warranty Companies

Below is an alphabetical listing of other home warranty companies you can consider that aren’t included in our reviews.

  • Advanced Home Warranty – Available in all 50 states
  • Allied Home Warranty – Available in all 50 states
  • American Home Guard – Out of business
  • American Home Guardian – Available in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Texas
  • American Residential Warranty – Available in all 50 states
  • Assurant Solutions – Available in  Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Texas
  • Delta Home Protect – Available in all 50 states
  • Federal Home Assurance – Available in 48 states (not California or Florida)
  • HomeServe USA – Available in all 50 states
  • InHome Warranty – This company is actually Choice Home Warranty operating under a different name
  • Nationwide Home Warranty – Available in all 50 states
  • Secure Home Warranty – Available in all 50 states

Is A Home Warranty Worth It?

We believe that when a major (and expensive) appliance breaks down, any homeowner will be glad they have a home warranty in place. Does this mean it is a right fit for everyone? Of course not, but for a small monthly fee, it may offer the peace of mind you are seeking. Learn more in this video from Angie’s List.

One on One Comparisons

Check out these individual comparison articles, so you can see how some of the most popular home warranty companies stand up side by side.

Which Home Warranty Company Should I Pick?

Of utmost importance is to remember that your home has specific appliances and systems that you want to be sure are covered. So, when you’re talking to representatives from each company, be sure to ask about your specific needs.

The more questions you ask, the better off you are and the fewer surprises you will have later down the road. Look at multiple companies, ask for quotes and most importantly, read the fine print!

Have a home warranty? What’s your experience been so far?

About The Author:

Kimberly is our home security expert, and has been researching and writing about security and safety since 2013, covering everything from security systems and home automation to identity theft protection, home warranties, medical alert systems and more. She has personally tested hundreds of system components and interfaced with dozens of home security companies to find out what's happening behind the scenes.

In 2018, she had her first child, and that opened up a whole new avenue of security experience with baby gear. She wanted to purchase the safest items for her family.

Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. Her natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing and personally testing products and services.

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Is Fidelity National Home Warranty legit? It seems that it’s legit, however according to this FAQ article there are issues with customer service.
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
Anna, as far as we are concerned they are legit and according to Better Business Bureau they have an A+ rating and have been accredited since 2005.
Jill W
I’m thinking of getting a home warranty for my rental property since it gets so much wear and tear from my renters but didn’t know if anyone had any experience or if it was a worthwhile investment or not?
Sadie K
Hey there, getting a home warranty for your rental property sounds like a great idea especially if you have high turnover. That way if there is an issue, you can call the home warranty company to do the repairs versus having to find a contractor each time something goes wrong. That’s a good investment of time and will most likely save you money in the long run too. Plus give you peace of mind, add value of your home and provide a better quality of life for your renters. Hope that helps!
Greg F
I would love to hear more about Hisco home warranty – my neighbors here in California swear by them, but darn if I can find any information on them! I’m guessing maybe they’re old school and haven’t wisened to the digital age yet Do you guys have a Hisco home warranty review in the pipeline by chance? I’ve searched your site but came up empty. I would love to know more about coverage options, pricing, and whether they are available outside of California. Also any consumer feedback you have collected on Hisco and are willing to share is welcomed!
From what I can tell Hisco home warranty only operates out of California. They get fairly low reviews on the Internet (Yelp for example), but there are also some glowing reviews of people that had Hisco come with their home purchase. I suppose it depends somewhat what type of repair you need and what area you live in.

Any Hisco users out there? I’m in San Diego and am considering them as well.

Mrs. Hill
I’m going to do something different, I am posting the communications with Choice Home Warranty regarding our HVAC system claim from 09/13/18. Before you start reading please note that our Trane XV80 was installed in June 2009 and had never malfunctioned until 9-13-18. Preventive maintenance was done twice every year (winter and summer).

The following is from Choice Home Warranty. I have removed the names of the companies they dispatched.
Claim Date:
Air Conditioning
Not Coming On
Last Time Working
Last Time Serviced
Last Filter Change
More Notes
ac not coming on
Claim Status:
Claim Updates
CHW Representative:
(09/14/2018): ********** has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Sunday September 16th, 2018 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 03:00 PM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $45.00 service call fee.

