Frontpoint Security Promo Code 2021: Coupons, Seasonal Discounts, And More

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If you’ve found this page you know that Frontpoint is a top notch security system (in fact, as you can see at right, our experts have picked them as the best home security system this year). Now I’m guessing you’re either looking to expand your system or are on the verge of signing up as a new customer. But of course, like we usually do when we check out and get ready to pay, we are greeted with the not-so-elusive “enter your coupon code” box. While it still puzzles me that companies include this field on the checkout page (let’s be honest, all it does is make you exit the buying process so you can go and find a coupon), most continue to do so.

What’s also helpful, and what most of the “coupon” sites don’t necessarily share, is the history of promotions for a particular company. Sure you may have found a Frontpoint coupon, but how good is it compared to what they normally offer? Are there seasonal discounts, a Black Friday deal that might be better? We’re your source for the latest Frontpoint promotions, so keep this article handy!

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Article Overview

Current (Active) Promotions

Here are Frontpoint offers that are currently active:

Columbus Day/ Indigenous People’s Day Weekend

Click here to save 15% on when you use promo code DISCOVER21 on your next online order, redeemable on the following products:

  • Indoor Camera
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Motion Sensor
  • Door & Window Sensor

This limited time offer expires 10/11/21!

Always Active Promotion

Frontpoint packages start at $99 + Free Doorbell Camera ($149.99 value). No Frontpoint promo code needed. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

For $99 you get:

  • Hub & keypad
  • Two door and window sensors
  • Motion sensor
  • Free doorbell camera (valued at $149.99)
  • Free shipping

Historical (Expired) Promotions

These are Frontpoint promotions that have expired, but are typically seasonal, and can give you an idea of what you might be able to save if you decide not to purchase today.

  • Outdoor Smart Plug Release: Save 15% with promo code OUTDOORPLUG (expired 10/31/21)
  • January 2021: Free camera + 20% off additional products (expired 1/29/2021)
  • MLK Day Sale: Free camera + 25% off additional products (expired 1/20/2021)
  • Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale: Free camera + 35% off additional products (Expired 12/8/2020)
  • Summer 2020: Use promo code SUMMER15 at checkout to get 15% off your entire online order. (Expired 6/30/20).
  • Father’s Day 2020: Use promo code DAD15 to save 15% on all orders online. (Expired 6/22/2020).

Is Frontpoint A Good Choice?

Family on sofa with security camera and eqiupment on table (caption: Frontpoint Review)Frontpoint’s equipment design is appealing and fits nicely into many home design styles. From an equipment perspective, there are many security and smart home options from which to choose. Their app is comprehensive and makes it easy to control the system while away from home, and their pricing is in line with competitors.

However, potentially most important is that the majority of Frontpoint’s customers rave about their customer service. This is true for new customers, as well as existing customers. We called in as a new customer and found the sales experience more informative than pushy, which was refreshing. There was no urgency to close the sale, so we had time to sit back and consider our options before committing.

From an existing customer perspective, we found the technical support experience to be top-notch as well. Wait times were generally short, and the few calls we made to get troubleshooting assistance were answered professionally and in a way that made us feel like we could make the changes ourselves the next time. I should point out that since COVID-19, wait times have gotten longer, but there is a callback option, and in our experience calls, were returned within the next hour or two.

Frontpoint no longer requires a contract. This is a significant change as professionally monitored companies will typically lock you into one to three-year contracts to recover equipment expenses. In the past, no-contract systems tended to be pretty bare-bones, but with Frontpoint’s extensive equipment lineup, you can now get a full-fledged home security system without the worry of having to pay off a large balance if you decide to cancel early.

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Frontpoint Equipment Reviewed By Our Experts

Frontpoint security cameras (caption: Frontpoint Cameras Review)Wondering which camera is best suited for your needs? Or just downloaded the app and are trying to get it to do everything you want? Our experts have decades of experience in home security and have personally tested and used Frontpoint products ad nauseam.

For more details we invite you check out our coverage of the Frontpoint home security system, their cameras, the Frontpoint portal, and their app, so you can make the most of your system.

How Does Frontpoint Compare To The Competition?

Burglar breaking into home (Caption: Best Home Security Systems)Our experts have decades of experience in the home security space, and have spent countless hours researching home security companies and the latest technologies. With the advent of smart home innovations the industry is ever-changing. Has Frontpoint kept up? Find out in our comprehensive coverage of the best home security systems.

How much did you save on your Frontpoint purchase?

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