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iRobot Roomba Review: Has it Improved Since the First Generation?

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iRobot Roomba on carpet with kid laying on floorIf your least favorite chore is vacuuming; there are automatic vacuum cleaners that could save you time and headaches. The Roomba 960 is our pick for best robot vacuum cleaner. This Roomba vacuum will suck up all the dirt and debris on your floors. For this review, we’ll be focusing on the Roomba 960, although we will compare it to previous models in the pricing and tech specs section. Find out why Roomba is the #1 pick for best vacuum robot.

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iRobot Roomba Review

iRobot Roomba Review
Customer Service & Reputation 4.5
Price 3.5
Scheduling 5.0
Run-Time 4.0
Mobile App 5.0


  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Use the app to turn the vacuum on or schedule cleaning times
  • Leaves nice carpet lines since it goes in a pattern
  • View how full the dirt bin is through the app
  • Excellent for vacuuming pet hair
  • Vacuums for about 75 minutes, depending on flooring (carpet vs hardwood)
  • 1-year warranty


  • High price point
  • 1-pint dust bin is relatively small and requires frequent dumping

Key Features

  • Schedule cleanings from anywhere and see the status of cleaning jobs using iRobot Home app
  • Keeps track of its location
  • Automatically recharges and resumes until the job is complete
  • Works on different floor levels
  • Picks up pet hair well

Pricing & Tech Specs

The table below compares the Roomba 960 against other Roomba vacuums.

 Roomba 650Roomba 860Roomba 960Roomba 980
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon$529.00

Weight in pounds7.
Dimensions (diameter x height in inches)13.39 x 3.6213.9 x 3.613.8 x 3.613.8 x 3.6
Run timeNot specifiedNot specified75 minutes120 minutes
3-Stage Cleaning SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
(Up to 7 times/week)
Avoids stairsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Full bin indicatorCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Tangle-Free AeroForce ExtractorsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
iRobot Home AppCheckmarkCheckmark
Recharge and ResumeCheckmarkCheckmark
Captures 99% of allergens, pollen and particlesCheckmarkCheckmark
Creates a path to clean entire level of your homeCheckmarkCheckmark
Carpet BoostCheckmark

Does Roomba Suck?

Positive iRobot Roomba Reviews

Maria is my new maid god she made my life so much easier. I have 3300 Sq. Ft. Of tile floors and her keeping them sweep has changed my life. I will never live without a Roomba again. Awesome machine. – Brenda, 2/4/2017

I didn’t check noisey, it is…but it is a vacuum. It is just as noisey as them other vacuums I have owned. I have loved the Roomba!! I love how it works it’s way all the way around my rooms and around the stuff we leave laying around!! – Jen, 2/1/2017

Negative iRobot Roomba Reviews

This device doesn’t return to recharge. We just find it dead in the middle of a room each time. I returned it. – MM, 9/26/2016

I no longer use this product, I have tried to call customer service with my concerns about it’s operation and was told that it was normal and not t0 be concerned. Well I was right and it ended up breaking as predicted! The irobot is now gone and the newly released dyson 360eye is being arriving tomorrow. – Marcus, 9/30/2016

See the Roomba in Action

This video shows how the Roomba works with all of its features.

Will You Buy a Roomba?

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iRobot expects to make $770 million to $785 million in 2017. We’re betting a big portion of that projected revenue is through the selling of Roomba vacuums. We’ve chosen Roomba as the best robot vacuum for pet hair, dirt, dust and more.

Do you plan on buying a robot vacuum this year?

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Rose J
I SO want one of these but yeah, they are pricey! Great review, do you think the 960 is better than the newer 980 version?