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Tools on counterA home warranty is like having insurance on your home appliances. Think of it this way, home insurance protects the structure of your home and helps in a financial crisis, while a home warranty is meant to do the same but in regards to the appliances within the home. Safe Smart Living is here to help you find the company and plan for you. We’ve done extensive research on this subject and this page is dedicated to giving you an overview of the different things to consider for a home warranty. The menu below can help you navigate through the different steps.

What is a Home Warranty and Do I Need One?

When you buy a house you are required to get home insurance, but a home warranty is optional. While both home insurance and a home warranty are meant to provide you peace of mind, they cover different things. Our article explains the difference between a Home Warranty vs. Homeowners’ Insurance and why you may want to have a home warranty as an additional peace of mind.

What are the coverage options when you purchase a home warranty? For the most part, a home warranty covers systems and appliances within the home (i.e. refrigerator, stove, furnace, etc.). You’ll want to make sure to read the fine print of your contract so you know the specifics, but to know what a home warranty generally covers, read our article What Does A Home Warranty Cover?

Compare Home Warranty Companies

Person measuring level: Home Warranty CompaniesIf you have a good understanding of what a home warranty entails, you are probably ready to look at your options. We’ve been researching and writing about home warranties since 2014, and many of us who work on Safe Smart Living have first-hand experience with a home warranty. We’re familiar with what they cover, how they work and more. We’re also received feedback from our readers on companies they do or don’t like. Take a look at our Best Home Warranty Comparison to see who our top three picks are, why we chose them, pros and cons for each company and other useful information that can help you choose a home warranty company. For a full listing of companies covered, visit our Home Warranty Companies page. Also included in the article are a dozen other companies that didn’t make our top three, but could be the best fit for you. We even have “versus” show downs such as Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield where we pit companies agains each other so you can easily compare apples to apples. We audit this article regularly to keep it as up to date and useful for our readers as possible. After getting an overview of the home warranty companies, you can go more in-depth by reading the individual review, which have linked to from the large comparison article.

Why You Can Trust Us?

We write unbiased reviews by conducting independent research and analyzing feedback from our readers and consumers. To learn more about our approach, read our Review Process for more details.

Is a Home Warranty Worth the Cost?

Man opening up wallet: Average Appliance Repair CostsYou’re probably wondering why you wouldn’t save up your money to cover an appliance repair instead of paying a monthly fee to have this taken care of. While some of us are great at saving for an emergency, others struggle with this idea or end up spending it on something else. In our article, How Much Does an Appliance Repair Cost, we explain how much an average repair is for various appliances. To avoid these high costs, you can purchase a home warranty. Having a home warranty makes it so you are covered even if you have spent your nest egg. Learn about the fees associated with a home warranty by reading our article, How Much is a Home Warranty?

Appliance Repair Tips

Before you dive into purchasing a home warranty, check out our Appliance Repair Tips to get an idea of what’s involved in a typical appliance repair so you can decide whether you’d prefer to do the small repairs on your own or add them to a home warranty plan.

Ask Us Your Questions

Are there still some things about home warranties that have you confused? Get your questions answered by Posting a Reader Question. We’ve answered dozens of home warranty questions such as Should I Renew My Home Warranty? (frequently asked by those of you that received a home warranty with a home purchase, for example). We love hearing from our readers and are more able to give you advice if we know your specific situation. Don’t be bashful — ask us your questions!

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