CHW Representative:
(09/20/2018): ********** has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Tuesday September 25th, 2018 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 03:00 PM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $0.00 service call fee.

CHW Representative:
(09/26/2018): ********** has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Thursday September 27th, 2018 between the hours of 07:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $0.00 service call fee.

CHW Representative:
(09/29/2018): ******** has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Monday October 1st, 2018 between the hours of 07:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $0.00 service call fee.

CHW Representative:
Wednesday October 17th, 2018

This letter is in reference to your Air Conditioning claim. We have been processing your claim for coverage and a determination has been reached.

During the coverage period, our sole responsibility will be to arrange for a qualified service contractor to repair or replace, at our expense, the systems and components mentioned as “Included” in accordance with the terms and conditions of your contract so long as such systems and components:

Are located inside the confines of the main foundation of the home or attached or detached garage (with the exception of the exterior pool/spa, well pump, septic tank pumping and air conditioner);and Become inoperative due to normal wear and tear; and Are in place and in proper working order on the effective date of this home warranty contract. This contract does not cover any known or unknown pre-existing conditions. Coverage is for occupied, owned or rented residential property.

Your claim was submitted on 09/13/18 and was assigned to ********* on 09/29/18. After the appointment date on 10/08/18 the technician submitted details pertaining to your system failure.

It has been determined that due to an improper previous repair on the system, the door switch was bypassed allowing direct voltage to the control board causing failures within the system.

Please refer to your terms and conditions section F number 11; we are not responsible for repairs related to inadequacy, lack of capacity, improper installation, mismatched systems, oversized systems, undersized systems, previous repair or design, manufacturer’s defect, and any modification to the system or appliance.

Appeal Rights
You may request a review of this claim in writing by visiting (link removed because it obtained personal information). The request for review must be sent within 7 days of receipt of this letter and state the reasons why you feel your claim should have been approved.

Under normal circumstances, you will be notified of the final decision within 5 business days of the date your request for review is received.

Nothing contained in this letter should be construed as a waiver of any rights or defenses under the policy. This determination has been made in good faith and without prejudice under the terms and conditions of the contract, whether or not specifically mentioned herein.

Thank you for choosing Choice Home Warranty to be part of protecting your home from unexpected covered repairs.


Team CHW


I must reiterate, the system has never been repaired. They dispatched four different companies but three actually showed up. It wasn’t until the last company showed up that they made the “improper repair” claim. Why didn’t the first two companies report that problem? I sincerely believe some shenanigans occurred with my system between 9-13-18 to 10-17-18 that had to do with Choice Home Warranty and one or more of the techs dispatched to my home. The last company responded on 10-8-18 and it took them until 10-17-18 to deny the claim. Ask yourself why would they need to send four different companies for one service call, over such a long time span? Why did the denial take so long after the last tech responded?

Message from me to Choice Home Warranty:
(10/17/2018): Please email me copies of the reports from each technician sent to my home regarding this service call. I find it very strange that you dispatched four technicians to this call but one was a no show. In any event, the first two techs said nothing about what you are reporting today. You and your service techs strung us along for over one month regarding this issue. We suffered through temps as high as 94 degrees and lately some very cool nights.

You have failed us yet again. When our garbage disposal broke, you had a reason not to repair it so we paid for the replacement while you offered us a few dollars. When the water heater broke, you had a reason not to repair it and we had to pay for it’s replacement. Now, one month and four days have gone by and you finally found a reason to not repair that. You disgust me and suffice it to say we will not be renewing our contract so please remove me from your telemarketing list.

I will not be referring you to anyone and will be sharing my personal reviews of your service. Do you even understand that you strung us along for over a month utilizing three different techs as though you were shopping around for a reason to deny this claim all while we suffered through extreme temperatures hoping that one day soon the HVAC system would be repaired? Do you even care? I’m certain you do not.

