Stack of coins with house (Caption: Universal Life Insurance)

How Does Universal Life Insurance Work And Is It Worth It?

Universal life insurance is one of the most popular types of life insurance, along with whole life and term life. It offers the greatest flexibility because your premium payments and death benefit aren’t set in stone. But what are the drawbacks? And is universal life insurance the best fit for your long term financial goals?

Altec Lansing Voice Activated Smart Security System on shelf (Caption: Altec Lansing Voice Activated Smart Security System Review)

Altec Lansing Voice Activated Smart Security System Review: App, PC, Camera, Setup, & More

The Altec Lansing Voice Activated Smart Security System includes a camera and a speaker with built-in Google Assistant. It brands itself as a security system, but we’d like to point out that it’s a camera and speaker only; there are no door/window sensors, environmental sensors, etc. You can control your Altec camera, play music, ask questions and more through the voice-activated speaker. It is WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled and delivers an immersive stereo sound. Can Altec compete with other WiFi cameras to secure your home from intruders while you’re away? Find out how affordable this system is and what its features are.

ADT Doorbell Camera on door (Caption: ADT Doorbell Camera Review)

ADT Doorbell Camera Reviews: Pulse vs Skybell – Are They Better Than Ring?

The ADT Doorbell Camera can be integrated into your already installed ADT system. It’s pretty affordable and easy to install. Depending on your current monitoring plan, you may need to upgrade to a plan that offers video functionality. But is it dependable and does it perform as well as other security doorbell cameras?

Person interacting with smart home devices from phone (Caption: Smart Home Protocols)

Zigbee Vs Z-Wave Vs Bluetooth Vs WiFi Vs BLE Vs Thread Vs Matter Vs Insteon Vs X10 Vs KNX Vs UPB & More

Want to automate all of your home’s lights, appliances and other devices but not sure where to start? Turning your house into a smart home takes some planning, and the first thing you want to consider is which smart home protocol you’ll use. A smart home protocol, also called a home automation protocol, is the unique language devices use to communicate with one another. These communication signals trigger desired actions, i.e. adjusting your thermostat or turning your lights on or off.

Woman holding phone and car guard (Caption: Vivint Car Guard Review)

Vivint Car Guard Review: Compatibility, Cost, Customer Reviews, And More

Vivint is a home security company that has some of the best home automation features on the market. In early  2019, Vivint launched its unique Car Guard product that can not only monitor your car’s security but also track its location and alert you to your car’s mechanical needs. Is Car Guard reliable? And is it worth the high price tag?…

Baby crawling in pack n play (Caption: Best Pack N Plays By Category)

Best Pack ‘N Play By Category: Travel, Play, New Parents, Setup, & Budget

A pack ‘n play is on most baby registries, but do you have any idea which one you need? First, think about what you want out of your pack ‘n play. Do you want it to include a newborn bassinet and changing station? Should it be travel-friendly? Will it primarily used for play? We’ve chosen the best pack ‘n plays based on your needs.

C0 monitor in garage (Caption: Best Carbon Monoxide Detector for Cars)

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector For Your Car: Help Prevent Poisoning And Death

In 2017, Ford warned owners of specific Explorer SUV models (built 2010-2018) that carbon monoxide (CO) could be leaking into their vehicles’ cabins1. The danger is that CO is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause severe impairment in drivers and even death. The company took charge of righting the problem, but for many people, this issue highlights safety concern most of us probably never even consider with our cars. Is your vehicle leaking CO? It’s worth your safety (and that of your passengers) to find out by investing in a reliable vehicle carbon monoxide detector.

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