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IdentityForce Reviews (Why Are They #1 for Identity Protection?)

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Theif holding phone to faceA while back my husband came home and told me to use cash (instead of my debit/credit card) anytime I fill up my car with gas. I was curious as to what spurred this request. It turned out, he had heard about criminals stealing peoples’ credit card information by placing skimmers on pumps at the gas station. It seems like we aren’t safe anywhere these days.

Identity theft protection services like IdentityForce can help monitor your personal information and warn you about suspicious activity. Learn how this company, our pick for Best Identity Theft Protection, can help keep your financial information safe in our IdentityForce Review.

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Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Family/Child Protection
Items Monitored & Coverage
Mobile Access


IdentityForce is our #1 pick for Best Identity Protection Service. We think IdentityForce is priced reasonably and has a great reputation. We wish they offered a family specific plan, but it's still possible to cover your entire family it's just not going to be at a discounted rate.

Key Features



  • Monitors driver’s license number, sex offenders, email and more
  • More coverage than many other companies
  • 24/7 phone support and live chat and email from 8am-8pm, plus FAQs
  • Child plan available as an add-on
  • Established in 1978 with long history in the industry
  • $1 million insurance protection
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Bank and credit card activity alerts
  • No IdentityForce family plan
  • Must upgrade plans for credit report/score monitoring


IdentityForce offers a 14-day free trial.

PriceRegular Price: $17.95/month or $179.50/year

Discount for our Readers: $12.95/month or $129.50/year
Regular Price: $23.95/month or $239.50/year

Discount for our Readers: $19.95/month or $199.50/year
Optional ChildWatch Add-On $2.75/month or $27.50/yearCheckmarkCheckmark
14-Day Free TrialCheckmark
Sex Offender MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Change of Address MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Court Records Monitoring
Fraud Monitoring
Identity Score & Report
Identity MonitoringCheckmarkCheckmark
Fraud Alert Reminder
Medical ID Fraud ProtectionCheckmarkCheckmark
Junk Mail Opt-out
Identity Threat Alerts
Delete NowCheckmarkCheckmark
Online Protection Tools (Anti-Phishing, Anti-Keylogging, etc.)CheckmarkCheckmark
Lost Wallet AssistanceCheckmarkCheckmark
Fraud Resolution SpecialistCheckmark
Identity Restoration AdvisorCheckmarkCheckmark
$1 Million Identity Theft InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmark
Credit Score Simulator
Three Bureau Credit ScoresCheckmark
Three Bureau Credit ReportsCheckmark
Three Bureau Credit MonitoringCheckmark
Credit Score Monitoring
Buy an Instant Credit ReportCheckmark

IdentityForce Coupon

IdentityForce offers two plans, UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit, with the option of adding on their supplemental Child Watch plan to either subscription. The standard cost of the UltraSecure IdentityForce plan is $17.95/month or $179.50/year, but our readers are eligible for the discounted rate of $12.95/month or $129.50/year. The standard cost of UltraSecure+Credit is $23.95/month and $239.50/year, but our readers can get this service for $19.95/month or $199.50/year. Click here to take advantage of these offers! You can also visit our dedicated IdentityForce coupon page to discuss current offers.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Do users love or hate Identity Force? We’ve gathered reviews online from the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot for you to take into consideration before making a decision.

IdentityForce Positive Feedback

IDENTITY FORCE is absolutely wonderful. I had received an email on 9/7/14 that there was a problem with my email address but I was not able to get to them until I was home from the theater. I called to find their support section closed and wrote about the problem right there and then as I was upset since one of the tagged emails was from Cleveland Ohio/ISIS. I called today and spoke with a wonderful woman, ****** who told me exactly what to do as I had no idea prior to our conversation and I therefore contacted the FTC and reported it to them gave them the link and they will contact Homeland Security. BRAVE IDENTITY FORCE!!!!!!!! – Jean G., BBB 9/8/2014

IdentityForce does an excellent job in protecting identity and keeping customers informed about any changes in anything related to whatever they are monitoring for customers including credit cards, bank accounts, email addresses, etc. They inform you via message alerts distributed via emails or text messages and by phone calls when deemed necessary. – Sylvester R., TrustPilot 1/18/2016

Identity Force Complaints

I signed my husband and myself up with Identity Force as it came highly rated. What we didn’t know until we were a cllient was that you can’t do anything about an alert sent to you from Identity Force unless you can go online & access their website. This does not fit our lifestyle at all so after 5 days I called to cancel and to get a full refund, indicating the 2 week free trial that I’d seen on their website. I was told the free trial only applied to the lesser program not the higher service program that I had purchased. I have now canceled but have 25 more days that i’m being charged for as they do not prorate except to the month. – Virginia K., BBB 11/14/2016

I signed yup for a trail and canceled within a week. They sent constant alerts which were either vague and gave no information, or were nothing at all. They send the alert in a language that scares the crap out of you, maybe that is part of their game. I called costumer support I got an attitude. Also the fraud alert they say you can activate on your file is also untrue. I had not problem opening accounts after supposedly placing a fraud alert. Life lock is much better. – LE, TrustPilot 12/8/2016

What About Those Credit Card Skimmers?

To learn more about the skimmers criminals are using to steal our credit card information watch this short video.

17.6 Million People Had Their Identity Stolen

Visit IdentityForce’s Website

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) says 17.6 million people in the U.S. had their identity stolen in 2014. This data reflects the most current identity theft statistics available from the BJS at time of writing, but can you imagine how much it’s increased since then? This crime is increasing rapidly and we can’t sit back and become victims ourselves. To help prevent identity theft sign up for protection services like IdentityForce.

What’s stopping you from signing up for IdentityForce?

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Yikes I had no idea about that and gas pumps! Guess I’ll start taking cash with me to fill up the tank then (easier to pre-pay anyways). Thanks for the tip.

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