Arthur R Van Riper
FWI American Home Guard is no longer in business. They never told me, emailed, sent a letter or anything. I find out when I call to file a claim, and they phones are no longer in service, and their website is no longer active.
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Arthur, wow that’s a terrible way to treat a customer. Thanks for letting us know, we’ve updated our article to let readers know that they are out of business.
have been an AHS customer for years but have been looking at another company with smaller copays…has anyone had experience with American Residential Warrenty?? they sure talk a good talk but reviews are very mixed
I had worsts service from Choice Home Warranty. My water heater broke and found it’s not covered. In past also I end up paying for garbage disposal $75. 00 for partial cost to replace it. I also have houses and will not do the business with them in future. Sales people answer the phone less than 3 minutes and service call about 60 minutes.
I just had a horrible experience with Choice Home Warranty. I signed up for this warranty service for two homes. They said it would be free to cancel within 30 days. They also said that the thing a lot of people like about them is the ability to call your own technician. What they don’t tell you is that you can cancel within 30 days minus a $50/contract administrative fee. And the thing about using your own technician is BS. They will pay for their rates and their product cost for your technician. That said, their first reaction when the technician told them that my compressor was bad and needed to be replaced was to deny the claim because it wasn’t “normal wear and tear”. How is it not normal wear and tear when a compressor is short to ground? I’ve cancelled my warranties with them and would not recommend them to anyone.
Please be aware & tell all you know!!!I was billed for services that were not done by LMW hired trade (the trade admitted the mistake / DNB Plumbing).
Related: Landmark Home Warranty – Don’t buy a home warranty from Landmark

I paid $70 (service call) and then an additional $473 and Landmark Warranty did nothing about it even after knowing that I was charged for services not done. Worse, they back up their trade for what they did! I tried to give LMW an opportunity to do the right thing, but they refused to do so! LMW refused to pay for standard installation on a water heater by claiming modifications were done, which were not.
I am still out what I paid for services not done!landmarkhw.com
Review about: Landmark Home Warranty Home Warranty.
Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $473.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
I didn’t like: Does not honor their sales pitch, Fraud, Poor service, Fail to honor warranty contract.

I’ve used Old Republic for at least 10 years, on two homes. They’ve been fantastic! $75 service calls, and it’s done. I pay $575 per year to cover a 3200 sq ft home in San Antonio. I’m only researching others in the industry, to see the difference.
Rich Caraluzzo
I recently purchased a home in Florida and have Old Republic. I have used them twice and they have been excellent. I needed my hvac repaired they were quick sending a qualified repair company. Recently my hot water heater broke it was repaired quickly and professionally. My service fee is $95.00.
American Home Shield has been terrible for us. We had three homes under warranty with them. They don’t communicate or respond. I’ve spent about 15 hours on the phone with them between being on hold and being shuffled around. They used administrative fees to try to keep me from canceling. I was so done with them that I would have payed never to have to talk to them again! I actually did have to pay $25 on one because it was month by month:-( awful customer service and coverage!
How about going a serve to protect the Poor Contractor that wants to try to make a living so signs on to these Home Warranty companies to try to make so extra money to provide for their family and then to find out that these companies won’t pay you for the jobs that you did for them? Choice Home warranty is one of the biggest rip – off companies. Also these companies decide on their own on how long a job should take to complete and also they don’t expect you to make a profit on the parts you by to fix the homeowner’s appliance. There has been times when it has taken of research just to locate a part and the poor contractor just has to eat the cost of the time wasted looking for the correct part.
That’s good to know as I was contemplating going with choice! i’m glad that I read your review! Thanks!!
Toni Rue
Any ideas for coverage on irrigation system that the water is pumped from the river, kinda like a well pump from the ground
John Gregg
Buyer beware.  Avoid First American Home Warranty.Very poor service from the beginning of the claim in February.  Customer service representatives are poorly trained and if they dont know an answer will just lie.  At one point I was told by a supervisor “I dont know what to tell you”, while people yelled and cussed in the background.  I am waiting on a reimbursement check for a replaced hot water heater and have been told three different stories concerning when it was mailed.  Only to find out it was never mailed.  Buyer beware.  A good home warranty is great, but you wont find that with First American
We had a very good experience with BPG. Would buy from BPG again if needed and I would recommend them based on my experience with them.
Secure Home Warranty is also horrible. They say they cover refrigerator but when it goes out, they say they do not cover sealed systems for refrigerators. As far as I am concerned, all parts of a refrigerator are sealed other than lightbulbs and door handles. WTF
I just signed up with American General Warranty company, partly because they had an aggressive Black Friday promotion, but I do not see much about them online, nor in your report. Has anyone ever heard of them?
Matt B
I was very excited to see HMS on this list. They have been fantastic to me from the start and I have used them for roughly 2 years at this point and have not had a single problem with them. I would definitely recommend checking them out.
I have them now but do not see them on the list???
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Jessa, HMS is owned by the same company as Total Protect, Homesure of America, Inc. We mention this in our Total Protect review above. On their BBB page you can see dozens of alternate names they go by (this is not uncommon in this industry and is often the result of M&A activity).
Logan Geist
This website looses credibility listing HMS as a top choice.
1. Customer service is terrible
2. Provider network is terrible
3. Claims process is terrible
4. I’ve shared many specific complaints with them about their processes, they don’t care.
5. When needing my issue escalated, the “Regional Manager” made it worse. He accepted no accountability for himself or his company, made sly attempts to throw everyone else involved under the bus, and then transitioned to selling me more services.
6. A company that operates with so many subsidiary names and organizations, as this article claims, only increases the risk factor with this company.
7. After posting complaints online I did have a gal call and resolve my issue to the best of her ability within her companies flawed policies. She was the first company representative that was respectful and accepted some ownership.
8. If this company has such a great system for resolving complaints, as this article claims, wouldn’t a better company focus their energies on creating systems that prevent the complaints in the first place?
Heather B
Total Protect does not have an A rating with BBB as you state.
I’m in the process of buying a house right now and the home comes with a 12 month HSA Home Warranty. I’m happy to have the home warranty but I’m nervous that it may not be the best one. Hopefully it’s good in my location!
DAY 7 – Just got off the phone with Anna, submitted claim for microwave (which had actually been failing for several weeks) and oven, tech came 2 days ago and said neither could be repaired (units too old, parts not available) and would need to be replaced. Did not hear from HSC so after 2 days of tech visit I called and they said they were still working on determining how to handle a case that involves units too old to get parts for (hard to believe a home warranty company has not dealt with this scenario many times before). Appears they do not want to replace units although that is the only option. Anna refused to give me a time line of when I could expect to hear back, three days from Memorial Day weekend without oven or microwave and HSC completely indifferent. Not understanding the point of having this warranty.

DAY 8 – Great company at collecting your monthly payments but will throw up many, many reasons why not to honor contract. Unit too old, unit too new, unit not available, no parts number – unit worth less then ineluctable. Yes my personal favorite submitted a claim for an oven and microwave and am being advised that although both units were top of the line when purchased now Home Service Club values them at less than my deductible, so I guess I owe them for having the great please of spending hours on the phone. No point of contracting with this company.

DAY 9 – THIS IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY. Received an email from their fraud department saying my account was being investigated (clearly an attempt to black mail and intimidate) but they would give me $95 to replace my built in microwave and $312 to replace my built in oven. How or why they came up with those figures they could not say. Where the contract states “HSC will pay up to $500 per each twelve month period” for the microwave and “HSC will pay up to $750 per each twelve month period” for the oven. Some how it does not apply to me.

John R.
Having owned several homes over the years I have sued a few of these companies and all I can say it to limit your expectations. Yes, they will cover some things and others no way, but its not super expensive. Go for one that is affordable and has great customer service.
I have been reading effortlessly for a home warranty company after being really hoodwinked by a highly rated company that I was with for years on three homes in Pima County, AZ. Someone out there must know of a great warranty company that a disabled senior citizen can afford, please help! I do not have all the fancy tubs, spas, etc. Need coverage for AC/heating unit, kitchen appliances (all),garage opener, water heater, washer/dryer,plumbing and possibly septic. Mainly the items that are needed for daily living! For crying out loud, come on Home Warranty companies – how about helping out the Consumer for a change. If you are a good company, you’ll make plenty of money. Seems that’s all you care about is the buck. If cost is reasonable and good work, trust me, you will go viral in no time. You will be very well off. People today work hard, as I did for almost 60 yrs. Help all of us out, be honest and fair. We sure are with you! Thank you kindly, hope I get a positive reply via email.